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  1. dps_gunner

    win or lose is 90% determined by MM

    I disagree. I think Unicom DDS vs potato dds make a bigger differance then BBs
  2. dps_gunner

    New Bonus Code

    All codes worked. Thanks
  3. dps_gunner

    Cant OPEN armory!

    I have the same problem. Its not anti virus, or mods or anything else people wanna blab on about. It's the latest patch. Level 1 desk help always blame things in anti virus and mods. Generally ignore that. The culprit of this issue is 0.8.7
  4. dps_gunner

    Hidden Shell tracers

    Happend to mena few days ago. Same ship a smolensk. Couldn't see any tracers.
  5. dps_gunner

    My worst streak ever...

    I've had 17. With me getting confiderate, high caliber, etc. It's beyond fristrating. I feel ya
  6. dps_gunner

    Anniversary SC This Year for X Ships?

    Also waiting to see if anything gets mentioned. Suprised no word yet since were 10 days away
  7. I'm getting rubber banding every 10-15 seconds.. Almost like rubber banding.. Triple checked internet connection, and verified game files.. Still no fix. Anyone else?
  8. I try to get all 3 containers. Sometimes only 2. And other days real life happens and I can't log on any. 3 hours max a day unless it's a weekend.
  9. For the first time ever I had a critical error that booted me out of a match today.
  10. dps_gunner

    Anniversary Event

    You would think they would announce it already. It's the 3rd
  11. dps_gunner

    Finally got my first 19 pt captain!

    The first is by far the hardest. It took me like you around a year or so. Now I have 3 and over 700k elite commander exp.
  12. I think I'm using full screen. I'll check
  13. dps_gunner

    First ever rank out

    Congrats. Very good win rate
  14. Game plays fine. No issues expect when I click on arsenal, or premium shop or even naval battle. Freezes and takes 3 minutes to load enough to scroll. Anyone else?
  15. dps_gunner

    When you do your 1st clan battle

    Well, between the logged on and AFK. Guys who like to PVE and different work schedules it's hard. But it was a lot of fun