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  1. Why removed the CVs? we know youre afraid of skilled players but cmon thats going too far
  2. taberuco

    WGing needs to redo their AA ratings

    Completely agree with you, thats why we need 100% manual AA instead of this [edited] aimbot
  3. taberuco

    CV Autopilot, almost right...

    And if you try to turn with the autopilot, the thing at best will go at the lowest speed if not stop and reverse
  4. taberuco

    So what is the best tier to play now?

    6-7 Stay away from t10, where the team who have more russian fantasy ships wins
  5. taberuco

    What's the point in dd's if there's carriers?

    After the 6 months of non stop cv nerfs, currently we are at the same point before the rework, a difficult unrewarding and hard to play ship for the average player, so every time you find a cv i can assure you the cv captain will wreck you if he have a chance, thank wg for that situation
  6. taberuco

    ST, Balance changes

    Torpedoing destroyers with TBs is bad because... Personally, since you made cvs nearly useless, i enjoy torpedo them, jamming their rudder, and make them dance for me until they beach or eat 3 torpedoes
  7. taberuco

    Aircraft Carrier Bug

    Hmmm i reported that bug when the test of 0.8.8 was up, but this seems worse because when i found that bug i can still launch attacks but the ui ended completely bugged Of course they didnt care because was an issue that affects us, cv players, maybe you should report this in the 8.8 bugs thread
  8. just two things: -make the sub visible for everyone in the team when a dd detects the ping so they can shoot them back or run away, not instantly and not for the same time as the dd obviosuly, maybe for 4 or 5 secs -drop depth charges only if the sub is detected, with the hit ribbons i can know where the sub went and pursue him until he is killed and please, if you gonna give subs guns, make them AP
  9. taberuco

    Sub testing still looks unfair on dd's

    false, HE dive bombers and torpedoe s from other ships can damage subs too at periscope depth, just its very difficult to know where the sub is, i know that because i actually tested subs
  10. taberuco

    win or lose is 90% determined by MM

    Thats why the "balancing" on overperforming ships and no-skill based MM, zero possibility a good player mop the floor alone with the other team
  11. taberuco

    Unable to Make an NA Account

    Ask someone here to make an account? Im not sure if that gonna work because when she logs in the server will be automatically set on EU
  12. Thats why this other russian biased game about war vehicles has X.5 in their MM
  13. taberuco

    Red Ocean Screen

    If that happened to me, i would uninstall without hesitation
  14. taberuco

    New update logged me out from steam WoWs

    You didnt linked your account? Steam player here, i havent updated the steam client yet
  15. taberuco

    how do i install special modules for my Midway

    It doesnt work, i have mine for hakuryu and cant mount it, somebody months ago pointed that issue