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  1. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    "Underappreciated" ships you enjoy?

    Agreed! Emerald has serious teeth if you forget about her. Sure, you can delete one if you sneeze at it, but if you don't, she could shove up to 12 torps into your teammates' broadsides and then eat your destroyers for dessert...
  2. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    "Underappreciated" ships you enjoy?

    Clanmate of mine loves his Z52. The DPM doesn't stack up to other gunboats on the surface, but the long range hydro and smoke can more than level the playing field in a cap contest situation. How's a Daring going to beat you if he can't return fire? Also, those guns pen 32mm base, which means you will always have something to do: just farm BBs until a more strategic opportunity presents itself. Helps with PR farming too :) I have Elbing, and with how much I adore her I think Z52 might have to be next on my list.
  3. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    "Underappreciated" ships you enjoy?

    Hi all. I was inspired to start this thread after a couple friends and clan-mates of mine decided to grind out Khabarovsk before she gets replaced. Free T10 premium, and fast access to a probably pretty good new DD? Why not? Even if the ship is garbage, who cares? However, when they got there, something quite unexpected started to happen. They actually liked her. I started seeing screenshots of crazy games. They started talking about coughing up 20k research points for the unique upgrade. On Khabarovsk. The ship supposedly so powercrept, so nerf-batted, so inferior in every way to several new ships, that nobody could love her, nobody could possibly want to play her over, say, Kleber, or Ragnar... but no. They had a blast. In the ship that used to be considered one of the most utterly busted in the game, after the repeated and massive nerfs that made her nearly forgotten. I was intrigued. It made me think: If that ship, the one that nearly everyone agrees is totally worthless these days (you know how hard it is to get WOWS players to agree on anything) could find it's audience, a bunch of other neglected ones could be fun for a lot of players, or even good. There is always a lot of discussion about ideal warships to play in a given environment, as well as not-so-ideal ones. Unfortunately this can result in a lot of generalizations and comical overstatements being thrown around: "OMG! Henri is so broken! I want to throw my PC out the window every time I shoot at one..." "Dude, Izumo is such a POS I would rather play Hermelin in a T10 game..." and so on and so forth. You get the idea, you've all seen this happen. So, in the spirit of fun and positivity, what are some oft-left-behind ships that you think don't deserve the hate? Ships that others laugh at, but you have fun in, and maybe even kick some [edited]in? Let me know in the replies, and tell us why you like it! Maybe you'll inspire others to discover a hidden gem. I'll kick things off with mine: Republique. Lots of people complain that she doesn't have a place in the meta, and that she's too fragile and shoots like a shotgun. I understand why players struggle with this, but I feel it's more an issue of misunderstanding the ship than the ship being bad. You can't play it like a normal BB, because it can't tank like one. You have to play a bit more cautiously at first, and most importantly, stay mobile. You have a speed boost for a reason, and you can even use it to speed juke. Other than that, the most important thing is to keep your guns firing, and wait for the right moment to push. Repub's damage potential is absolutely fearsome, with a 20 second reload and guns that overmatch 30mm. If something gets stuck bow in to you, it can't turn around. And, when the game is further along and some of the heavy hitters are gone, sometimes you can just hit the gas and absolutely gut a flank with your awesome guns. It's hilarious. Finally, remember you have HE, and good HE at that. If there isn't really a big play open for you at the moment (common in the early game with repub) just switch to HE and impersonate a 20s reload conqueror for a bit. You'll get results. Finally, I'm dedicating this post to two of my friends who each served as inspiration for this: @Iron_Harvest for his love of meme builds and all ships unloved or misunderstood, and for slowly spreading that subversion to everyone he plays with (especially me, evidently) And @Hoodlum_Walrus for his jaw-dropping 325,000 damage Khaba game about a month ago, which made me realize that even it had potential. This is after years of massive nerfs, and he still managed to take the 8th place spot for higest-damage Khaba game on NA. Holy crap. (the replay is on one of the WOWS replay showcase youtube channels if you are interested)
  4. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    Map edge cheat fix

    I'm all for a moderate penalty for border-humping. I wouldn't call it "cheating" but it's certainly annoying for everyone involved. However: I don't think this would fix the issue. Here's why. Player's don't miss their shots on border-humpers because of dispersion. They miss their shots because the map border makes it quite difficult to judge where the enemy ship will be when your shells arrive if it is turning. Thanks in no small part to WOWS' wonky physics, ships can be seen to slide at wildly different rates along the map border depending on their angle to it and how fast it is changing. Now, the thing about dispersion is that while many people think of it as a measure of "accuracy", it is really a measure of precision. I5 doesn't matter if you land every shell within ten feet of each other, if all these shells splash a mile from your target. Allowing for laser-beam accuracy on border humping ships thus probably wouldn't result in them getting devstruck every time, it would result in a lot of very precise misses. If anything, poor dispersion helps many players land 1 or 2 shells in a salvo on a border-humper they didn't properly lead. I would suggest a different mechanic to discourage border-humping - simple tick damage. Have running into the border deal the same about of damage per second as say, 1-2 fires on your ship. So not a huge amount, and not the end of the world if turn your ship right around and get off, but enough that you don't want to stay there for a minute or more. Secondly, make it non-healable unlike fires, so that it cannot be exploited on ships with great heals.
  5. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    Commentary on CO-OP versus PVP Players

