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  1. 1 vs 1 this is absolutely true. But contesting caps is rarely 1 vs 1. If YY has a cruiser friend or two with him Khaba could be in trouble.
  2. [Poll] Your favorite ranked tier

    First part of ranked: Tier 6. No radar... Second part... Tier 8 or 9. These ships usually get pushed into T10 matches so it is nice for them to have the stage to themselves.
  3. Player skill is OP pls nerf

    Ideas for how to nerf OP players... Restrict them to the worst possible ships. Uptier them every match. Make only keyboard or mouse functional at one time, not both. Ie if you move your mouse you can't steer. WG...
  4. Ah. the life of a DD...

    Didn't have replay turned on but here's the screenshot:
  5. Ah. the life of a DD...

    Think that's bad? My entire team died in ranked and I ended up defending 2 caps by myself in my DD and got a solo warrior in a 1 vs 5 situation. 0 compliments.
  6. Tashkent vs Khabarovsk vs. Grozovoi

    I currently own Khaba, Tashkent, Kiev, Leningrad, and Udaloi. Plan on keeping all of them and will keep Groz once I get it. Ships I didn't keep: Ognevoi: 2 small turrets... seems like more of a mediocre torp boat and not your typical run and gun Russian DD Minsk and just about every RU DD before it: The 4k torps just don't cut it. I like having the option of using torps.
  7. Is Aigile a good boat?

    It's pretty weak for a premium IMO. For T6 I like Anshan instead.
  8. I'm American and support the flag, the eagle, etc... But as long as I keep getting free stuff being a shark, I'm gonna be a shark.
  9. Pics of Tashkent. (Image heavy)

    Woah wait a minute this ship is too OP! Nerfed! What? Too soon?
  10. Alsace

    No, this is how it is spoken correctly: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fr-Paris--Alsace.ogg
  11. Alsace

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Fr-Paris--Alsace.ogg Not how I was expecting it to sound. Can't really hear the "s". Sounds like "Al Lass"
  12. Khab - last 4 points

    I've been running RDF on my Khaba ever since the last ranked season. It was invaluable in ranked. Pretty useful in randoms but in ranked it is fantastic. Useful for hunting stealthier DDs.
  13. I miss playing DDs

    FML! Ya if I was on the other team in a DD I'd just hang back with the big boats and try to fire long range torps from time to time until the radar boats are <= 4 at least.
  14. I miss playing DDs

    I'm still playing DD. Just have to be mindful of position and where the radar boats are. However sometimes they do catch me by surprise and radar melt me. Happens once every few games.
  15. I run a YY radar and I don't use radar unless I have a cruiser backing me up. So it's your Z-52 vs my YY + my friendly cruiser. Good luck with that. Oh and I also have the radar mod so it's longer than 15s.