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  1. dps_gunner

    In which computer fo you play World of Warships?

    I have the same exact case. AMD 9590 bulldozer 16gigs ddr3 ram Radeon r9 I play max setting on 2k resolution. Never drops below 60fps
  2. dps_gunner

    Solution to just stop playing Tier 8?

    Keep in mind you ger more XP as a t8. I have on multiple occasions been top 3 with my t8 as a cruiser. People think its already a loss as a t8. Don't complain and embrace the xp
  3. dps_gunner

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    I am normally top 2 in my t8 vs t9 t10. I don't see a problem
  4. dps_gunner

    I see why cruisers are so OP now

    This guy makes cruiser OP posts weekly.. Ignore and move on
  5. dps_gunner

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Ahh i see what you did there. Switched the title and the poll question.. YES we need radar! You tricked me into voting No
  6. dps_gunner

    Steam containers?

    I thought we got the containers after registering our accounts thru steam today or did i miss something?
  7. dps_gunner

    Finally got my first T10!

    Congrats. First t10 at over 2k battles. Same here, i also bought premium camo for my first t10. It's my best my credit earner
  8. dps_gunner

    Why won't people engage then enemy anymore?

    Rng my friend. I had a 17 game losing streak, and I'd say 70% i was top 1 or 2. Kills, defends, over 120k having great games. 17 straight.. i was pissed, i even made a thread about how pissed i was. Yesterday, 9-1. Its all RNG. Win rate is RNG. Ignore people who say only people above 55% are good. It's all just gambling
  9. dps_gunner

    New ship Kracken!

    Congrats.. having some good games with the new ship
  10. dps_gunner

    OMG what a difference!

    I passed on the Ryzen 3 for the Ryzen 5. Love the chip. 6 cores, 12 virtual cores. And i snagged an older radeon r9 graphics card. Running wows at 2k at 80 fps.. if you can snag a 2k monitor. Makes 1080p look like 1980s tech
  11. That's not alot of potential damage honestly. I had 2.1 mil in my Moskva. I was up to 600k first 3 minutes because everyone hangs back. Not good when you have 7 ships aiming at you lol
  12. dps_gunner

    Possible Solution to Radar

    That's what i thought. It's not abour radar. It's about people who have learned to just sit in smoke and pew pew. You are getting frustared because you rely on bad mechanics. Go back and watchsome youtube videos. You'll improve
  13. dps_gunner

    Possible Solution to Radar

    They added radar to counter to endless smoke. Smoke needs nerfed. Everygame has to much smoke. Dds give up smoke, I'd give ip radar on every ship i have
  14. dps_gunner

    Possible Solution to Radar

    All you dd captains need to give it a rest. Radar is FINE AND WORKING AS INTENDED. You adjust the play style. If you cant adapt and refuse to play another class. See yaaaa
  15. dps_gunner

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Radar is fine and working as intended