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  1. Capt_Apollo

    Premium BB Nerf Inbound, watch out!

    So are german BBs affected? They have bad torp protection.
  2. Capt_Apollo

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    Exactly dds usually win so leave the system where it is.
  3. Capt_Apollo

    Vanguard Buffs as per Dev Blog

    Bismarck and tirpitz both have 15" guns
  4. Capt_Apollo

    A Tale of Two Battleships

    I had a game this week where I was in a DD and pushed to fast and got surrounded by three cruiser and died in the first two minutes of battle. I had received 200 base xp for the battle and I still finished on top of my team in first place. I should have taken a screenshot of it for proof
  5. Capt_Apollo

    The great 8 ship missions are broken

    I checked last night. I am still running the7.10.0 game
  6. Capt_Apollo


    I don't have if he on my Capt yet. What changes to what the ship does if I add it? Will damage numbers go up or will I stop getting so many broken shells?
  7. Capt_Apollo

    Does T8 deserve protecion?

    Me I hated the north Carolina and I live in the state
  8. Capt_Apollo

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Thanks I was not around for that. Have not been playing a year yet
  9. Capt_Apollo

    Best Ships for Hockeyman Captain Person 8?

    Will he speak Russian or English during the game?
  10. Capt_Apollo

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Will the t8 premium Russian cruiser ever be sold again?
  11. Best post I have seen in a long time
  12. Capt_Apollo

    Good ships that you can't get to work!

    My worst are dds (get anywhere between 0 and 100000 and never know which unit the game is over) my best ships are the GK and Hindi.
  13. Capt_Apollo

    Jingles previews the Cossack

    Sounds like another Indianapolis?
  14. Capt_Apollo

    If you have a T9 or T10

    That is not it. The problem is everyone is grinding for the legendary mods and you can not do that in this mod
  15. Why is everyone so concerned with a secondary build on ship no one has ever played yet. Let's wait to get this in a game and see how to build her