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  1. xovian

    How many is your losing streak?

    I don't pay attention, just move to another ship for a bit. Think far too much is put into peoples win rate, when win rate has a lot of factors outside a players control. And personally, i think this has a bigger negative impact on keeping players then MM or the like. But that's just IMO. Besides that's what ranked is for. :)
  2. Not a big deal to me. If people earned em, let em use em. I only have a single 19 point captain right now and multiple with mid teen. I tend to set mine based on tier, so my 10p is on my t5 for example. My 19 sits on my z-52 (or occasionally swapped over to the Hindenburg). I only do it this way, as the higher the tier, having just that little bit more can help at times, even if it isn't game breaking. Lower tier i can get by with less, so that's just how i do it. To each their own of course.
  3. xovian

    are DDs OP?

    The only thing missing from this is one thing: The actual rewards for playing a DD receives. Prior to spotting rewards and staying hidden as expected for early game DD's there was almost no reward, cause even in the best of games a DD isnt averaging some 300k+ damage. Many times a DD, doing whats best for the team is just the silent killer, and most of the damage doesnt come directly from them, but from their team mates. It gets wins, but not much in terms of rewards for the DD player. I've had some great games in the past (recently came back to the game), where my damage was like 5k or less. The type of game where only a single torp hit, but i kept the rest of the opposing team lit up like a Christmas tree. So my conclusion is yes DD are over powered for having the highest thankless job, and no rewards to match the risks taken. But i am biased, so maybe its just me. Edit: Thankfully some changes have been done since i was gone to help this a bit.
  4. xovian

    Favorite Premium

    BB = Kii, I'm not really good with BB, but i like it better then the shinyhorse. CA = HSF Graf Spee, yes i included the hsf, like the camo. DD = Tough one currently Okhotnik, t-61, and z-39 are "new" to me since i came back. If i had to pick only one, probably be the Okhotnik though just due to torp spam, and guns that can make cruisers run from a DD. CE = Kaga, I suppose. Though its just been collecting dust, and not likely to change for me even after the revamp.
  5. xovian

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    But but but...we like emerald for its "if you're an uber, show us with this" factor. Emerald = Humble pie for even the best! Though to be fair, i have known at least one player who liked the challenge the emerald had. Masochist? Maybe so. But they seemed to like trying to get through a game with a decent damage amount. Granted this was awhile back for me and my friend, only recently came back to the game after a few months away.
  6. Sadly there are some factors that BB players do have to deal with and is largely based on their own experiences and how well they play. I realize this as primarily a DD player, i get it at least, even if i dont always like the outcome. I know a number of BB players, depending how well they are playing that day, will out right avoid even firing at enemy DD's cause they just miss over and over. On their good days they'll fire every time and do a great job deleting them. Some of this is due to how the rate of fire for most BB's are...eg long reload. DD's go in and out of sight, and some just get fed up trying to shoot the dam things (dd's). Recently had a game where one support was firing and trying to help remove 2 dd's that kept pushing to keep me revealed. I managed to evade going in and out of range for awhile, but eventually the damage added up. Once i got deleted myself i informed for the team that they were not shooting at opposing DD's thus their last DD is now dead. Isn't rocket science to figure out who lost the game since they still had their 2 dd's (of 3). Some BB players get a bit upset when they are trying to help, but dont get credit for actually trying. Didnt get a chance to inform the one player who was helping, that my comments werent meant for them, but for the rest of the team only shooting at other revealed BB's off in the distance. The long and short of it is, as a player, everyone has their good days and bad days. When BB's are on their game, as a DD you can feel like the king of the world, cause once other DD's are removed, its pure havoc and in your favor. When your team isn't feeling it, the DD is the first to know it.