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  1. Premium ships from containers

    Has anyone bought the freedom containers and what did you get?
  2. All of you are complaining and I have been playing this game for six months and I received no ships in containers
  3. U get your t10 ships from the aresenal
  4. Will The Missouri ever come back?

    The tirpitz does I once lost internet connection when battling two bbs I had 17000 damage when game was over I still had a profit of 20000
  5. And I thought because it took me 40 games to reach 14 I was a noob
  6. do i keep the bismark if i have a tripitz

    Thanks everyone I will keep her. I do love the ship
  7. I have bought the Tripitz and have the bismark but i have moved past her to the FDG. Do i really need to keep her or can i just sell her for the credits? Is there a reason to keep the bismark? Do you think there will be a reason too? If i need credits i play the Tripitz. I love to play the Tripitz and i love the bismark. If there is a reason to keep the bismark beyond just being the ship she is i would love to know?
  8. How do I play - Friedrich Der Grosse

    And that is way a bought a tripitz . It earns great credits to buy all the German bbs and it's fun to play
  9. Buy a new 10 point German commander
  10. If you have a Tirpitz do you need the Bismarck if you already have moved up to t9 ?
  11. there a reason to buy Tirpitz?

    If you have the Bismarck and tirpitz would you keep both ships? I am thinking about selling my Bismarck to buy the t10 German bb. Would that be a mistake?
  12. That is the bad thing about German armor. Don't get hit by long range fire. I have managed a citadel in my Bismarck against a tirpitz at long range