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  1. Two of which take full pen, not overpen due to having higher armor ratings. People seem to gloss over German DD negatives when it comes to the changes for AP.
  2. Didn't think of it this way at first, but you make a good point. I suppose it's a wait and see how often the flood damage is ignored for the consistent damage or if people (out of habit?) keep clearing it anyways.
  3. xovian

    Free XP

    14k+ battles and asking this? Really? Guess if you don't know ya don't know but still, have to say the question is a bit shocking. The more ya know...
  4. xovian

    Lol 15km radar on Soviet tier VIII-X BBs

    Expect more thunderstorms, that'll fix it! =X
  5. It's a nerf to any ship with torps, not just torp focused DD, though they will be impacted more because of it. Seems this is an attempt to increase survival from torp hits across the board, as based on ship class (poor Graf Spee), the damage has been lower considerably. Just begs the question, will it be looked at for increasing initial damage for torps later down the line, cause some are a bit lack luster than others?
  6. While i do not have thousands of games, something a few people seem to focus on more then they should IMO, I'd say there is no set or clear answer to your question. Off hand, not even sure if it is tracked. While DD's are generally the first ship capable of taking a cap, the fact is any ship that can, should take a cap with out question. Domination captures are a team objective, not a DD or a specific ship objective. The only given is, that it's easier to get into a cap and capture earlier in a match for lower tiers than in later tiers as a DD. However, I will say i unusually try to capture at least one, or at least use area denial to try and keep the other team from capturing if i cant. This is largely due to how much support one has at a given point (and this is true for all classes), unless you're the only one in the area of course. So i guess the answer would be: As many as i/you can? Not sure how you'd get averages for it, but there ya have it.
  7. The question is a bit vague and too general. Can you (OP) be a bit more specific? Capture what? What tier? At what point into the game? A specific or general type of contribution (eg: through direct capture, due to area denial ect)?
  8. xovian

    When the BB Outcaps the DDs

    Simple, any strategic placement of Radar generally results in the DD at B receiving cross fire ,island or not. The fire isn't coming from the front, but from both sides, especially if either side managed to push A or C. Yes map awareness is required to try and avoid it, however the north mountain at B is a heavily abused spot cause radar can hit partially for both caps with little movement required, which is exactly what happens if a DD is at the mountain in the center of B. This is true of several maps, not just this one. There are some where the caps are spaced enough to not result in the crossfire, but it's often a high risk cap either way. A dead DD isn't helping you at all. I would think people here would applaud such behavior...a DD captain who knows they are or are not good enough to do certain things, like taking a high risk cap, but people would rather blast them for not doing their job, instead of surviving and potentially making a difference later in the game instead of taking a cap in the first 5 minutes. Somehow, that feels like a double standard? Catch 22? (Edit* Given at higher tiers at least, the whole, "DD's need to quit yolo'ing and dying the first 5 minutes" complaint that is rampant here) While i would say glad you took the cap OP, you sound as if you saying you shouldn't have to, and THAT'S A BAD DECISION many players make to not get the cap when able. I don't care what type of ship you are in, the cap is a mission objective, not a DD objective, move your rump and get in there if the opportunity arises (a general thought, not saying to OP or anyone in particular here). The problem i've seen is a lot of players think they are too good to get their butts in the cap, and that's just dumb. I have taken the cap in a CV (which won several games) because it let us win by points cause we had gotten an early lead. I might mention i am probably the worst CV player in the game. An opportunity presented itself i moved to cap and got the points, which does win games. If a CV can do it, no class should be ignoring the mission objectives of capping...you just dont.
  9. Sounds like ya need a few more DD players to sub in once in awhile at least.
  10. xovian

    Mercy rule needs to GO!

    Personally I'm glad it's there, when everyone is half a map awasy just dragging the game on until someone can finally get in range of the carrier to blap blap blap...is kinda annoying imo, i rather like the mercy rule in those instances.
  11. The idea that number of games means knowing and understanding mechanics is a bit of a fallacy because of 2 reasons: 1st: Generally speaking and probably the broadest stroke of a brush that can be made (granted) you have two types of players: Those that try to learn and improve themselves on how the systems and various mechanics work, THEN you have the players that just try to play the game with little understanding of the games mechanics and just try not to be the main target in a match, often to the detriment of the team or the win conditions The amount of games played rarely indicates which type of player this is. 2nd: The second reason is a player who has played a thousand games in a Tier4 or 5 game is going to be missing out very important changes that occur at higher tiers. How subtle changes between all the tiers occur as are some mechanics are more prevalent at higher tiers and are either much lower or completely absent at lower tiers. Radar is a good example of this. No amount of just going through the tiers really prepares people at low tier its uncommon, and mid tier its seen but still isn't remotely as common as tier 9 and 10. There's really very little to help transitions between tiers, as you are often forced to relearn based on new tiers and learn the ins and outs of the current tier and meta you're playing. Also worth nothing, the flip side of this is that some habits tend to get reinforced at higher tiers (*cough* people not moving up to be in a position to support team objectives *cough*). Just something for thought.
  12. xovian

    Apology to (ECOM) Alaguster

    I'm gonna have to be devils advocate her. Frankly the above of what you said is absolutely true. He may have been right in this instance, maybe he had eyes on em when he informed of the action? However, lets also be frank, there is a lot of bad advise given in games. Good on your willingness to say, "You were right", when he was but i'm really not sure an apology is required either. Next time, you'll remember his name and be able to consider the advise with more weight, and that's all anyone could ask for IMO.
  13. IT calls this a PICNIC error. Problem in chain not in computer.
  14. Not sure where you and others are getting this "DD mains want it removed", most of us know it needs to be there, and don't ask for its removal. There is a SMALL vocal minority clamoring for removal and have been since its inception, most are not requesting this however, so please stop lumping all DD mains together, cause it's simply not true. Most DD mains just want it to be balanced. The current changes as we know them could be either way...too much or too little. So we are having to wait and see. If the delay is too long, it gives other ships only 3 seconds to react, not exactly huge but enough people could maneuver, they just might not be able to get a shot off, compared to now where they are guaranteed to have the opportunity. If the delay is only a second or two less then current, a lot of people will simply not even notice the change, and be business as usual. So WG has its work cut out for them to try and get it "just right". Even then, can't please all the people all the time. /shrug
  15. xovian

    Warship Wednesday!

    Really like this one. I don't play a lot of cruisers, but this one would be interesting to say the least.