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  1. DoctorDoom99

    Important message for the community

    Similar thing with South Korea. If you try to buy containers by logging into a game account which has a Korea based location, all containers will not be visible in the premium shop. This probably includes the Armory as well. It's evident when you try to directly link a page of a container based premium shop page, and either try to go to the shop website with a Korean IP address, or a Korean location account (it will say not available in your region or something similar).
  2. DoctorDoom99

    Important message for the community

    I read the apology, and while it covers quite a bit of the recent events, this still does not address the community side of things in more detail, from the issue of LittleWhiteMouse (AprilWhiteMouse) and Chobbitsu's work on Yukon (which according to them, an employee of Wargaming employed them to work on it) to several other stuff that should be mentioned. Regarding the loot boxes and the drop rates, unless it is individually programmed to those who spend more money on them, it wouldn't be hard to obtain the details from the other countries that makes mandatory publishing of drop rates, and publish them immediately, or a day max. Again, the community literally covers everything that is missing from this apology. About the "technical issues" for adding Missouri to the armory, several people have pointed out that other than a few issues that can be fixed easily (since the armory has tabs that can be hidden via updates to the store anyway), it is possible to add it. The armory itself is a giant website, so the web campaign should be in the same situation. A lot of people were disappointed/angry with how the recruitment center/returning players was handled. Offering tier 9 and tier 5 premiums to players who didn't play for months, to get them to come back was less than impressive, specially with players who played/supported the game from release, from Alpha Testers, Close Beta Testers, and those who joined the first year and kept playing until now. This was another thing that was handled wrongly, specially since loyal players do not see marketing tactics like ISP/mobile phone line subscription as appropriate, and this focuses on rewarding players who did not play for a long time, while ignoring long time supporters. There is also questions regarding the sale of Tier X ships, when Wargaming themselves promised never to sell tier 10, or tier 9 in cash for that matter quite a long time ago. That one also needs explaining as well. This one is overdue actually. Finally, there is no explanation on how will they make up to the community who supported the game, despite recent events. A lot of people actually did and still does support the game despite what is seen, but does not like the practices that caused what happened recently. I'm not saying that everyone (We/they) deserves something in return, but making up to the community by actually putting more effort to make the community a healthier place than suppressing the voices of the community who would like some positive changes, to return to how it was back in 2016-2017 would be a nice change. After all, actions speak louder than words. As a long time supporter of the game, I would like to see an explanation of everything thay is not covered in the article.
  3. DoctorDoom99

    Where to watch Arpeggio of Blue Steel?

    Here's a link to several websites that should have Arpeggio of Blue Steel. https://docs.zoho.com.au/sheet/open/stzn58acc24611fea414e8901724ff4510fe8/sheets/Anime/ranges/B8 Pretty much all of them only either have english dubs or english subs. If you're looking for any other language for subs or dubs, I'd advise you to look for dubs in some non-english websites (other non-english fan subbing communities for subs) or streaming service/cable networks that have licensing rights to the dubs/subs in any language other than english, or search video streaming websites like vimeo or YouTube (if you are lucky, they might be up)
  4. Because I was out of town for quite a whlie without access to a computer and internet, I couldn't claim basically all of the free bundles. Is there another way to get the last KOTS container? I would like to know if there is another way to collect the item to finish the King of the Sea collection, as I missed getting the container.
  5. Because I was out of town for quite a whlie without access to a computer and internet, I couldn't claim basically all of the free bundles. Is there another way to get the last KOTS container? I would like to know if there is another way to collect the item to finish the King of the Sea collection, as I missed getting the container.
  6. Have you tried bringing this up to customer support? Actually, forget that. Considering how you paid for them, you should be able to ask them, but it would be just acknowledged and forgotten. The forum isn't exactly a place where Wargaming will actually take advice from players, as this place is a player community, not quality control and for their financial, business practices, or anything that would actually impact the game much. Expect less than 0.00001% of the stuff that people requests for Wargaming to actually listen and fix or take the advice. Even if an employee in the main testing department (not an admin of the forum, as they have no power over game testing and the actual bug fixing and game changes btw) manages to see evidence that there is a problem, there is a high chance that they would just say, "We will fix it" or something similar, and they put it on a back burner and forget about it for years, or ever. If you need problems that WG doesn't really care about fixing (Your advice you posted), they will definitely NOT fix the problem, citing too expensive to fix, even if you show evidence that fixing 6 lines and adding that to the next patch would be easy, and it won't affect performance or cause a performance issue for any players. You can take it up to the VAs to have them request the fix from Wargaming saying "Bad and/or wrong product placement" and have them request this to be fixed because it sends the wrong image or quality issues of the VAs and their performance, or something else. There are many ways to have this fix without complaining about it in the forums, as no one will listen, unless even WG actually notices it themselves with their game testing employees able to see why people hates it. Go post the complaint on the Voice Actor's twitter and say WG is not fixing a problem that they made and profiting off of that. I'm pretty sure the contract they signed doesn't say "Errors or unfixed problems on our side, you agree that we have the right to make money even if it is not showing the actual lines and etc." I can't say I know other ways anymore, other than this. Maybe asking an actual Japanese person to request the fix would work as well, as Japanese speakers actually understand the lines and if it is supposed to be there or not. You're going to need someone who speaks Japanese if you're actually going to do what I just wrote, however.
  7. DoctorDoom99

