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  1. Uptiering GC is a significant nerf. So WG has now set of precedent of significantly nerfing boats that were purchased. That will have to be taken into consideration on future purchases.
  2. _MiDKnighTx_

    Ranked Season 11 Arms Race - A Retrospect

    My suggestion... Remove "save a star" and give star bonuses for heroic achievements although I'm not sure dreadnaught should be classified as a heroic achievement with heal buffs around. Ie... Win the game and get a kraken = 2 stars Lose the game and get high caliber = 0 stars (heroic achievement +1 and loss -1) Lose the game and no heroic achievements = lose a star So in other words the pay scale is: Win = 1 star Heroic achievement (minus dreadnaught) = 1 star Loss = -1 star
  3. _MiDKnighTx_

    So what BB line do you think is the best

    I like main gun accuracy and I like secondaries and I like speed. French is the only line that has all 3. So I'll say French.
  4. _MiDKnighTx_

    Ranked play: what am I doing wrong?

    The opposing team looks like the kind of team the OP was referring to. BBs happily showing full broadside to Musashi and Kronstadt charging a Musashi? What kind of drugs was he on? To the OP: Regular ranked is tougher than Ranked Sprint and it will take dozens of battles to move up. Sometimes it's one step forward one step back. Rinse and repeat. If you play your ship as best it can be played and do what you can to help your team then the numbers will work out in the end and you will move up but it will take a lot of grinding... I also use Jutland for ranked. Some Jutland tips that have worked for me lately. Don't push too far at first (ie...that tempting center buff). Use hydro to spot torps for your teammates. Use hydro when in the center of a map or near a contested buff. Know the radar range of enemy radar boats. Don't get too far into their radar range unless you have good cover (islands). Assuming you followed the radar rules, use Jutland's many smokes to get out of trouble if you have too many ships after you. Only knife fight DDs when it is to your advantage (you have more health or more backup). If only enemy BBs are left, go on a torpedo safari and torp them to death. Unfortunately some of the best things you can do for your team (snag buffs and spot) do not get rewarded with saving a star if you lose. That said you have a much greater chance of gaining a star than keeping a star in a loss so do whatever you can to help your team win. Even the thankless jobs like spotting and snagging buffs.
  5. _MiDKnighTx_

    Santa didn't deliver that ship you want?

    Thanks. The vid I put the most work into and am most proud of is probably Varyag :)
  6. _MiDKnighTx_

    Santa didn't deliver that ship you want?

    Thanks for posting. I made the vid. It's Episode 6 in a series. Here's a playlist with the whole series: And here's the World of Warships In Real Life Series (Only 2 episodes):
  7. _MiDKnighTx_

    Santas crates - most decent gifts!

    I had some dud batches mostly with big crates but I finally struck gold with a batch of 20 big crates this morning. In one batch of 20 I got 6 ships: Arizona Nueve de Julio Kutuzov !!! Gremyashchy !!! Boise Atago !
  8. _MiDKnighTx_

    What do you guys consider as a bad ship?

    FdG, Russian DDs that have 4k torps, any T5 IJN DD not named Kamikaze, early tier IJN BBs. And of course... Varyag...
  9. 1 vs 1 this is absolutely true. But contesting caps is rarely 1 vs 1. If YY has a cruiser friend or two with him Khaba could be in trouble.
  10. _MiDKnighTx_

    [Poll] Your favorite ranked tier

    First part of ranked: Tier 6. No radar... Second part... Tier 8 or 9. These ships usually get pushed into T10 matches so it is nice for them to have the stage to themselves.
  11. _MiDKnighTx_

    Player skill is OP pls nerf

    Ideas for how to nerf OP players... Restrict them to the worst possible ships. Uptier them every match. Make only keyboard or mouse functional at one time, not both. Ie if you move your mouse you can't steer. WG...
  12. _MiDKnighTx_

    Ah. the life of a DD...

    Didn't have replay turned on but here's the screenshot:
  13. _MiDKnighTx_

    Ah. the life of a DD...

    Think that's bad? My entire team died in ranked and I ended up defending 2 caps by myself in my DD and got a solo warrior in a 1 vs 5 situation. 0 compliments.
  14. _MiDKnighTx_

    Tashkent vs Khabarovsk vs. Grozovoi

    I currently own Khaba, Tashkent, Kiev, Leningrad, and Udaloi. Plan on keeping all of them and will keep Groz once I get it. Ships I didn't keep: Ognevoi: 2 small turrets... seems like more of a mediocre torp boat and not your typical run and gun Russian DD Minsk and just about every RU DD before it: The 4k torps just don't cut it. I like having the option of using torps.
  15. _MiDKnighTx_

    Is Aigile a good boat?

    It's pretty weak for a premium IMO. For T6 I like Anshan instead.