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  1. Ricelaif

    New Low Damage Kracken Record?

    My latest kraken
  2. Ricelaif

    What time will Coupons Reset on 26th?

    11:00 UTC i think
  3. texture glitch or my graphic card having problems?
  4. delete the mod folder after launch the game might fix your problem
  5. Ricelaif

    New Player

    Play odd number tier ships for less CV matchmaking
  6. Ricelaif

    Azur Lane - Dorm Port

    would be nice if you can wake the cat in the background whenever you sound the ship horn
  7. Ricelaif

    New Concealment Expert

    looks like another dd buff
  8. Ricelaif

    Your very first Premium was?

    Scharnhorst or Harekaze
  9. Ricelaif

    Game is crashing

    how do I launch in safe mode with steam version?
  10. steamboat or cold war era warships?
  11. Ricelaif

    USD 90.00 for a Sub I can't keep?

    what's the point of keeping the sub if there is no sub scenario?
  12. Ricelaif

    Gudbotes you suck in...

    Asashio, Worcester, Scharnhorst, and Cleveland
  13. This is the moment where radar shines