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  1. Feclez

    Research Bureau Confussion

    so what your saying is wows have got a automated thing to change something saying "The first resetting of a branch of ships will bring x2 Victory Bonuses with Research point" to "Reset ship branches and get Victory Bonuses with Research point" somehow I dont think that should be like that and as I mentioned in no way shape or form does it show that one person is getting the supposed x2 that the other does
  2. Feclez

    Research Bureau Confussion

    but if you look at where it says about the Resetting progress on both pics, one mentions about x2 bonus and the other does not
  3. Can someone please explain to me why my resetting of the Tech Tree does NOT show it has a bonus where a clan mate has a x2 bonus
  4. Feclez


    Get GUD???
  5. I think the biggest thing is the 6v6 and how its probably made itso more clans can be involved. It can be really hard at times to get 7 people together for a lot of clans so I hope they bring this forward into the T10's too - will make things much more interesting
  6. Feclez

    Facing the bot CV alone at the end in your CV = WTH???

    Just remove the CV's from Co-op at least till the BOT CV's work properly. All they do is send planes out to get either shot down or spot, ive played many games now on DD for a BOT CV just enough the crap outta me by flying planes around me, and then every time he sends new planes up they come straight for me, question is no matter where on map I am they know EXACTLLY where I am.....and then once again keep spotting with bombers or rocket planes - they dont do anything
  7. What needs to be done is if people actually send in a ticket is start banning the email addresses associated with the accounts most people who make multi accounts like this are dumb enough to only have 1 email address
  8. Feclez

    Republic tokens

    How can you assume this???? Just because someone has less than 8K battles dont mean they dont have a decent amount of ships. I have less than 8k and have like 200 ships and many between tiers 7-10
  9. Feclez

    Save tier 8?

    Best way to actually solve this issue and if WG even give a crap about what the community thinks is to create a poll of what they would want us have as MM could easy have a few questions like the plus minus 1 or 2 range and then length of time in queue until placed in what ever etc...
  10. You seriously need to look at who you get in as people that play as event staff. several games now I have seen your event guys just steam in on DD's and get killed within the first couple of mins in the game, this ruins things for the whole team. you need to hold back the details of what % or average games need to be played by the people running them to stop this from happening!!!! just coz you may need 2 or 5 games more as an average does not mean you should be steaming in on a dd just so you can get 50 games played in like 2 mins
  11. Feclez


    A few of us was talking about this the other day, so I can understand the OP's point of view here It states that the commander comes with a specialization and the OP is asking what is the spec other than the 10 points
  12. I would be more than ahappy to help out again @Femennenly was previously a turkey and a mascarado
  13. Feclez

    Swearing on Official Channel

    Some people may take this light hearted but!!!!! The official channel is supposed to be PG - it is unacceptable that you have people streaming on it that swear!!!! I was barely on 5 mins with a 10 year old sat near me when 1 of the 2 people on stream was swearing!!! If you cannot have CC's contain themselves on the channel they should not be on there and its also a very poor reflection that the person running the WOWS stream didnt give a dam about it!!!
  14. Feclez

    Ranked waiting times

    this seriously needs to be looked at why try getting people to div up in games for this to hapen
  15. Feclez

    Ranked waiting times

    btw it would also be easy to sync drop and then div up