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  1. well, personally, im jumping between the tactical map and the flying planes, sometimes i jump to the tactical map even in the attack run, that way i can eat 1-2 torps of a dd instead of the full salvo (watch out with this, sometimes with the tbs you can bug your planes and need to F) yes, the narrow paths is an issue, for that put the speed at minimun and before lauching the next attack adjust the course
  2. taberuco

    Why did they get rid of odd teir cv?

    Detachment from the game? Well im playing against a literal bot, and that not gonna change unless we have full manual aa Right know its very difficult to play with the carriers and thats why the population dropped almost 80% We are exactly where we started, very difficult to the average player and low population
  3. taberuco

    Frozen aircraft positions

    I think its the distance needed to launch the rockets, if i remember correctly for the japanese is 2.5 km or we have an advanced case of diapering
  4. taberuco

    How to fix AA

    No Full manual aa if the issue is the lack of player interaction
  5. taberuco

    How Did 8.5 Affect CVs?

    You dont need to be a statistics guy to figure out the hit the cvs took after the aa patch and the insulting "fix"
  6. taberuco

    CV Mismatch

    Are you sure those numbers are post 8.5? Before, was somewhat easy pull out that number
  7. taberuco

    Hakuryu Problems

    I assume you have the 2 torps upgrade, i dont feel any difference with the stock planes, maybe you need the torp acceleration and quick aim skill
  8. taberuco

    A CV Story

    We are going to the exact point before the rework too difficult to the average player and few people playing them. After 4 or 5 years of the rework, somebody at wg gonna say "whats this? Why the cv player is a pilot instead of a carrier captian? Lets fix this... roll back to the former rts gameplay". That would be the biggest circle of this game lol.
  9. taberuco

    AA system is a joke

    Because the devs thinks we are too stupid to do multitasking, thats why we dont have manual secondaries, manual aa and took away the rts gameplay for carriers yes this systems fits into the mindset of the zoomer playerbase, being rewarded for doing nothing but we must work with what we have
  10. taberuco

    Hakuryu Problems

    The t10 aa is brutal especially with this new stupid aa system Do you have the "upgraded" planes?
  11. Are you answering that honestly even if you knew from the start they are datamining us not for the improvement of the game? Top LoL
  12. taberuco

    Odd game ban and WG response.

    So there is a potential chance that the cv players get banned if enough people report them
  13. taberuco

    A truly sad day

    Know the drill lads F
  14. taberuco

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    When the speed nerf of the planes where announced, indirectly they nerfed the graf, wg said it was a wide class nerf as you can guess the people who bought that ship got pissed because 1. Wg said they finished the rework (obviously a lie) 2. The main selling point of the graf was the speed which they nerfed The wide class nerf would be the way that wg can nerf premiums
  15. taberuco

    Question about plane attack runs

    No You can waste attacks to send your planes back to the carrier and pontentially lose less planes Wg must let us choose how much planes we want to launch, but that aint gonna happen because that will make our life more easy