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  1. Capt_Apollo

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    I can't get to the armory either have tried several times and even restarted the game and my computer. I never use any mods
  2. Capt_Apollo

    With Kremlin a Game or Two Away, What Line Next?

    Citadeling a Kremlin with a moskava or Alaska is even more fun
  3. Capt_Apollo

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    What is your special build for the Graf spee?
  4. Same here. I purchased the three boosters and have added 4 more free boosters and I will get my Puerto Rico this weekend. I had a busy Christmas and fell behind so I had to buy them or just not get the ship but I got two t8 ships with the crates I earned so not a lot of money wasted
  5. I was talking about the doubloons cost to speed the completion of the ship was in error. And since the amounts you gave did not match any of the cost of the boosters I assumed you were talking about the cost of completion not the boosters
  6. Need to redo your figures. I can buy the ship now for 25000 dubs and I am at pahase 26
  7. Capt_Apollo

    PSA - Directive 3 No ranked play

    How many games today? I hope to start it tonight when I get home
  8. Capt_Apollo


    Did the same thing and it is working fine at 7am this morning said I had gained 350000 points over last night
  9. Capt_Apollo

    dockyard recompensation

    My dockyard takes forever to load also. I assumed it was just being accessed by a lot of people at the same time
  10. I played a game once in my Smolensk and received over 4000 base xp for the game so you know how well I did in the game. I then notice when I got back to I received a -10 karma for my good game. I don't have many games like that and that didn't feel to good so I would never do that to someone else. But I will and have tried to sink a Puerto Rico instead of another ship in a game but only because it is the new ship and not because of the problems caused be the ship itself. I also attack the new ships first you need to Kno w how good they are right?
  11. I think the Graf spee is a fun ship
  12. Capt_Apollo

    Normalizing High prices and Crazy long grinds

    How is anyone buying it already? I didn't see it in the premium shop?
  13. I was going to buy enough doubloons to get the first two boosters today but when I read something on Reddit about how many directives you still have to complete. I also was going to buy several packs of santa crates this year to get closer to some of the removed ships but that is out also. This ship is not worth this much trouble