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  1. DoctorDoom99

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    I'm guessing we only get 5/9 of the ships, so we have to buy the other 4/9. it will cost around 155$ to buy those sadly. This is for newcomers who don't have any of the ARP ships. even worse, Takao costs 56$ :(
  2. This is for the Haifuri containers, presumed that you already completed the collection. You will automatically receive credits instead of duplicates. However, if you didn't finish the collection, you will receive duplicates that you can use to unlock the other collection materials. Press one of the blank/locked collection materials and they will ask if you would like to buy the locked/not received collection item. This will consume 5 duplicates which you have and you will receive that one. This is practically the same for all collections. Also, you can do the same using daily containers if you prefer.
  3. For those who already have at least one or two of the ships, if you prefer to save your money and finish the entire collection, the breakdown in costs: Each commander costs: 6$ ([Thea Kreutzer], [Akeno Misaki], [Moeka China], Mei Irizaki, Maron Yanagiwara, Kouko Nosa) The Musashi Y118 camo + Moeka China costs 26.00 The Harekaze bundle costs 52.49 (Akeno Misaki included) The HSF Graf Spee bundle costs 25.99 (Thea Kreutzer included) Should anyone have bought either one or both of the Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee bundles over a year ago, then you should have one/both the commanders for the HSF Graf Spee and the Harekaze, except for those who bought the ranked version Harekaze. The General Assembly bundle costs 149.99. For anyone actually getting the General Assembly anyway, lol. You will get a return/compensation, of average of 80% of every ship you currently own (Harekaze and Graf Spee) + 80% of the value of the paid camos (Musashi Y118, Harekaze Isoroku etc.). Considering duplicate commanders are possible, you will have duplicates for any commanders you don't have. The only extras you get out of this is the two commemorative flags and the hundreds of signals. To note, the Harekaze Camo cost 4k doubloons back then, while the Musashi camo cost 5k if bought using doubloons when both were still available for sale before being pulled. Considering that both the Harekaze and the HSF Graf Spee cannot be bought using doubloons except the store, you can make your decision on the costs.
  4. I would like to know what they mean by PM, considering that I don't the the forums often. There was no option to disable PMs from administrators, so that is something that needs to be addressed. No clear explanation for what exactly they mean by disabled PM. Who disabled them? Why is the PM disabled? I mean you can disable them to individual users, but no one who would register would disable them to the ones hosting the event. Only way to be disqualified is if the people who signed up disabled the PM ability themselves by putting their account to hidden or something. This needs a proper explanation. Is there something in the fine text or something? or additional qualifications that are not explained?
  5. I would like to join as a Maskarados because I would like to enjoy the game and have fun with everyone. I have been playing for a year now, and since I could not join the Turkey Shoot as a Turkey, I would like to try join this event as a Maskarados if possible.