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  1. It is now Sunday September 2, 2018 on the WOWs NA server. Bot battles are back to faster and smarter than yesterday. Given comments from others and the day to day difference, I do NOT think the bot behavior is consistent across the system. For example, today like two days ago the bots respond as one to a threat. This is a condition that the best players cannot match. Most of us are not used to this level of team play. Given the complexity of a challenge versus frustration, I can understand the problem. Unlike games where a user can adjust gaming intensity, Wargaming made the PVE players have to change. Discomfort and frustration usually lead to less participation.
  2. HazeGrayUnderway, not everyone has your battle experience or skill. However, you do not seem to trust that others do not have comparative experiences that are reliable. Even broken clocks can be relied on to be correct twice a day. I would prefer to try to understand the true part rather than jump aboard the "It can't be train". I went in today and the bot responses do not seem as quick today as they did yesterday. But I can understand, I usually have to learn for myself rather than from the experiences of others. Cheers and see you out on the open seas!
  3. I do not like it. I would just go Random for this much challenge. The new Co-op challenge increases the intensity without the reward from Random battles. If the game stays this way, I will have to change my play style preferences or not (not play).
  4. I did not notice this change in bot behavior until moments ago. I was online 4 hours earlier. Now, it takes coordinated human player effort to win. I was in a division and communicating with 3 players and we tried to adjust. Three games later we had three defeats. I did not want the high intensity in Co-op battle that I can get in Random battles. WOWs should consider the player like myself. Instead of changing my play style they should reward it. There are others that may feel the same.
  5. I have just had five of the most intense Co-op battles. The Bots are working together extremely fast and adjusting to op-force tactics. The bots are shooting and evading more quickly than ever. In contrast, the human side bots are not showing the same speed of reaction to threats and map conditions.