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  1. Historian14Can

    Returning player looking for CW Clan

    If interested, my clan is small, but slowly growing. Only three members right now. But we are looking to grow and take part in clan wars. If interested, get in touch with me.
  2. Historian14Can

    looking for a active clan for clanwars

    My clan currently is looking for new members. We don’t have discord yet, and we only have three members but are looking to grow. If interested, feel free to get a hold of me.
  3. Looking for players wanting to join me in clan battles who like me, want to build up steel. Whether you want to join my clan, or just be in a division, let me know. I only have two other members in my clan, and they’re not on a lot. The time for the battles is 8-9 pm est, except on mondays due to commitments. Look forward to sailing with you. Good luck and fair seas.
  4. Historian14Can

    Canadian Hassar’s Looking for Clan Members.

    I never realized the typo. I meant no Monday nights, but every other night is 8-9. Thanks. :)
  5. My clan is looking for members to join. We only have three members right now, but we are looking to grow. If you’re looking for ways to build up some steel, and want a fun clan, get in touch with me, or send a request to join. We play for fun, with no pressure or anything. Clan time is most nights Except for Monday’s, and it would be between 8-9 pm EST on those nights. I have mostly tier X ships, with a fair number between 5-9, and the other two members between 5-8. Looking forward to hearing from you, and looking forward to many fun clan battles.
  6. I had bought the Black Friday bundle that had all the black camouflaged ships in it. Just today, I selected the Alaska B, and suddenly it said Camo demounted, and I can no longer select it. It doesn’t appear in my camo selection. I tried another Black Friday ship, and the same issue happened.
  7. Historian14Can

    Looking for players to join my Clan

    Looking for people to join my clan, to do clan battles, etc. I have mostly tier X ships. My clan, we play for fun. We don’t get mad if we lose, we don’t call out other players unless they are being disrespectful. If you’re looking for a easy going clan to join, get send a invite or get in touch with me. the clan is [HSRS] Canadian Hussars. Currently it is only me and one other guy, but as long as you’re in it for fun, you’re welcome with open arms. I usually only play one hour per day on days I work at 8pm EST.