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  1. No one a fan of the T10's i guess? Just my preference, though. Granted I haven't done one yet, so maybe that's why.
  2. Mouse's Throne of Skulls

    I'm feeling all left out I die enough (too aggressive most of the time), so someone will find me eventually and post my spectacular death. As for me, i barely remember my own name, not gonna remember names beyond that sadly, probably.
  3. DD Radar VS DD Hydro.

    Both z-46 and z-52 have similar weaknesses: -Shortest smoke duration. -Shortest torpedo range / lowest damage per torpedo. -Poor detection range -Large hull / detect ability range -Thicker armor so susceptible to AP penetration. Probably more, but i am sure others have already answered by the time i wrote this. Bottom line, German DD's are balanced around the fact they have hydro. They may be good at just about everything but they are master of none, as other DD's can fulfill a given role better. If you like the jack of all trades playstyle then these DD's are king, other wise it's not even a contest.
  4. I try to stick to a single ship when playing, but that's always been my preference. Currently i tend to stick to my z-46, though occasionally, if for say after a bad game, i'll play the harekaze. While they are different and even different tiers/nations, they have some things in common due to play style. I did try going back and forth for awhile to a BB, it did not end well. Just too different of play styles and shooting mechanics.
  5. What is poi?

    Amusingly the phrase is often said in game if someone is using one of the HSF ships, I'd know since i use one. Personally i find it odd as the two series have nothing to do with each other, so the phrase from one show being used seems weird to me, but whatever floats your boat. I like the German captain from the series (in game) as she can be used for both ships from Japan and Germany (HSF only of course). Makes her very useful.
  6. Same here. Makes the matches more than just a play of where ships are located, but also their ability to use (their CV) and counter (opponents CV) air threats.
  7. Then they got lucky as hell, it happens. Did the best with what i could, but i failed the team anyways.
  8. No i was not firing at all. I was hiding and just contesting the spawn until help arrived (they were on the way). I was using hydro so i could see 4 on other side of island, they could not hit me due to the island blocking them completely. I was not being hydro/radar/spotted by air craft. I even moved back in case they became aggressive (4 on opposite side of island), I then started taking fire from 3 ships (a division) that i couldn't even see, they were not close enough for hydro, and i was still in smoke with around 40secs left and i could not see them at all visually or map. The island campers were not close enough to me as they were all over 3.5km away and not moving, in smoke i have a lower detection range. That specific island is fairly large. And you need to try and figure out that when someone is just trying to contest, they are probably very aware of their surroundings, then getting blapped for no visual identifiable reason means something is going on, this mod would explain that. I then pretty much suicide having a pixel of health to at least do some damage before i got destroyed, cause i knew it wouldnt take long. Got 2 shots off in the remaining 60ish seconds or so i lived by going around the island to make the other team at least move. The reds had committed a fair number of ships to it, more then we had available so i was not going to be able to hold out. Like i stated before, at the time i chalked it up to some BB's getting some lucky hits firing blindly into the smoke, but they were not just close hits, its as if they could see me and were spot on, and i knew at the time none of them actually could.
  9. Co op. Mains?

    I like both modes. I really have only one complaint about PvP: the teams are too big IMO. It's one of the reasons PvP is always longer, sometimes way longer due to all the caution/hiding. If PvP was 7 max ships, I'd probably play it exclusively, but Co-Op is quick and dirty, and sometimes that's way more fun.
  10. Wondered how this was happening behind an island in smoke, while moving. This explains it, i thought it was just lucky fire, seems something else was amiss. Like others here, I'm of the belief all MODs should be banned, with only one exception: Visual. You want your BB to look like a tugboat, is perfectly fine by me and changes nothing game play wise. Anything else, just no IMO.
  11. Looks like i am going to have to buy another destroyer soon. Think testing will likely see some nerfs though.
  12. Why did you pick your patch?

    I play mostly German ships (still working on Hindenburg), so even though it isn't a sub/uboat (Wolfpack) thought it would fit with the Destoryers i tend to play.
  13. I like the Epicenter map myself. There is one map i actually like more and wish was more common: The Domination with out any islands. Personally i wish this map had a 50% ratio of occurring. I like epic sea battles, not epic mountain humping.
  14. Happy Birthday LWM! Hope you have a great one. ..... I'll have the fire department standing by for when they light your cake. :)
  15. Hover over the icon that you have unlocked and it will go away. Go through the pages in it (circles at bottom) till you find em.