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  1. Kidd or the Musashi

    Yes, I said i got it yesterday earlier in the thread.
  2. I'm not sure which is worse to see. Seeing everyone at one location and not pushing forward or seeing the entire team spread out and no where near any of the caps. Is a hard call on which is worse IMO.
  3. Kidd or the Musashi

    Depends on how well you like destroyers in the case of the KIDD. As it's pretty unique in what it can do. I just got it yesterday and have had some good games, even if team wise I didn't win all of em, but many games you'll at least feel like you did something. Ended up going mono y mono vs an Aoba, both in and out of smoke. Only the CV's (both CV's had no more planes i think) and us two were left at end of game. In any other DD, I would generally avoid trying to fight a cruiser even one that is below me in tier in a one on one where concealment isn't being maintained for most of the fight. With it's heal, only had to avoid broad side to keep the battle going. Like LWM said in her review, the damage isn't awe inspiring by any means, but it's a fun little lolibote. If you're not big on DD, you'd probably be happier with a different purchase, cause it's pew pew is a bit lack luster compared to other DD's.
  4. Finally i got a radar mod

    Your forgetting the boost to torp detection, which is a pretty big deal IMO. I don't take Vigilance, so the extra up time would be nice. I still havent gotten mine yet, but will be using it when i do.
  5. I'd actually agree with this just because at higher tiers it seems the AI plays the enemy CV okay (i have been cross dropped by one before, but only once). The player side seems to make mistakes even a T5 player wouldn't make, much less in a T9-T10. Simply put, with current implementation the player side CV is a hindrance, not an asset. If the AI isn't bolstered to make it do something meaningful, I would concur that it needs to be removed. It's not like the rewards in co-op are great to begin with.
  6. It's not a bad skill to have, and for some it's quite a good choice. Granted with regards to what you thought it did vs what it does...yea that's a painful lesson. Plenty of those in this game.
  7. What's your average damage?

    The last time a thread like this popped up, believe the consensus was that a ship had to be doing at least as much damage as they have HP, other wise you are not carrying your weight. If you are doing that or better, should be good enough as far as measuring whether you are at least pulling ones weight or not. Of course ship type and "job" of a given ship can alter this and can not show a true effectiveness. EX: A DD that keeps things spotted for a team and thus pulls a win but has sub par damage (10kish or below) didn't necessarily do a bad job if they were taking caps and spotting as team mates would expect, so it's not as black and white as just pure damage would indicate. Depends on the situation and what is expected of the specific ship.
  8. Kidd or Des Moines

    I'd agree with this, no arguments from me. I too have been learning my Hindy, being primarily a DD player (having gone from CA to DD, only to use this one is a learning curve). Like you my damage tends to be less then i'd like, but i also am not dead in the first 5 mins of the game either, and have actually done fairly well in supporting DD's that i fight with. I know first hand what it's like to not have that support or fire from friendlies when a target is called. @shadylady85 I get ya. I can agree with this as well. However, some people will learn the mechanics well enough to become effective, some never do. I'm not even remotely some unicum, i cant carry a team, but i do my share (well most of the time), as long as others at a minimum learn the same, i really don't see a need to ask for more then that.
  9. Maybe I'm not getting it right from the OP. But to me it seems to be asking for a trade of damage to a crowd control scenario. Make the fighters loses their damage potential, but become some form of crowd control. So essentially the fighter have the ability to disable modules/AA, damage if any would probably be negligible. However the ability to do some CC (with emphasis on AA) could actually be a nice boon and reduce the whole instant delete people are worried about. This still let's the CV be effective, but also requires a bit of setup to get that non-risk damage as others like to call it. It would also let them keep ships from performing at 100%, which overall affects the teams ability to deal with any given ship. Removing say the DD's torps/aa for a length of time is always useful. BB guns disabled until they repair...thats a huge thing. The OMG Radar can't be used on that cruiser for awhile...yes please. I'd say that's a fair trade as players are no longer being deleted but their effectiveness is being reduced. The only issue i see with it as is, is planes are limited which i have never thought was fair. In the game every other ammo/damage ability is unlimited, so why planes are, I've never thought was right. The only ship type in the game that can be a nonfunctional brick if things go wrong or they don't notice something fast enough. I say this as primarily a DD player (Z-52) and have had more than my share of cross drops. If they need to get rid of my AA before they can reliably cross drop me, I'd be down for that. The kills should be earned, the above suggestion does that and also aids the team on more then just a pure damage perspective. Just my take on it though.
  10. Kidd or Des Moines

