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  1. Ishizuchi

    Am I on track?

    I have 26/48 daily missions done right now, will I be able to complete the daily mission for rouge wave? The one that gives 100 fuel points
  2. My game doesn't run anymore! Does the game not work anymore for macbook?
  3. Also didn’t leak Taiho stats or Hiryu’s etc
  4. I didn’t buy JB at all, I went for the Salem haha. I might go for the Kaga, and not buy anymore premiums after that until something catches my eye in the future... Maybe exter? I heard shes a Belfast at T5!
  5. Premium CV swill start at around 60 bucks... This is too much for a premium. Then again they did go sell the Jean Bart . . .
  6. How will testers be notified if they were selected to test?