    I'm still struggling to understand half of what you are saying in this thread. My best guess right now is that these were all shower thoughts conceived while smoking some really good stuff, because failing that I can't explain why any sane individual would think any of this was important enough to waste someone else's time reading a long-winded, highly conspiratorial yet profoundly useless forum post. Seeing that you have, however, I'd like to waste your time with some more rational responses... I don't see where this is implied at all. Why are so so convinced of this? Most players, streamers included, rarely if ever play co-op, and if they do, it's to offload snowflakes or complete combat missions. I don't understand why you are pulling out the tinfoil hat over some people not enjoying a braindead game mode. Uhh, sure? Or, maybe, they play this game for fun like everyone else, and they just don't like Co-Op. It isn't so complicated. Regardless of reason, you are overanalyzing this in the extreme given that it doesn't matter in the slightest... BRUH. That is frankly all I have to say. Read this aloud, and then go sit in the corner and think about what you've said. Maybe you do. You also wildly overestimate the applications and importance of this material, and of course, wildly overestimate the importance of yourself. That much is clear. Okay, so we've found the entire reason for this post. You don't like being crapon for playing Co-Op. That's fine. But is your ego really so fragile that you need to start pointing fingers at the Illuminati to explain why people don't "understand" this game mode? Tomorrow on the WOWS forums: my stats suck because Wargaming knows I'm a god gamer, and they deliberately serve me and me alone terrible matchmaking to ensure that I don't murder everybody and have a fantastic time. I know this because I am really that special, and I know everyone and everything is out to get me. Oh wait, there have already been several forum posts stating exactly that. Please shoot me now...
  6. Do you have a picture? I'm not understanding what you're getting at: are you dissatisfied with the realism of hydrodynamics in the game in general, or is this a potential bug specific to Jean Bart B where it heels less than other ships? That kind of thing isn't unheard of to be honest. If you are trying to report a bug, let me know so i can test it in a training room as I just got JB B so this is kinda interesting to me.
  7. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    Nevsky needs to be buffed.

    I don't know why I'm bothering but here goes. So... No. Nevsky is not weak. Yes, it is overshadowed by its big brother (somewhat undeservedly imo), but it has a lot going for it: The best radar in the game, hands down. An absolutely preposterous armor scheme for a light cruiser. If you are getting constantly citadeled in it, that really sounds like a you problem... Good HE and AP performance, great ballistics, range, reload and firing angles. Gun performance is really good overall. Yes, it is big target, detectable from space, and turns about as well as your average fat American capitalist pig. But those attributes balance the ship. This is pretty basic. Nevsky is a solid above-average performer and I see no reason to buff the thing when it isn't necessary.
  8. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    Best DD at Tier 7?

    Haida is the only one I like. Even so, it is very much a one-trick pony. It nukes enemy DDs and that is all. Great for farming winrate in randoms, not so great in ranked or brawls where you need a ship that can effectively take on a wide variety of ships. Z39 is a wonderful torpedo boat but I do not have her. Jervis is probably the best all-rounder.
  9. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    Lines you stopped advancing because they were uninteresting

    Same for me as well.
  10. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    Curving Torps

    I think you are confusing Flamu's clickbait description of the bug with how it really works. There are no "curving" torpedoes. Bugged or not, torpedoes have always followed a straight and true course once entering the water. What is bugged is the course they take versus the course the player intended. When you are turning left, the torpedoes will track a bit to the left of the green aiming arc, and when you are turning right, they will track a bit to the right. This does not make them turn - it just makes their initial course somewhat different than you planned. Thus, you see torpedoes you aimed at open water hitting islands and missing targets by a good margin - but you do not see torpedoes curving around islands to hit targets. It's still a bug that needs fixing, but torpedoes are not changing course during operation, and they never have. Hope that clears things up.
  11. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    Let's make All guns, All torpedoes to have 5 sec delay!!

    Have you ever tried firing your guns when playing on >500 ping? You get that exact effect...
  12. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    Good lines for a new player.

    BBs: American. This line will teach you how to battleship - especially the North Carolina. Cruisers: Japanese, they are pretty easy to play. I suck sh*te at cruisers and even I like these things. I haven't personally played the germans but I hear those are pretty solid too. DDs: No DD line is really foolproof, but go with American or British, as both lines do all DD things pretty well. Prepare for a tough learning curve, but they are a joy to play once mastered.
  13. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    Detailed Stats only Available - During Current Session

    A bunch of people I've been playing with have reported this as well, but it's never happened to me. Are you using any mods? My best guess is that a common mod is causing issues with one of the recent updates.
  14. partridge_in_a_pear_tree

    Tier 10 Russian CV

    So the supertesters have had their Russian carriers for LESS THAN A DAY, and you are already complaining that they are hopelessly OP, based on a single encounter? Please, tell me more about your excellent credibility on this matter