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  1. Feclez

    AA damage

    this happened about 30 mins ago or so which is why I put the post - ad yes im AA built - with 14 point commander
  2. Feclez

    AA damage

    the mass BB has really good AA hence the 100K+ damage I did to planes did, I just dont get how I only shot down 2 planes and kept having full groups coming at me all the time - 100k damage to ships would be equal to sinking say 2-3 ships
  3. Feclez

    AA damage

    Can this be for real... I just had a game where I did over 100k of damage to planes on the Massachusettes yet only shot down 2 planes can someone please tell me why and how is that possible.... also to do that much damage to planes and constantly get full groups of torp/bomber/rockets comes at you over a 15 min period seems to be OTT
  4. Feclez

    How to fix the upper tier CV DD problem

    Something has to be done for DD's thats for sure, every game T8 and above my DD gets wrecked so bad by the rocket launcher planes - and when you have 2 CV's in a game even popping smoke im dead or near dead after the 1st couple salvo's.... Even as a British DD being able to pop a smoke every 45-60 secs don't help against the amount of planes sent at you as the dd
  5. Feclez

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    Nope your right!!! Gotta pay for it coz the missions actually run out by time you can get it via the PEF weekly missions - Which is another reason why your Paying 60-100 for the PEF to get missions to get ships you already own as final rewards
  6. Feclez

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    Id rather commander Xp than Credits etc - least I wouldnt have to keep swapping them over to try and get more 19 point commanders - ive got enough of everything else
  7. Feclez

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    They are not giving you the coin if you have the ship, hence the post
  8. Feclez

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    This is my point to the Paying for Dallas as you got her with the Cleveland through the store Once again other point is these ships they are giving away in the Missions were all part of the store that we paid for at some point wether it be by Ship or crate - and the missions are almost mute as a reward as you get nothing for them when you paid for the misson
  9. Feclez

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    Both Icarus and the Dallas were Buy through Store prior to them being Tech Free
  10. In the Mighty Prinz Mission rewards you have ships that we paid for with hard earned money in the past through other updates/ so called special times releases Now you give use a set of Missions to complete after paying more money to get them same ships WHY!!!! DO WE NOT!! get given DUBLOONS as a reward for completing a Mission where we have a ship already as a final task???
  11. Feclez

    too many overpens?

    Yeah and once again I bet it is worse when your a T6 or 7 dropping on a 8/9 Ive had it on the HOOD from less then 10-12K full broadside on a T9 and had 6 of 8 shell BOUNCE off - Be easier to just ram ships when uptiered like this, certainly get more damage done to things
  12. Feclez

    too many overpens?

    Lot over over pens happening but ive always been in the mind of damage is damage - better an overpen than a miss But that being said the PEF yesterday I did get a round with 6 Cits from destroying 4 CL's - After some the games ive had in it its made me think about how usefull this ship is That being said, against other BB's all I ever seem to see is shell's bouncing off things - And its worse when up tiered ((not only this ship with that) Find the worst uptier is say 7-9 match)
  13. Feclez

    game goes straight to port after ending

    Dunno how long its happened but it dont worry me too much, I just use the (I) button on bottom right of port to look at the end of match list I have noticed however it seems too mainly happen if I get killed in say middle of a match and exit to go to a new game, get to end of game it throws straight to port - if I was alive on match without previous exit the page comes up
  14. Feclez

    In game Cursor

    Yes I have really HIGH Res as am on a 32" 4K Monitor so its just hard to find all the time, I norm do the centre cursor thing when a match starts but the issue is prior to matches I can never find it lmbo Wish we had something in game to change the colour of it - Have even tried to use some of the MS Windows changes for mouse cursor but that really do not help!!! Whats this MOD Pack people mentioned?? and where to get it??
  15. Feclez

    In game Cursor

    Please can we either change the colour of the Cursor or have an option to change it to a colour we can actually SEE!!!! I think I must spend like 5 mins every time I play a game or after a game trying to find the thing on screen I am actually having to drag my mouse to see the cursor on either my 2nd or 3rd screen and then watching it go to the game screen just to pick up on where it is currently the thing is like a very light blue-ish which blends into all the backgrounds and I just cannot see it Can there be an option to make it so its bright and can not be missed