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  1. poi

  2. i mean tbh if the op doesn't have the money or xp to unlock the free xp for nelson i would say either Hood or warspite :v
  3. so incase anyone hasn't seen Royal navy DDs won't have Speed boost and it's not being replaced basically Royal navy DDs are going to be a [edited] to everything hell even the japanese make these look bad :v
  4. KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    that was a nice arashi bashing session we had last night for the Round table meeting
  5. Kronshtadt or Worcester?

    if you want a good premuim **Heavy Cruiser** then Krond if you want a Tier 10 Megalanta then good for worcester
  6. so after reading the patch notes for the upcoming patch i have noticed that the moskva is receiving a buff i mean what was wargaming thinking on this one
  7. i really do feel like these ST RN DDs are basically way to reliant on the single torp gimmick now i mean the Torpedos have followed how the RN CLs have 2-7 have 6km torpedos while Tier 8 is 8km i'm going to guess it's basically going to be 8km for the Tier 9 and 10 now
  8. T7 RN DD: Jervis

    i mean if you ask me now since we know what the torpedo ranges are going to be like i'm not going to enjoy this class 1 bit