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  1. Monza406

    Submarines don't work in WOWs

    I completely agree.
  2. Monza406

    First ever in Rank.. CV never launched a plane

    WG needs to add ‘suspicious bot’ as a report option. Multiple reports from a single game will identify these bots and hopefully they can get them out of the game!
  3. Monza406

    Giulio Cesare Nerf?

    I have been playing her to get some captains for the Italian BB’s ready. Had a 6 kill game in her last night. WG was trying to move her to T6, but the community would not have it. She is a great cruiser killer! I am not aware of any specific nerf except the captain skills maybe!
  4. Monza406

    AFK Belittling

    I just report AFK players and move on. WG has the data to know if it was just a one time incident or a pattern.
  5. Regrinding the British BB line, the Monarch with its low detection got a buff. It is still the worst T8 BB in the game.
  6. Monza406

    Bots Behaving Oddly

    Last night I saw a bot did (Skane) immediately upon spotting an enemy dd launch torps in the wrong direction at a friendly human player ship! I warned the player and he was able to dodge. Obviously AI needs to be tweaked!
  7. The three leagues should reduce this problem after a few weeks. StatsBloke has an excellent YouTube video that explains the new ranked. I highly recommend it if you are going to play Ranked.
  8. Monza406

    Best Damage Record.....In Co-op?

    325680 in Republique.
  9. Monza406

    I don't get the Attraction...

    It gives you something to do if you are regrinding a line instead of using Free XP. I played 10 Random battles in the Kaiser yesterday. 9 out of 10 had Two CV’s. Shot down 50 planes in one match.
  10. Monza406

    Steel Ships & non-Clan Battle Players

    I play a little Ranked Battles, but no clan battles. I have the Flint and just got the Stalingrad about a month ago! Snowflakes and play to rank 10.
  11. Monza406

    NO Cv's In coop in the day!!

    CV’s in Coop is random unless you play one!
  12. Monza406

    Recommending a new ship reviewer

    He does a great job!