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  1. I will often save containers that have premium time. Thanks for the info.
  2. Scheherazade1

    Number of Containers Needed for Collections

    Thanks. This is good information.
  3. Scheherazade1

    Wargaming does not want you redeeming bonus codes

    Amen brother!
  4. Congrats! As an unabashed seal clubber I can attest that playing low tiers can have a positive effect on one's stats.
  5. Scheherazade1

    Is WG planning on nerfing the Petropavlovsk?

    Couldn't agree more. I do not own her. Only tried her in PTS. Waiting for Random in PTS wasn't working for me (few humans available at that tier). My point was the crazy accuracy of her guns. I have double-citidel'd and on rare occasions triple-citidel'd using other ships, mostly while playing as a BB. I have never 6-citidel'd anything ever in a single salvo. I google'd a few YouTubers that are much better players than I and they are getting crazy numbers of citadels. Also it seems strange to me that a cruiser could do so much damage to a BB. I have sort of taking a rock-scissors-paper approach when it comes to WoWs. BB > CA/CL CA/CL > DD DD > CV CV> BB These rules of thumbs do not always apply. But I am still surprised that a CA like the Petro could do that much damage to a BB.
  6. Scheherazade1

    macOS Players tossed aside

    I am guessing with 8000 battles, 260 ships, 76 premiums, you do already spend $$ to just play a game. Think of it this way. You can get a cheap laptop that will play WoWs for the cost of about 4 tier X premium BB's. Sorry to see you go.
  7. Scheherazade1

    A Humble Request for the Most Beautiful Warship

    I think most people agreed with you but there were a few who did not.
  8. I am by no means a Unicum player. Above average perhaps. This was the first two times ever I played this ship. In the PTS and against bots which granted is not much of a challenge. With those caveats, these are my first two battles ever in this ship. At one point I hit a BB and 6-citadel'd it in a single salvo. Is this what WG intended when they made this ship?
  9. Scheherazade1

    m"A"nual secondaries

    When one sets manual secondaries on a target, why isn't the indicator an "M" ?
  10. Scheherazade1

    random matches. sigh.

    I agree with Rollingonit. Actually, this seems not so bad a situation for your team. We've all seen worse. Be thankful that you as a DD had no CV's to contend with. When you died at C, I would think it normal for your teammates to stop a C push. No offense to your play style. Seems like you did right. Unfortunately someone has to win and someone has to lose. The Gearing got the better of you this time. If you had killed the Gearing, I suspect the reds would have had second thoughts pushing C without eyes and a lurking Somers. If anything, your DD that died at B probably misplayed, maybe pushing too hard. He probably capped B (good), then decided to push further (bad) and got over extended, perhaps surprised by red's Shimakaze and killed by their Puerto Rico. I am unsure about your Shimmy. Clearly you'd like him out in front versus stuck in a corner. Maybe he was pushing A but things got to hot for him. The red GK looks to have pushed hard and forced the Shimmy back. Speaking of the red GK, I suspect he died very quickly. He's trying to brawl but he's way too over extended. So red makes an error here. So let's say your team kills the red GK straight away. Now it's 6 versus 7. Granted your team is still at a disadvantage. But they are all kind of (or could be) moving in a counter clockwise line and could potentially focus fire on the Moskva and any reds that appear along the way. BTW, was your Zao AFK ? If so, that would obviously further stack the odds against you.
  11. Scheherazade1

    Beast made of Steel mission

    You are correct UltimateNewbie. Thank you.
  12. Scheherazade1

    Beast made of Steel mission

    Being the first to spot a German ship does not seem to be working for me. I race in a DD in co-op right at the start. Spotting banner indicates correctly in game so I know I am first. But the task does not complete.
  13. Scheherazade1

    WG Please Nerf the Russian Battleship Guns

    Sorry for the off topic but where can one find stats like vertical and horizontal dispersion?
  14. Scheherazade1

    The real frustration

    Post your replay so we can better understand what you are asking.