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  1. Franz von Jütland

    Better than nothing I guess.
  2. Finally got Kraken!!!

    Better than me. I've gotten 4 kills a bunch of times but that 5th kill is pretty elusive for me.
  3. 1000 Battles in the Khaba

    They are good for torping smoke if you get right up on it. Otherwise it's around corners but that's more of a yolo against bigger ships. Those torps are so slow you could almost consider them to be sea mines.
  4. Never saw the Moskva but the Hindy was after me the last few minutes of the match. The Moskva was busy kicking my team's [edited] at the main contested cap. After my last ally died he was a long way away from me.
  5. Khaba V DM in Ranked lol

    While those are all dangerous ships I've had more trouble with Minotaur and DM in my Khab. Particularly if I bump into one around an island unexpectedly or get radared. I don't fear any DDs whatsoever although dueling another Khab can be difficult.
  6. 1000 Battles in the Khaba

    I consider it a mark of shame if you get sunk by Khaba's torps.
  7. Ranked Tier 10

    The number one credit farming ship in the game is Missouri. The number one credit farming ship in the game that's available is Musashi. After that are the other T9 and T8 premiums.
  8. Khaba V DM in Ranked lol

    Well dang. In my Khaba I run like he11 from DM or Mino. But I guess you didn't have a choice there.
  9. Finally got Kraken!!!

    Got my first one in ranked today... Literally had to carry my team on my back... And did I get any compliments for winning my team free stars? Nope! My team ALL died and had ZERO kills... I feel like I stole stars from that poor enemy Moskva and Montana. They more than did their part. They kicked our team's *** but they let me control the 2 less contested caps and kill the 2 enemy DDs...
  10. Notser was complaining about ranked game XP generation which is different than random game XP generation. I think ranked game XP should work like random game XP.
  11. Why not just use the same XP system that is used in randoms?
  12. Finally got Kraken!!!

    My Kraken was on a defeat as well. I mean what more do you have to do if you kill half the enemy ships? I've come inches away from another kraken several times. Last one was in Leningrad and the enemy BB barely dodged my torps and avoided my kill #5. I was so sad that he dodged those torps...
  13. Ranked Tier 10

    To answer the question. The only way to get a T10 ship this late in the game is to either become a complete crack addict playing your T8 then T9 ship constantly nonstop for the next week. Or... Farm out the cash and convert elite and premium ship XP to free XP and buy credits to quickly jump to T9 then T10. If you go either route, play the line you are best at and do at least a dozen or two random battles in your new ship before bringing it into ranked.
  14. Oh my gawd, I think that was the hardest game of my life and the hardest I've ever carried a team to victory. I defended base cap and sent the rest of the team to contested cap. Enemy Khaba and Shimi came to fight me. I dueled the enemy Khaba and won then chased down the Shimi and killed him. Meanwhile my ENTIRE TEAM WAS KILLED at the contested cap and had 0 kills. I ended up with 2 caps and after killing the 2 DDs defended one cap from a Hindenburg with 24 defended ribbons lol. In the end it was 5 vs 1 and we I won on points. Oh and not a single compliment from the team I carried...
  15. Moving from Kiev to Tashkent to Khabi

    Yes, if Khab and Kiev had a baby it would be Tashkent. But I guess that's how it supposed to work in the tech tree :)