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  1. James_Joseph_Bergquist

    Public Test of Update 0.9.3: Round 2

    OK... Same old dung on my part!!! No matter what I do... Your instructions on HOW to access the PUBLIC TEST... FAIL Even made things worse... TWITCH PRIME DROPS and redeemed CODES FAIL>>>
  2. James_Joseph_Bergquist

    Public Test of Update 0.9.2: Round 2

    Holy Hallelujah... If I may complain a little! The game will not let me PAST the code needed to enter the challenge! I could have easily typed the wrong code but what a pain! I'm really unsatisfied with your "GAME CENTER"... Love the Game hate the services! Thank you! Battleship New Mexico... "BB-40 off of Hawaii 1940" James joseph Bergquist!
  3. James_Joseph_Bergquist

    Naval Legends: B-413

    THANK YOU FOR THE HISTORY LESSON! Well done... Holy Hallelujah!
  4. Having the same problem!
    It would help to know the necessary conditions such as the attainment of  Tier X Ships from the VERY BEGINNING of the News article!

    Thank you!