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  1. BoomBoomBarney

    New Year Camo Question

    Thanks for the info, @Kizarvexis
  2. BoomBoomBarney

    New Year Camo Question

    Wha?!? I hadn't heard that... although I haven't been reading the dev updates lately. I would LOVE this as I really have resisted sailing my Charles Mattel because of the rotting egyptian (Scarab?) perm camo. I've taken to using other free camo's I have acquired instead of the perm because of it. I wouldn't have thought a camo like that would bother me so much. Anyway... where did you read about this permacamo change?
  3. BoomBoomBarney, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    Hmmm.... I'm trying to reconcile the posts on this thread to this poll: Almost 90% of poll respondents like the 1v1 format, but reading here I see a lot of hatred. I don't have a t8 BB or CV and didn't try my Kagero. I lost almost all my matches, but I still liked the format. I'm still convinced that I ought to be able to beat a CV in my Hipper. Anyway, are the ones who hate the format not responding to the poll or are they just the verbal minority?
  4. BoomBoomBarney

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I am thankful for my clan, [TIRP], who invited me despite my mediocre play and relative lack of activity. I would be very thankful to receive a Smolensk!
  5. BoomBoomBarney

    Charles Martel

    Coincidentally, I just raised enough credits to sell my Algerie and get the Charles Mattel. I haven't really liked a French cruiser since the Emile (which is the only one I kept). I am a bit torn because the only other T7 I have right now is the Atazuki and I have the Kagero researched. I probably shouldn't be in a hurry to sell the Algerie. I already have Hipper and Richelieu at T8. I am torn because I also have a free permanent camo for the CM sitting there unused. It's the Scarab camo which I'm not wild about, but I need all the help I can get when it comes to getting credits which I'll need to get a T9 French BB and/or the Kagero. Options will probably be handy for the Ranked battles in T8 (I think that's coming next). I'll be interested to hear how you all like your new CM's.
  6. BoomBoomBarney

    Tier 4 / 2 Kills / 1 Entry - 30th - 6th

    Impressive... the battle type and datetime got cropped. Was this co-op?
  7. I was scanning through images of the real deal trying to find one that emphasized the "beer can" shaped tower. How about this?
  8. BoomBoomBarney

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    Here is a picture of my "pup", Ivy.
  9. BoomBoomBarney

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    But then I would have a naked ship on most battles.... usually the camos cost silver, not gold. It's my fault, but I do appreciate systems that save me from bad decisions instead of encourage them.
  10. BoomBoomBarney

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    I agree. I just got nailed 125 doubloons for the resupply of a premium currency. It's one thing to get dinged 8 doubloons for a signal. I wish I could differentiate auto-resupply with credits vs. doubloons.
  11. BoomBoomBarney

    Update 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    I had this same issue and rebooting/restarting didn't fix it. I also tried running using the option of reseting to default settings (sorry not getting that wording exact). When I ran it this way, it ran in window in mode and I noticed the tell-tale green box around the window indicating the application was being sandboxed by Comodo. It didn't occur to me that was what was happening until several others pointed the finger at Comodo. Completely shutting down all Comodo processes before starting up WOWs seems to have done the trick. I'm not sure if this will be an issue next time I run or I will have to do this every time I restart. Obviously running without anti-virus is not an option. I would think that I should be able to indicate WOWs as a trusted application. I have not tried this either. My question.... why is 0.8.7 now conflicting with Comodo? Thank you for those who have posted here. This is a very helpful thread.
  12. How do you have so many credits?!? Credits are almost always my most needed resource. Have you already gotten through all the ship lines? I wish you could give me some of those credits. I have three T8 ships researched, but don't have the credits to purchase.
  13. BoomBoomBarney

    French DD Tips Guide!

    Wow! Look at those cits! Impressive. Guess I better try using the AP on the Gimphard.
  14. BoomBoomBarney

    How do I modify Captain Skills after Clan Battle?

    Oh... I see it now. Once I "redistribute" I get all the skill points back. Cool. Time to get 'er done.
  15. BoomBoomBarney

    I can't afford free to play really..

    Just adding my 2 credits to this thread... I have been playing WoWs for well over a year and have yet to pay a penny of US$. This does mean I have to accept some limitations that others will not accept: I am willing to deal with the fact that some ships are just not accessible to me and other ships/upgrades/tiers will take considerably longer to get. I did recently get my first Tier X ship (Hindenberg) so I am proof that you can get to higher tiers without spending real money. I do tend to sell ships once I research the next ship in the tech tree in order to purchase the new higher tiered ship. Because of this I currently only have 12 ships. One I bought with coal (Campbelstown) and one I just got as a free drop (Gepuard). I generally don't have more than the highest ship in the current line because of needing to sell to get the next one. I have hung on to the Emile Bertin and Hipper after progressing beyond them because they have been good ships for me. When they did the rework of CV's, I decided to give up on CV's in order to focus my limited time on other ships so I took the credits and free XP to get rid of the USN CV's that I had gotten. I think I was up to tier 6. The resulting credits and XP allowed me to jump ahead on the German cruiser line. Similarly I gave up on the British battleships at T8 and sold the Monarch as a kind of sell 2 ships to get 1. I have also found that being in a clan has allowed me to purchase ships much sooner. (So glad they invited me!) I also try to take advantage of free Premium time which seems to be much more abundant lately. I will do a lot more with my credit building ships (T5 & T6) or grind out some XP in the upper tier ships which don't drain my credits near as quickly when in Premium mode. In fact, sometimes I actually make credits on upper tier ships when at premium. I know much of this has been said already, but I wanted to provide hope for new players that you can enjoy this game while not spending any money or spending 40 hours/week playing. I do think the game is worthy of some cash and I may spend some money someday, but right now I doubt I could justify the expenditure on a game that my wife already feels consumes too much of my time. If I started spending money too, I think there would be much more angst against the game from her.