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  1. BoomBoomBarney

    Tier 8 ranked sprint favourites

    Glad to see at least some mention of Hipper. I have Tallinn, but not sure I feel comfortable enough with it in ranked yet. I do have Kagero, but I have a real hard time in DD's... some luck with USN DD's, but not in higher tiers. I don't think I can get a Vlad built out and ready for this ranked sprint. I think I'm best in BB's and am really enjoying the Izmail and Sinop (not as much). Yeah... I only have the those three T8's currently. I do think I need to go back and study a bit on the Hipper as I've gotten used to French cruisers now and really haven't done great in the Hindy. Any Hipper vids/posts recommended here?
  2. BoomBoomBarney

    Izmail Upgrades and Tips

    Thanks so much for the info! I noticed I could do some good damage with AP on DD's today. I'm really enjoying this ship so far. Cruisers and BB's better not give this thing broadsides, but yeah, I've the learned the hard way in this and the PYOTR that your sides are very squishy. What about the 4th upgrade slot? Do I want Damage Control, Propulsion, or Steering Gears? My captain is 11 pts with Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Superintendent, and Concealment. What next? Adrenaline rush? Oh... and what about brawling? I just got schooled by a Queen Elizabeth. I was back-pedaling and she came alongside me and took me down. Fortunately, I damaged her enough that she was sunk by a teammate within 30 seconds, but still I felt like I should have held my own there. I need some tips on brawling with the RU BB's.
  3. BoomBoomBarney

    Izmail Upgrades and Tips

    It doesn't appear that the wiki is really filled in for the Russian Battleships recommending upgrades. I didn't see any posts speaking of it either. So what upgrades do you recommend? I just bought the IZMAIL after having some fun in the PYOTR VELIKIY. Any general tips on sailing the IZMAIL? I realize after battling in the PYOTR that you need to be very careful of your broadsides. I was surprised how many fires I lit with the PYOTR, but I've read recommendations to stick with AP with IZMAIL unless battling T8 BB's. Thoughts? I haven't watched any vids yet. I generally read on the ships, but I know it would behoove my game play to watch some good battles, too. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hmmm... must be you are all silver rich. Due to a bit of a late start and limited playing time, I only got through 3 of the directives and spent WAY too much time yesterday grinding to finish Directive 3. I think I had 490 tokens after that which is only enough to buy Visby. When I thought about the fact that I could either buy the Visby or get 1.2 Million credits, I decided that I'd rather have the credits to focus on getting and buying modules/upgrades for the higher tier ships. I currently have only one T10 and two T9's. I've also not been playing DD's much lately and sold the T6 French DD to put towards my current focus on French BB/CA's. So I traded the tokens all in on credits and the remaining on Euro camo(s). I didn't see anyone else talking about doing that, so either it was dumb maneuver on my part or I'm just one of the few that doesn't care about having 50+ ships. I thought about the slot, but I have like 19 vacant slots currently. I would be interested to hear why others don't take the bins of credits. I guess as a bit of a "silver" lining, I did have fun playing a bunch of coop battles in the Montecuccoli (which I haven't done much since getting that one in its campaign). Between that and the Emile Bertin in randoms (one of the few T5's I hung onto), I had fun getting all those "big guns" hits. And the credits and the Covid-19 free premium did get me a good chunk of credits. I am hopeful to keep the Alsace when I purchase the Republique. Thank you all for sharing about what you got in the campaign. I definitely learn from the things I see written from the "voice of experience" on this forum.
  5. I didn't see a date on the end of the availability of the 4 directives. Anybody know how long I have to complete these? I'm working on directive 3 now. I'm debating between getting the Visby and just taking the equivalent in silver since I can use that to upgrade ships and get another t10. I think the math I did was 1.2 million credits or the Visby... doesn't seem worth it. I *might* get to the T6 swedish DD, but maybe not, and maybe I don't even want it.
  6. Any idea how long this will be available? I won't be able to play for another several days and don't want to waste any premium days. (Sorry if that's greedy trying to wait.) EDIT: I think I answered my own question: End: Fri. Apr. 03 3:00 AM PT I was thinking initially that was when the premium ran out, but now I'm thinking that's how long the big orange button will last. Thoughts?
  7. BoomBoomBarney

    Finally done with unique upgrades

    Can someone point me to what has been done to the unique upgrades? I have only found references to it, but not what actually happened. I am still a long way from getting the UU for my lone T10 (Hindenburg). Is that mission (personal assignment?) gone now with the 9.2 update? I won't probably have a chance to login again for a few days to check for myself.
  8. BoomBoomBarney

    New Year Camo Question

    Thanks for the info, @Kizarvexis
  9. BoomBoomBarney

    New Year Camo Question

    Wha?!? I hadn't heard that... although I haven't been reading the dev updates lately. I would LOVE this as I really have resisted sailing my Charles Mattel because of the rotting egyptian (Scarab?) perm camo. I've taken to using other free camo's I have acquired instead of the perm because of it. I wouldn't have thought a camo like that would bother me so much. Anyway... where did you read about this permacamo change?
  10. BoomBoomBarney

    Charles Martel

    Coincidentally, I just raised enough credits to sell my Algerie and get the Charles Mattel. I haven't really liked a French cruiser since the Emile (which is the only one I kept). I am a bit torn because the only other T7 I have right now is the Atazuki and I have the Kagero researched. I probably shouldn't be in a hurry to sell the Algerie. I already have Hipper and Richelieu at T8. I am torn because I also have a free permanent camo for the CM sitting there unused. It's the Scarab camo which I'm not wild about, but I need all the help I can get when it comes to getting credits which I'll need to get a T9 French BB and/or the Kagero. Options will probably be handy for the Ranked battles in T8 (I think that's coming next). I'll be interested to hear how you all like your new CM's.
  11. I was scanning through images of the real deal trying to find one that emphasized the "beer can" shaped tower. How about this?
  12. BoomBoomBarney

    Update 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    I had this same issue and rebooting/restarting didn't fix it. I also tried running using the option of reseting to default settings (sorry not getting that wording exact). When I ran it this way, it ran in window in mode and I noticed the tell-tale green box around the window indicating the application was being sandboxed by Comodo. It didn't occur to me that was what was happening until several others pointed the finger at Comodo. Completely shutting down all Comodo processes before starting up WOWs seems to have done the trick. I'm not sure if this will be an issue next time I run or I will have to do this every time I restart. Obviously running without anti-virus is not an option. I would think that I should be able to indicate WOWs as a trusted application. I have not tried this either. My question.... why is 0.8.7 now conflicting with Comodo? Thank you for those who have posted here. This is a very helpful thread.
  13. How do you have so many credits?!? Credits are almost always my most needed resource. Have you already gotten through all the ship lines? I wish you could give me some of those credits. I have three T8 ships researched, but don't have the credits to purchase.
  14. BoomBoomBarney

    French DD Tips Guide!

    Wow! Look at those cits! Impressive. Guess I better try using the AP on the Gimphard.
  15. BoomBoomBarney

    How do I modify Captain Skills after Clan Battle?

    Oh... I see it now. Once I "redistribute" I get all the skill points back. Cool. Time to get 'er done.