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  1. isn't GC getting buffed to her retier at 6 so i don't know why people are [edited] about this
  2. you do relies that the 4 carriers login screen has always been in the game since the begining
  3. _Iku

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    the Community (not everyone btw) on the forums and reddit is just as toxic as the gas clouds of Jupiter they moan about change in ships (like the GC being moved to tier 6 to balance her) or the recent Cv rework (Y'all need to simmer down on this front you guys asked for the rework. it may be not what you got but it's a rework non the less) i'm literally in the small group of people that actually enjoy the new cv rework (and yes i do understand that AA needs to be retweaked)
  4. so people are moaning that their Tier 5 plaything GC is being uptiered (even though the ship is brokening af atm at tier 5) this community never ceases to amaze me
  5. how about making it that you can't launch the same attack craft type until all aircraft has landed or until either the planes are all shot down instead of the current bullsheet cause i mean you wouldn't put aircraft on the deck when you have returning aircraft in the first place but hey that's my opinion on the matter
  6. _Iku

    Why Your AA Sucks

    meanwhile i'm hearing from my mates that the AA on Fubuki and Hatsuharu is capable of bring down squadrons
  7. _Iku

    Yamato beehive shells?

    it was a round designed to be fired out of the main guns of the yamato to deal with large swarms of Aircraft by sending Sharpnel in all directs
  8. _Iku

    Yamato beehive shells?

    where talking about wargaming here the same guys who made hood's AA op as hell in close quarters :V (well at least it was)
  9. like literally can we have them now :v
  10. i mean i can kinda understand some players complaints since atm american dds and russian DDs seem the be the only ships in the destroyer class that can knock down aircraft effectively
  11. tbh i think wargaming is trying to force teamplay but its completely fecking itself over when AA itself doesn't see to be effective as it is currently on live i mean come on being forced to rely on your allies support when a carrier is in play promotes an extremely defensive playstyle where you have players literally sitting right on top of each other
  12. if the devs where actually listen to feedback maybe they could of fixed it but judging they allowing Fireworks to be tested on pts shows they don't a damn about feedback
  13. y'all posting anime pics while imma enjoy medevil doom guy
  14. _Iku

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod

    touches shiny thing
  15. _Iku


    the last battleship alive versus a pack of sea wolves