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    Tier X Japan DD's need of nerfing Shimakaze and Harugumo

    I will agree on the fact that ur method , to call out somebody's credential to dismiss their argument's validity, is maybe effective. Still, like i said . . . it's kinda rude. However, I wish not to further this off-topic issue, which usually end up in a beefy salty unnecessary conflicts. So I would love to be cool with you @Fleet_Admiral_Joseph Regarding ur concern, I think with a little bit more practice and research, you can easily find many ways to counter those IJN torps. I'm a main DD, and I have both Shima and Haru so let me share with u some of my exp. BBs at high tier, they can bait and dodge my whole torps salvo at abt 4km. Whenever that happens, I would stop playing and fall into an existential crisis, "like wth I am doing with my life, I cant even torp a BB at that distance, am I that useless???? and when is that pizza guy gonna come. God damn it . . . .. . . " or sth like that. 1) The trick is, if you are a BB, to show broadside or perfect torp angle againts the DD and go full speed. This is the BAITING. Once the number on your Priority Target change, which means that DD just release all his torps and switch to his guns, cut all speed and change course immediately ( just kinda similar to whatever you do for evading BB salvo ) 2) If you are a DD or a cruiser, then you gotta keep moving ( at about 3/4 or 1/2 speed ) so when the torps come and you can see it, you can have the option to max speed and perform the "combing maneuver" while listening to Euro's torp beat on youtube. I see you have acquired abt >1k battles, so practice these 2 tricks first, then maybe on your way to become unicum player (which I hope you will), you can learn more tips and tricks for urself. Anyway, wish you the best and hope you good luck. Peace!
  2. Leverage_2016

    Tier X Japan DD's need of nerfing Shimakaze and Harugumo

    Bro, can you just argue without looking up and showing other players stats man ? I know it helps to prove a point, but that's just rude and cheap way to argue . . .
  3. Leverage_2016

    OK WG Ill see you later.

    OMG, you complete me @Xlap <3 Well said! This is what I wanted to say but I didnt know how to say it properly so I ended up spending 30 minutes on a "short essay" trying to convey a simple idea. .. . This was exactly why I never got pass a B- in my college English essay writing class. Anyway , I love you lolz
  4. Leverage_2016

    OK WG Ill see you later.

    The ROOT CAUSE of this frustration is imo the lack of interaction between surface ship against squadrons. I know this have been addressed many times, but maybe the developers are looking at the wrong ways to fix the issue by nerfing/buffing a little bit here and there. There are many OP surface ships rn in the games, but nobody is complaining abt them simply because at least they still can develop a way to counter. Agaisnt CV ?? None. Yeah, maybe you can try to maneuver, yeah you can try to rely on the confusing AI's AA system , but at the end of the day, you dont have any direct control over what you can do to those squadrons. Even if you kill off completely 1 squadron, the CV just gonna send another one. ==> And that feeling of powerlessness is what cause the frustration in the player community rn. My suggestion, i know its too much to ask, is why don't you develop a way for surface ship to aim and shoot at those squadrons the same way we do at surface ship . . . ( or any way that give the surface ship players a feeling of control/counter against those squadrons ) ------------------------------------------------------ This is my own subjective opinions, and I know that many ppl will disagree with me, and I am totally ok/welcome that. I just wish thru these arguments, we the community can together help solve this issue. PS: I hope WG quickly figure a way to deal with this, otherwise in the next CW, rank seasons, all you will see are USN cruisers.