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  1. Cyberjock1

    The Full Broadside: A WoWs Podcast

    Episode #50 Is here! Thank you to everyone that showed up in the live chat. Check our in show live chat for the names of the week, see if you won a free weekend pass from all of us at The Full Broadside https://www.patreon.com/thefullbroadside The Full Broadside • A podcast on Anchor W-P-A Discord: https://discord.gg/FwArUJYWGA https://anchor.fm/thefullbroadside/embed/episodes/Ep-50---Happy-Halloween-from-Fat-Gandalf-and-the-gang-e19iu3e
  2. Cyberjock1

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    This will most likely make DD's harder to locate from the air, and more importantly for DD players....they'll be much harder to hit with rockets. I see coming out of this is CV drivers deciding to not waste the time looking for DDs at all. Instead they can run torp/bomb planes at the big, slow, BBs and easily rack up more points than the would have in chasing a DD around to keep it spotted, only to find out your team doesn't care about a spotted DD at all. May not be the greatest 'fix', but it is something....DD drivers are finally getting something to address the opening minute deletions. For that I am thankful.
  3. Loved this cast, why is it dying? Add someone to motivate all of you to get it in gear and kick out some great stuff again.
  4. Cyberjock1

    Personal Rating

    That may be the case and you are correct.....I have been playing a lot more recently and with people who I am learning new tricks from, so my numbers will undoubtedly improve...i mean they cant hardly get worse lol. At any rate...my main point was this rating I believe to be bogus due to the fact that I cannot control everything the others do in randoms.....a better way to measure a persons worth to me would be to look at average damage output or something else like that a more personal stat that I can control based upon MY gameplay. To me giving someone a personal stat based on team performance is kind of an inaccurate way to gauge someones worth. I like the other numbers, but that one is hard to take for those reasons, and especially since so many clans value that as an accurate gauge to qualify or disqualify someone for clan acceptance. Whatever, we're probably stuck with it as I doubt it is high on WGs list of things to tweak. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Cyberjock1

    Personal Rating

    Win rate to me is a bogus number to rate someone’s skill solely off of. I for one have played a lot of random games and have a win rate of 45 or so percent. However I have been playing on and off since launch. Over the last few months I have been much better but that 45 is a hard number to increase with the amount of games that I have played prior. In addition...as everyone knows random games lack a lot of teamwork, therefore losses come much easier and the games do not factor in the amount of times you were up tiered against ships vastly better out the gate. To really get a feel for how a player is...play with him/her and see for yourself. This is ever evolving game...win rate to me should be factored using a different equation.
  6. Cyberjock1

    Is Yamato Worth It?

    I too have had those credits and xp burning a hole in my pockets too, but these gents are correct, it is much better to hang back and play the line. There are many little differences in each ship worth learning. It will make you a much stronger player once you reach that T10. Also working through the line allows for a commander to be trained up nearly fully by the time you hit t10 and really need his extra skills.
  7. Cyberjock1

    Wait, so RU BBs barely have a gimmick?

    Sounds like they are set to be bow tank and rush types. Not bad if you need someone to go get that Yammy camping way over there. But the sides will be very suspect with the high cits. Will be interesting to try.
  8. I personally would really like to see Italy have more ships as well. I'm ok with Rus ships too, but would like to see more nations represented that actually had ships sailing during those days. Canada, Australia, Italy for example.
  9. I couldn't agree more. They will dial things in soon enough. Until then we all either need to be patient or find something else to do with our time for now. Take a break and come on back. It is a game and is intended for entertainment purposes after all.
  10. Regardless of what they want to accomplish....if the wish to be successful and earn the big money, they will need to listen to NA and Japanese player base as they are the ones consuming the product on a much larger scale than any other country.
  11. Cyberjock1

    8.0 in overall is excellent

    I agree for the most part. It hasn't been well received by the masses, but change seldom is accepted immediately. I for one do not play CV's much.....but as for my BBs and Cruisers....I have much enjoyed mowing down waves of planes. Quite satisfying with an AA build. :)
  12. Cyberjock1

    I'm done in Random

    i will agree that it is low sodium over there.....not none for certain....always the occasional troll who thinks he's the greatest ever. But for the most part it seems a pretty good time.
  13. Cyberjock1

    German Cruisers Review and How to Play Them

    Good info here. Question for me now however is: as old as this thread is....is this still accurate info as we near 2019?
  14. Cyberjock1

    RN DD's from crates: loaners, or yours to keep?

    Are these crates gained thru normal gameplay or thru some sort of gained currency? And do I have to complete some sort of task first to get them?