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  1. i know the suggestion sounds odd, but inevitably i feel like if there was a " how to play " tutorial in the premium shop, it would help a lot of players or especially players who buy premium ships right off the bat without actually investing time in learning how to play the game, frequently seeing individuals lack of understanding there own ships or how to properly implement them in a game, IE ( asashio, ~ reach of torpedos, concealment, tips on how to use reload booster, knowing who to target or how to build for the optimal Captain skills etc) i know there's Youtube videos and tutorials available across multiple platforms like youTube from flamu or Reddit post and even discord tips from the community they're involved in, but again i feel like the avg player will never actually invest the time or want to really learn how to play the ship, i feel that if implemented it could possibly correct or even introduce new playstyles to help new and even veteran players in the game at a more convenient and quick video that there more lickly to interact with, or simply creating a hub accessible to anyone to show featured ships in all class's and tiers for " how to play " " how to counter " etc, i hope this was a worthwhile post.
  2. SomaliasBest

    how to combat nonsupporting behavior of bad CV players:

    the concept of the whole topic boils down to team play and what choices are made in-game, therefore you made the right choice ( staying alive, and if anything made your self a harder target for the enemy CV) second like I said its team-based game if everyone did there job in there respective roles, I'm 99% sure the games would be 100x more fun to play, there are some games where you would have more influence in your own circumstance and others are at the mercy of the enemy team, for example, if you where in a cruiser you'd pose a much bigger threat to the DDs with hydro, radar, DPM, etc, giving you more choices to make ( counter pushing, kiting while still farming, etc ) there are times where players would make potato choices allowing other avenues of choices for you to exploit their mistakes, for example, a DD keeping you spotted but decides to smoke in order to farm and set fires,while then allowing you to push with hydro or radar into his smoke if you where in a cruiser, or a BB allowing you to remove yourself from that situtation ~ point being the only thing you truly influince is you, and hopefully everyone else followes suit in making the right plays, but that's just tryna be ideal, and no ideal world exist lol. The only thing id suggest is learning to spot opportunities in-game, watching the flow of the battle, knowing your capability ( what you can pen, how long you can tank, will you be able to stay unspotted, can you take a trade, is it worth taking the trade, etc) and just giving you and your team the greatest chance of winning, and there's nothing wrong with calling out players who make bad choices, just find other ways of telling them like giving a suggestion instead of cussing at them through all chat lol.... SO in the end what I'm tryna say is if something is out of your control do your best and move on, the avg player base is not that invested or willing to learn aspects of the game but simply enjoy just driving a boat and shooting lol the last suggestion would be to find other div mates to play with that can fill your role allowing your div to be self-sustainable ( IE~ Radar, hydro cruiser ~ DD with smoke and spotting ~ BB to tank and eliminate the threats of other cruisers ~)
  3. i believe that currently, CVs have little to no interaction against one another other then solely dropping fighter planes manually by flying over other players or simply spotting and dropping one another, if possible we could introduce better mechanics that would allow for more rewarding and interactions between CVs could also ease the burden on surface ships and adding another aspect for CVs to be played with, currently its just a suggestion and I don't really have an answer to what I mentioned but considering it could improve the general opinion of current CV state, also make carriers a little more fun to play because currently and unfortunately CVs are not nearly as fun to play as any other class in the game, and a lot less rewarding to its counterparts
  4. SomaliasBest

    CV Hate

    for starters why would a CVs AA be nerfed? and fighters are used to protect other players or even be used as spotting tools, the thing id say is limit the amount of CVs in-game in a match, for example, 1 t8 CV in a T8 match ovr or 2t6 CVs in a t8 match, allowing less pressure of players esp the DDs, but its odd you wont mention other ships with the same issues overall, krem, Smolensk, who btw krem has better AA build than that of a CV, there are alot of things to complain about but singling out a single class wont fix the game lol