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  1. ant4fatony

    New Type of Ships!

    I appreciate your responses iDuckman - they make the most sense. I guess I prefer the historical aspect and less of the gameplay itself. Hell, the HMS Hood should detonate every battle, and the Tirpitz, never leave the dock.
  2. ant4fatony

    New Type of Ships!

    Wow, you folks are really [edited] all over this idea. This game is what you make of it. In these forums, I just see complaints about ships, mechanics, etc. It is the challenge and skill to take an old ship and use it, to your advantage, good or bad. In the Battle of Sumar, 4 Escort Carriers, a few destroyers, and escorts fended off a massive Japanese battleship detachment. Any ship is capable given the right crew and Captain, without pause, and without apology. Whether you are playing tier 2 or 10, the tactics and strategy is what makes the game enjoyable.
  3. ant4fatony

    New Type of Ships!

    Good point. It's 1am and I am drunk. But my idea stands! I also acknowledge that these ships were NOT mine layers. But since we do not have submarines, and therefore no depth charges - mines would be their skill. Most also had radar and smoke.
  4. ant4fatony

    New Type of Ships!

    I have feedback I wish to share, and a major idea I would like to see take shape in the WOW realm. I am a Naval historian and LOVE your game. I had tears in my eyes when I first started playing, and see the respect you folks give to unknown ships. The mechanics are incredible, and I feel honored to play. One major omission from the world though is Corvettes and Destroyer Escorts. These smaller ships were integral in WWII and saw a lot of combat on both oceans. It would be easy to create a new type of ships under a new category. These small ships which have minimal artillery, a few torpedoes, but most importantly they would have SEA MINES! Yes this game is missing sea mines. They would be able to drop 4-10 mines somewhere on the game map awaiting any ship (friendly fire included), although friendlies all know where they are. Only hydrocoustic can see the mines with a sonar "ping" back to the ship, so enemy ships must communicate when they detect them. Larger ships can detect a mine, but only within 1.0 km for example due to their high lookouts. A sea mine would be very deadly, with damage around 25-30K, and like 75-80% chance of flooding. The corvettes/escorts will all be based on real ships from all countries that existed- U.S, UK, and Russia used many, including into the 1950's. They will act similar with carriers, where they will not want direct combat, but support battleships, and sneak attack with mines and torpedoes. Higher level ships can have rocket technology, that was present in these ships toward the end of WWII. The Flower Class corvette for example would be a an easy ship to research, used by the UK and Canada. Like CVs, a team would be limited to have 1-2 corvettes/escorts on their team, and it would add a great new dynamic to the game. They would scout, support larger ships, and sneak attack. They would be low on hit points and easy to kill, but devastating if used correctly, and difficult to detect. From this technology, you can adapt the rockets into high tier destroyers used in the late 1940's - very inaccurate but like 80% chance of fires upon direct hit. Thank you for an amazing game!