    No it's not untrue. Can those skills be learned at low levels, yes but do you think it takes thousands of games to learn it...no it don't. People will either get it, or they wont. Saying you don't want them on your team is the definition of elitism. Randumbs are called that for a reason. If you want competitive play stick to ranked or clan battles. With the way most T10 games play lately, there's a lot of people with way over 5k games that still do the same things and worse in high tier play that were learned in low tier play, it's not magically gonna change just cause he stays in lower tier for a longer amount of time. That is a fallacy. If you want to disagree with that, that's fine, but let me give you a prime example of where i am coming from. Do you think anyone learned how to deal with say Radar, by avoiding matches with Radar? In very low tiers it doesn't even exist, in mid tiers there are a few ships with it, in high tier it's pretty common to see 4+ on an opposing team. It really only affects DD, but there are numerous mechanics like this that change and alter how games are played at higher tiers that simply don't exist in lower tiers. CV's are another good example, a recent post chastised a CV player cause he didn't play upper tier (not high enough tier to have manual control of his planes), so his thoughts/comments were invalidated by the forum community here. As i said, i will agree with there being things can be learned at lower tiers, but those things dont take thousands of games to learn...it just doesn't. Either people are gonna grasp the mechanics or they wont, staying lower tier isn't gonna change this. If an ything this is one of the reasons so many people quit playing after T5, it not only becomes harder, but for people to actually practice with a boat they are constantly chastised while trying to learn it (CV's get this worse then any other bote). So my initial point still stands, going back to low tier or just staying low tier doesn't make you a better player, you either grasp all the mechanics involved or you don't. I see plenty of people at T10 that don't (which is the tier i generally play). While it can make for some frustrating games at times, I don't expect it to change. If i wanted something better i wouldnt be playing randumbs.
  11. Kidd or Des Moines

    I don't agree with these type of statements at all. As LWM has stated before, if you want to get your win rate up (EG git gud) you play the ship you want to play, and play the crap out of it. Not play other stuff. Going back to seal clubbers lane only teaches bad habits that will get them wrecked in higher tier play. The meta's are far different at various tier levels, some things don't work as well as they do in others as they are tier dependent. That being said, it's a given lower tiers are easier to learn, cause there is less to deal with on the whole. However, it doesn't necessarily make it a better teacher. As to the OP, you've stated you don't like DD's, then don't get the KIDD. DD play style even with the KIDD has similarities to all other DD's, it's just a knowing of when to do certain things (spot/cap/throw fish, albeit limited in KIDD). But the bottom line is the same for it. If you didn't like the play style before, you wont like it now.
  12. Personally I'd be happy if the mods were at least more common from them. But it's rare to get one, and even more rare for the one you actually ant it seems.
  13. Japanese DDs blowing up

    BB's that know how to aim, can delete a DD with out any detonation at higher tiers . Lower tiers, maybe multiple salov's from several ships all hitting at once?
  14. None of us, is as dumb as all of us.
  15. Different Randoms Modes

    My only comment (not really a complaint..more of a suggestion) is with the maps chosen is the sheer amount of domination maps vs other types. In some cases Domination makes sense like for Ocean. But I'd like to see the rotation of the other battle types too. Seeing a Base capture or Epicenter once per night and all the rest being Domination is a bit boring. I'd just like to see equal amounts of each and not just one type all the time.