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  1. I thought we were that next week? I thought this week was the week to complain about the super ships?
  2. Capt_Apollo

    WG can explain the frost giants?

    Watch the Thor movies especially the second one.
  3. Capt_Apollo

    GK special ship in 2022 - Type 20 camo

    They have already stated that they are replacing the camps.
  4. Capt_Apollo

    Put it back.

    I would be doing that
  5. Capt_Apollo

    Your Schlieffen auction predictions here

    No way would have a paid that much on a ship that will be given to me in 2 months
  6. Capt_Apollo

    Update 0.10.9, submarines, next steps

    Has it ever?
  7. Do you mean that is an easy one not to spend money on? I think this one is prettyu h a waste of time and money
  8. Capt_Apollo

    Japanese cruiser line

    Exactly. The perfect solution
  9. Capt_Apollo

    ST 0.10.4, changes to test ships.

    Why is it when I start to a reload time of > 30 seconds I start thinking that ship is not for me?
  10. Capt_Apollo

    Compensation for downtime

    Last night on first game I got booted but managed to log back and continue on with the game I was in. I then ran into 5 red ships that had been booted also. I felt so bad for killing them. But what else could I have done?
  11. Capt_Apollo

    KoTS Final stage... they did it again.

    1000 ribbons is two games in a smolisk or however u smell it.
  12. I usually see a bunch of the new ships when they come out during the weekend but this past weekend I only saw 2? Opinions?
  13. Capt_Apollo


    Thank you
  14. Capt_Apollo

    Nelson being pulled... ?

    They won't have two BB on the list for the same year. It is always one of each. So one of the bbs will be replaced with that german cv they are removing instead.