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  1. Monza406

    Steel Ships & non-Clan Battle Players

    I play a little Ranked Battles, but no clan battles. I have the Flint and just got the Stalingrad about a month ago! Snowflakes and play to rank 10.
  2. Monza406

    NO Cv's In coop in the day!!

    CV’s in Coop is random unless you play one!
  3. Monza406

    Recommending a new ship reviewer

    He does a great job!
  4. Monza406

    citadels with the Gorizia, HOW???

    Gorizia’s AP 203’s are great. I got a cit on a North Carolina and several other lower tier BB’s.
  5. Monza406

    How to make Blyskawica work in Sprint

    Good game Kuro. Your advice on positioning for all classes is definitely helping me be a better player.
  6. Monza406

    Facing the bot CV alone at the end in your CV = WTH???

    Co-op T10 game with my Enterprise. Came down to bot Des Moines (1/3 health) and my Enterprise against the bot Enterprise. My full squad of DB’s could not get a strike off before being obliterated. With full squads of Rocket planes and TB’s, I was able to get one strike off each, but lost all the planes. Head to Head against a CV is most likely going to end in a draw unless you can get cap control.
  7. Monza406

    CVs in co-op

    The economic’s At T8 for CV’s in co-op is a lot worse in 8.5. The stealth AA T9 & T10 cruisers can wipe out a squadron immediately upon getting in AA range. I even lost credits using the Saipan with premium time and signals! Probably going to give up on them and stick to the other classes!
  8. Monza406

    Ranked Battle Tip

    It probably wasn’t a random Torp. One of those cruisers on the 7 line probably had RPS you!
  9. I have watched all of your recent dd videos. Thanks for taking the time. Although I am not a dd main, you have helped me understand the strategy and tactics better!