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  1. I got the t8 on first bundle for 1000 doubloons
  2. Ishizuchi

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    I got the t8 on my first bundle... very underwhelming...
  3. Ishizuchi


    Sadly it does... I was in a battle with my Lexington earlier and had a 155k round in it and got two reports after, I guess you can't please everyone haha Nonetheless thank you, everyone, above for the reassurance! It means a lot to me
  4. Ishizuchi


    I keep getting reported whenever I play CVs, regardless of my good performance well... Will I ever get punished for these reports despite not doing anything wrong? Why do people make these kinds of reports?
  5. Ishizuchi

    PSA: Charity Drive Donation Rewards

    Received my reward as well, thanks so much WG!
  6. Ishizuchi

    Question about the Vampire.

    She has been onsale, I bought her for 9.95 if I recall correctly. And so glad I did buy her! She performs really well , and I would consider her overpowered
  7. Ishizuchi

    Playing CV in COOP Kinda Hurts

    Ark Royale is a good ship, use her bombers to hunt DDs and use islands as cover before dropping also pressing F after an airstrike immediately helps saves planes a lot since most ships have bad close ranged AA, ( EX .Salem) making it probably the safest spot to take planes back
  8. Ishizuchi


    New year in 2 HOURS!!!
  9. Ishizuchi

    PSA: Charity Drive Donation Rewards

    Thank you! Have a wonderful new year
  10. I agree, auto pilot needs to be fixed since it just doesn’t cater well to CV players... There’s a bunch of uneeded turns and circles or extended turns to just u-turn. I’ve been killed because of it many times
  11. Ishizuchi

    Nobody expects the kii in rank

    I ranked out using my Amalfi LOL
  12. Check your PayPal, I had an error in mine and had to redo the transaction since the money wasn't being taken out of my account
  13. Yes there is a chance, considering that it hasn't been 2 weeks yet. Wargaming said on Titify that it would take up to 2 weeks for it to go into your port due to holiday season. This means it takes a while because wargaming employees need to spend time with their family as well! I'm worried about my rewards myself as well, so I'm in the same boat. But once that 2 week period is over, I think it's best to message the administrators such as Mr_Conway and Fem.
  14. Mr Conway told me if anything, contact your administrators or Mr Conway himself, so PM fem I guess? It's best to wait until the 14 day period passes and we'll see I paid for a Kamikaze and didn't get anything yet , There was no confirmation, but according to the article, if the purchase went through, it means you got the reward
  15. Ishizuchi

    Happy Shipsmas?

    That’s a Fujin iirc, she was the Halloween themed version of the Kamikaze, stats are identical