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  1. Scheherazade1

    Beast made of Steel mission

    You are correct UltimateNewbie. Thank you.
  2. Scheherazade1

    Beast made of Steel mission

    Being the first to spot a German ship does not seem to be working for me. I race in a DD in co-op right at the start. Spotting banner indicates correctly in game so I know I am first. But the task does not complete.
  3. Scheherazade1

    WG Please Nerf the Russian Battleship Guns

    Sorry for the off topic but where can one find stats like vertical and horizontal dispersion?
  4. Scheherazade1

    The real frustration

    Post your replay so we can better understand what you are asking.
  5. Scheherazade1

    identify in-game music plz - choral, beautiful

    Is it this?
  6. Scheherazade1

    How did you get your GC?

    Paid dollars.
  7. Dang...that's a lot of premiums. I hope for your sake that WG reconsiders the nerf. BTW...thank you for your support of the game. Don't know if anyone else has as much skin in the game as you but I suspect there are other WG best customers that feel a similar betrayal.
  8. Yes and no. Yes, the GC is a great ship. Then again, most of the top win percentage ships are premiums.
  9. Scheherazade1

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    Nerfing premiums would be hurting their best customers, the one's that actually pay money to play/support this game.
  10. One of the better suggestions I've seen. Any ship (GC, Gremy, Nikolai, Belfast, etc) should be simply never sold again. I seem to recall someone suggesting the GC variant being called Gulio Iglesias or whatever. That works. I think it's a slippery slope when premiums start getting nerfed. I would not buy another premium knowing that WG might change tiers on a ship purchased with cash...Please no more EULA quoters...it's not about what WG can do. It's what they should (or should not) do. Someone else posted this. This seems to be Wargaming's position. I guess people will just spend their money and time elsewhere.
  11. I will never buy another premium if WG decides to nerf premiums. It's a terrible marketing decision.
  12. Scheherazade1

    PSA: Nelson Discount!!!

    Did this ever happen? I'm not seeing a discount.
  13. Scheherazade1

    Will Alabama Go On Sale?