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  1. Kcanine9

    Update 0.8.10 - Feedback

    CVs suck! Look at the data, T10 CVs (Hak and Aud) both have a 4.69 kills/death while (Mid) has measly 3.84. Now lets take a look at T8s, (Imp 3.58, Shok 4.05, Lex 3.18). Top T10 DD, CA, CL, BC, BB all are sub-2.0. Most T8 DD, CA, CL, BB are all around 1.2. See something wrong here? These CVs are not sunk enough although they get every chance to sink any other ship. Their rockets are too powerful or plentiful pick your poison and ask a DD captain. Just give regular ship captains the ability to take revenge on the CV. Used to be nice when u took out squadrons knowing planes could not be restocked. Now they get infinite amount of planes and have every reason to hide in the back and just respawning planes. Do the Devs even play this game??? I mean wth. It has been 6 months since the CV rework and the gameplay is worse than ever. WG are f***ing idiots who are already one step behind [edited] with cross platform play. But nope, they want to try and add more people by adding more ships. Gameplay gets old, not the ships you are playing. When was the last time who had news about an upcoming release of a new map? We get those updates on maps we already can access in which they change the smallest detail and consider it a huge event in WOWS community. How many of us are f***ing idiots and think get real excited about these changes? Does WG have a discord page? Are you guys only relying on social media for marketing? So many reasons why this game is stalling and people are burned out. Wonder why blockbuster went out of business? Wonder why Microsoft and Apple are household names while most young people have never heard of IBM. I have played this game for 2 years now. Same maps, same game modes, more ships but less and less player population count. CV reworked failed overall and continues to fail. The Submarine experiment will fail and we will need to spend 6 months reworking them and by that time CVs will need a rework too. I see nothing good to come by adding subs. I feel better now after venting this. Also losing 7 matches in a row this morning didn't help my mood towards this game. Stay classy WG!
  2. Kcanine9

    Ranked Battles: the Fourteenth Season

    Ranked is soooo much fun with CVs! Have done 3 matches, lost all 3. My ranked season is over! 8 v 8 is horrible. Still no way to get to this Forum from the actual game itself.
  3. Kcanine9

    Update 0.8.10 - Bugs Report

    Yep game freezes after each match before the post battle result shows up. So frustrating because I have to force quit this game and restart it if I want to play another match. Welp did it 3 times today... I am done playing until they fix this. LOL saw someone had to turn off their Antivirus to stop this from happening. I won't do that, Russian WG will hack the SCHITT out of your info! Glad this game has been out for 4 years now and they can't get it to run smoothly after each update. Updates have gotten larger and Game Center is a joke but ever since update 7.314 I had to use it in order to play this game. Stay classy WG P.S. you can avoid your game freezing if you sink and exit out of the match before the match ends! I am so glad COD Modern Warfare just came out (who have smooth updates). I can direct my WOWS attention to that game more
  4. CVs suck. Thanks WG
  5. Kcanine9

    French Destroyers: Part 2

    I can't wait for the Submarines. We will lose another 30% of player population. It is funny how people do the math. They say the CV rework has expanded the WOWS base. Well the base will never shrink due to this being a free game. The more important statistic is player population. They managed to take this from plain view and hide it on the exit menu. Player population is down across the board at all times. I would say around 1k normally and 4k at peak hours. WG just launched the new Destroyer line and Clan battles, and Ranked. Still on a WED, THUR, SAT you will still see player population not above 12k and usually around 11k. Last year around this time when they launched the British DDs it peaked every night around 15k. WG is in panic mode and is throwing everything at us except the kitchen sink. Premium ships, Camo, Captains, New Ship lines (Russian BBs, French Destroyers, coming soon Italian) Ranked, Ranked sprints, Clan Battles, Research Center. All this to counter the terrible roll out of the CV rework. Now we can go through this rollercoaster ride next year when SUBs come out. Stay classy WG!
  6. Kcanine9

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Update is garbage. Wargaming needs to "build a wall" around everyone who voted for this CV re-work and deport their [edited]' to unemployment. I got close to 7500 matches this past year and about 200 with this new 8.0 update. Here are my observations. DDs need to have every AA modification/captain skill they can obtain just to keep afloat for the first 5 min if they want to have any chance to move forward or spot ahead. Mainly the rocket aircraft (attack) cause the most damage to Destroyers and they will get at least 3 attempts before bringing in the next squadron. If u look at the dispersion of those rockets or take in the fact that upper tier CVs get 24 rockets per attempt, who would ever play a DD? Someone with decent aim can average 2k to 3k of damage each salvo. Cruisers need to have every AA modification/captain skill they can obtain just to keep afloat for the first 6 min if they want to have any chance to position at the early stage. American cruiser AA sucks, I can shoot down more planes with my T9 Ibuki than my Des Moines or Salem. My ATL is still ok due to having unlimited DFAA but if you don't have DFAA on, then you are screwed. BBs need to have every AA modification/captain skill they can obtain just to keep afloat for the first 7 min if they want to have any chance to support the other ships in their fleet. You will be spotted 30 seconds into the match 100% of the time. Once the CVs are done pestering your DD spotter (who then smokes), he/she will then send a nice torpedo squadron for you! You might be able to shoot down planes but hard to shoot down 12 planes before 4 get off torpedos. CV need to practice and you can [edited] everyone up! I played probably 30 matches in the new CV playstyle and it is so easy a caveman can do it. If you put a 19 point captain and upgrade all the HP buffs, don't fly in straight lines, and park yourself in the back, you will be fine. Remember... you have UNLIMITED PLANES! THEY NEVER RUN OUT! THEY ARE UNDETECTEBLE once they drop their loads. Welp, See you later! I might check out WOT now because I have heard nothing but good things about that gold ammo! Might need to add some Gold Rockets to make up for the lost membership and revenue from this God-Awful Update!