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  1. When I play dd I am the tip of the spear. No BB or any other ship in front of me. I have been often called the Chuk Norris of wows. TK is almost always caused by dds hiding in the back of the map and fruitlessly trying to launch torpedos at targets on the other side of the map... usually well outside their torp range. I understand not everyone will have my skill level.... but just stop with the hiding in back all game. Quit hiding in back and you will immediately go from awful player to at least above average. On the flip side... when other team sees me they will flee to back of map once game starts. This panic will often lead to TK torps as everyone rushes to back of the map. Honestly the smarter thing to do with a player like me is to have say 8 or 9 ships all rush me... sure I might get 5 or 6 of ya... but I wont get all of you. 2 or 3 will survive. so at least you have a one in 3 chance of surving. Hide in the back, youre chances are zero.
  2. The current CV in the game is fine, nothing is wrong. I find it funny how all the people trying to create an issue don't even play CV. Just leave it alone and find some other topic. If it aint broke don't fix it.