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  1. Why is everyone so concerned with a secondary build on ship no one has ever played yet. Let's wait to get this in a game and see how to build her

    I have never gotten a ship in a container. I hope this changes soon
  3. I will take my tirpitz against a Montana any day of the week
  4. ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    Possibly the Alaska. The Jean Bart and some German teir 6 battle cruiser has been all tested by super testers. I heard that we should see at least one Christmas maybe Thanksgiving or Halloween even. I am sitting at 500000 waiting on one
  5. Vanguard?

    Just like the t9 and t10 German battleship. They were laid down but construction stopped. It was wargaming that combined a couple of plans to make the Fredrick.
  6. Indianapolis Need Buff

    To be exact the us Navy first classified her as a light cruiser. It was the navy treaty that reclassified her as a heavy cruiser.
  7. Kronshdat hype thread

    Waiting on the Alaska to come out. It is a t9 too so it might be a free xp ship too. You can get the musahi with coal now.
  8. Wargaming, please help the Eagles.

    I agree. That is what I am doing as well and I don't even like American cruisers
  9. Tier IX-X BB Curve and over all balance

    I am going to say this first. I am a bb and cruiser player. A full he broadside on a bb at t10 will sink a DD . That makes up for a DD with long range torps. I like the fact any ship has a chance to sink any other ship at the same teir
  10. Why not trust a tirpitz player?
  11. US Premium Battleship Request for 2018

    Maybe they are waiting to do a usn battleship split?
  12. Has anyone kept the Nurnberg

    I did . I kept it to get to complete the Indianapolis missions
  13. Wow! Hipper is love, Hipper is life!

    She is back in the premium shop
  14. GK ideas?

    With the secondary mod on my kurfurst . I usually average at least 50 secondary hits a game and that is without manual secondary. I can't wait to see what it will be like with the manual. The secondaries help with dds and with a ship as big as it is you need all the help I can get.
  15. US cruisers VII-IX

    I agree with you completely. One cruiser line is not for everyone. The problem is when wargaming makes special mission for a certain line so you have to complete the line to do The mission.