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  1. Ishizuchi

    How to stop CVs

    Then it really isn't the CV being overpowered, but the players not responding well to it
  2. Ishizuchi

    How to stop CVs

    Because of it's armored flight deck, the shells would just bounce off of it , same with Indomitable
  3. Ishizuchi

    How to stop CVs

    A smart team can counter a CV, even the best CV player out there can't do anything if the enemy team doesn't make a mistake
  4. Ishizuchi

    Indomitable immune to slingshot removal?

    So bottom line she won't get her slingshot removed? And also do you have a source? I'd love to read it since I haven't found any information regarding it
  5. Will she be immune to the slingshot removal? This ship relies on it, and without the slingshot, she'll be very difficult to play
  6. Ishizuchi

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    Why is it that now the camos can be mounted on CVs... possible to unlink them for a time please?
  7. Ishizuchi

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    You keep the UU, and get a unique camo
  8. WG wouldn’t want that, that’d make the skill gap increase ;(
  9. Ishizuchi

    Night Battles

    Search lights would be a cool addition
  10. I hope we can straight up buy these ships, I’d buy the Bajie
  11. I got the t8 on first bundle for 1000 doubloons
  12. Ishizuchi

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    I got the t8 on my first bundle... very underwhelming...
  13. Ishizuchi


    Sadly it does... I was in a battle with my Lexington earlier and had a 155k round in it and got two reports after, I guess you can't please everyone haha Nonetheless thank you, everyone, above for the reassurance! It means a lot to me
  14. Ishizuchi


    I keep getting reported whenever I play CVs, regardless of my good performance well... Will I ever get punished for these reports despite not doing anything wrong? Why do people make these kinds of reports?
  15. Ishizuchi

    PSA: Charity Drive Donation Rewards

    Received my reward as well, thanks so much WG!