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    The collab is already expensive for all of the players and with how they removed the function to buy individual commanders, it's a pain. Forcing us to either buy a complete set or a container it's not even assured that we will get what we want, and for people in countries where online gambling is outright banned or regulated by the government that paid lootboxes are considered gambling, the collab is the most expensive in those countries. For example, containers are not sold in South Korea, making it only possible for people to either get the free commanders or pay for those commander packs, a major waste of money, but the containers ARE a major waste of money anyway. Another thing, the situation is no different in the EU and Asia servers, while I can't find the RU server's forums to confirm if this container only thing is affecting NA. I think this 3rd collab is pretty much heavily controversial at this point. FYI, that is the featured tab without any store options narrowed down, so in the US store, you'd find containers in the mix usually.
  8. DoctorDoom99

    Ships you never see anymore

    I couldn't find any Harekazes or Montpeliers, Missouris, Flints, Nelsons, or the recent Journey to the West ships. Also, the Kutuzov looks like it practically disappeared, like the Belfast (which only appears in Ranked for some reason).
  9. DoctorDoom99

    Recruit Your Friends Day - Win USS Missouri

    I think listening to the community more and improving gameplay so that it's not steam-rolling one sided matches most of the time is probably better than doing this giveaway, like the CV rocket planes that basically ruin the destroyer gameplay as a whole, discouraging DD gameplay. CVs are basically being used to spot ships in advance, making it impossible for players to actually get in position without being shot at. If a team has more cruisers or BBs with bad AA than the opponent (ex. bad AA Japanese cruisers), then they are fresh meat for the opposing CV. Also, it's one of the reasons why newbies would quit the game altogether when playing, being repeatedly killed by seal-clubbing CV players. The Karma system is also flawed bad, with the "plays poorly" option being a meaningless thing. It's pretty much used to report potatoes or basically used by players who just have a bad day, going as far as asking everyone to do the same to a player. We need that option removed, as the report system should be used for ACTUAL players who cheat, AFK, or something of the sort, not Potatoes, Weekend Warriors, Wallet Warriors, or anything similar to those just to players who can't play everyday or improve. Some people just aren't good at online gaming or don't have time to play everyday due to school or studies, and nothing can fix that. The amount of reports and spams of "plays poorly" or bogus reports for players who isn't good at the game and can't improve, the karma system is not worth using for stuff like rewards or events or something, since A LOT of players would be left out just because they aren't good at playing. Also, why not just add Missouri into the armory for coal for 6-12 months? A lot of players want it, but not as many people want it as much as the Musashi. The Missouri is not really OP at all except for being the equivalent of the Federal Reserve or Fort Knox for earning, basically only used by credit-strapped players who need to earn to buy the next tier ship or try to recover credits when they hit like 50k or something. With the amount of freeexp ships existing in the tech tree, we don't need Missouri as free-exp again. Also, steel is already valuable enough that people are trying to get Stalingrad (totally NOT OP), Bourgogne, or Shikishima. "Modern problems require modern solutions." TL;DR: game needs more community involvement for improvement instead of recruitment drive, and Missouri should be sold for coal, as it's not OP and it's not really a big deal as much as the Kronshtadt, Jean Bart, or Musashi.
  10. DoctorDoom99

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    I would like to know, with the release of these Heart Attack Grill BBs, are they going to remove the Ohio or Georgia from the store/research bureau? The Georgia and Ohio won't be the only American BBs with 457s once these high tier Colorados are released.
  11. DoctorDoom99

    Pommern Release date?

    Probably in a few months, as testing ships don't take a year. However, I would say get the Georgia if possible, considering how the Georgia has been in the store for quite a while and might be pulled like the Jean Bart, along with the Alaska. The Pommern is practically a downtiered Friedrich Der Grosse with Grosser Kurfurst turrets and torps, and with how Wargaming is making the currency, expect a 1 million Free-exp or coal, or if very unlucky, the Research bureau. If they sell the Pommern in the premium store for like 78$, it's most likely 1 million free-exp or 228k coal as usual unless Wargaming suddenly decides to inflate the prices of free-exp ships again, saying easy access to them (very unlikely). I would advise you not to get the Pommern though, considering how powercrept the entire German BB line is, and how secondaries are just memes and with IFHE being nerfed to hell, it's just not worth it, unless you are a collector. I am pretty sure you'll just end up placing her as one of your port queens.
  12. DoctorDoom99

    Sound Changes in Update 0.9.6

    When will Wargaming fix the (Listen to your own music) setting? Every time I use it, the game crashes, now, while it used to work before. There is no specific explanation of how long a track or what the max bit rate of a file can be to make the setting not crash the game while playing custom music, or is the setting just unstable outright. I'm stuck listening to default music when I play.
  13. DoctorDoom99

    Moskva becoming a premium ship

    Will we get the refund for owning the Moskva if we decide not to sell it now? Or do we have to sell it now to get credits back?
  14. DoctorDoom99

    Clarification for selling Moskva?

    If we get the Moskva for free instead of buying it (Just researching it without spending credits), will we be able to start the Legendary Mod missions, or will we have to buy it in the research bureau?