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  1. Capt_Apollo

    Halsey In Georgia?

    I have Halsey in my Georgia/mass. I did so for the extra turret traverse. I really hate to wait on them to turn to fire...lol
  2. Capt_Apollo

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    I would like the coat one
  3. Capt_Apollo

    Why do people like the North Carolina?

    And never show your broadside
  4. Capt_Apollo

    ST: Many Changes to Test Ships!

    You are getting less of a ship now
  5. Capt_Apollo

    Italians are coming!

    Then what good will they be?
  6. Capt_Apollo

    So I bought a Boise.

    I thought I did pretty well I bought the Boise to and got the Duke and the lenningrad
  7. Capt_Apollo


    And that doesn't make sense to you?
  8. Capt_Apollo

    Average tier you play.

    I like t7 and t8 best
  9. Capt_Apollo

    Flawed Logic Behind Training Center

    I will not be regrinding the lines again. I do play alit in t6-t8 ships. So if this is forced on us then I am done. I just found a new pirate game that looks interesting.
  10. Capt_Apollo

    Anyone else having this weird bug?

    Received it too but if look at the dates it shows some time in June. I guess they didn't rest the hall of fame from the last event yet
  11. Link is not working
  12. Capt_Apollo

    New Soviet BB at T10?!

    There is several french ships in the wiki that I have never seen in game
  13. Capt_Apollo

    With The Economic Changes

    Will it even be that much?
  14. Capt_Apollo

    Thinking about buying tier VIII Battleships.

    Bismarck has sonar. Tirpitz doesn't it has torps
  15. Capt_Apollo

    XP from ranked?

    If you go to the concert xp screen and look at the ships you will see thexp earned on your rental ships