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  1. dps_gunner

    Never in Five Year Have I Seen...

    I'm not surprised. Alot of really bad players who don't understand how to win
  2. dps_gunner

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    Easy solution people. Never spend a dime on any WG product. My premium time expired a while ago and since this announcement I haven't bought it. I will never spend a cent on this game again. Money talks. Anyone who bought the Moskva camo uninstall or become F2P. They will feel it
  3. dps_gunner

    Ranked battles, don't understand

    12k battles and trying to learn now?
  4. dps_gunner

    Moskva Perma Camo

  5. dps_gunner

    Why do I even play this stupid game?

    4 games today. All one sided blowouts. It's really not even fun winning these blowouts either. That's what happens in a F2P game and on steam.
  6. dps_gunner

    Thank You Wargaming

    WG should refund the 5k dubs. Keep everyone happy and show they care about their paying customers. Simple customer service 101 here.
  7. dps_gunner

    CODE 3

  8. dps_gunner


  9. 5 or 6 in my mino. Then went to hell after that
  10. dps_gunner

    Super Container Woot!

    I got my first one of the year yesterday. 15 days premium
  11. dps_gunner

    Dammit Wargaming, You're Making My Wallet Cry

    Here we go again. The troll is back. People who bought the Moskva camo ARE getting screwed. How do you feel about people who spent 100+ on a ship bundle? Good thing it's not your money. I have 6 perms camos and only regret Moskva now. I'll uninstall once they screw me anyway.
  12. dps_gunner

    12 v 12 Ranked

    I've only played 3 games of ranked and won't play more. Not impressed at all. It's worse then random. No one pushes its literally a snipe fest the entire match.
  13. dps_gunner

    Destroyers should seek cover

    Do you even play DDs? And be an adult. No need to whine and report people