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  1. Capt_Apollo

    Arsenal (Armory) Additions

  2. Capt_Apollo

    Arsenal (Armory) Additions

    But there are not 50 premium ships in the tech trees. So are we going to get some ships that are not in the shop or in the tech trees? Maybe the black ships?
  3. Capt_Apollo

    Alaska, the best state and now the best cruiser!

    And I thought South Carolina was the best state
  4. Capt_Apollo

    Alaska is better than Iowa/Missouri!

    The reason they kept the Iowa's is simple. All of the high ranking officers at the time wanted to command a battleship. Battleship captains had more pull or should I say more highly thought of than cruiser or destroyer captains. When the Iowa's we're brought back into service in the 90s navy personnel that was retired were trying to sign on again just to be on those ships
  5. Capt_Apollo

    Premium Ship Policy

    Maybe we should be looking for what that phrase means in Russian? Lol
  6. Capt_Apollo

    Alaska ship

    Alaska is coming out on Friday! Remember I didn't say which month or year.....lol....lol
  7. First thing first...I don't think CVs can work and make both surface ships and CVS happy at the time. This is why in real life most of the ships we like to play are gone. Second.... Why did they change so much at once? Is the data saying that they had too or was it people complaints?
  8. Capt_Apollo

    Slow down Wargaming enough is enough

    The British carriers we're announced in December as coming out with the cv rework. I am actually surprised we all don't have them now
  9. They reworked the AA along with the new CVs. That way they were assured to make every one unhappy
  10. Capt_Apollo

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Nice job
  11. Every ship I AA rating has dropped. My Jean Bart dropped from 100 to 80. My musashi from 5? To 22. I am guessing it had something to do with the change to surface ships AA when the patch dropped. Some one more knowledgeable please add something to help me out
  12. Capt_Apollo

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Yes all had no plane kills
  13. Capt_Apollo

    something seems broken with AA performance

    This might be the most important point that can be said. With the cv being able to figure cover anymore
  14. Capt_Apollo

    Post CV first impressions here.

    You need to play some German BBs if u think bb as is too strong. I played one game in each of the following ships last night. Kurfurst, fdg, tirpitz, Massachusetts, musashi, and scharnhorst. I managed to shoot down 14 planes in the Massachusetts, 4 in the scharnhorst, and two in the musashi. Please note which ships shot down no planes