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  1. Gnarcore_8

    Subs do not belong

    No, just subs & CVs
  2. Gnarcore_8

    Subs do not belong

    Please, for the sake of the game, remove subs from Randoms. At best they belong in a dedicated game mode. There have been ships that have not been great for the game but players adapt and move on, enjoying the game. Subs are literally ruining the experience. No adjustments to ASW planes, depth charges, any of the mechanics will make them a balanced part of the game. I have been playing for a long time and while certain additions were unfavorable, Subs are making me strongly consider leaving the game. When I would have normally played 10 games a night or more I am now playing 2-3 and everyone I play with (clan) and players in Randoms all agree Subs are a terrible addition. Please please please remove them, I don't want to give up on a game I & many others have enjoyed for so many years.
  3. Hey ya'll, Was excited to see how many people chimed in when I woke up this morning. It really is not fair to force it down to 5 choices, but that's half the fun. Thanks for entertaining me with your choices and I'm looking forward to what more people have to say. To be honest I expected a ton of Popular tier Xs (Kremlin, Smol, Jean Bart (IX)) but its refreshing to see a lot of more unique and thought out choices.
  4. Just curious to see what ships have really stuck with players over time, and new favorites as well. For me > Yoshino Helena SMOL Bayern Shima Honorable mentions aki,kiti,gumo I expected the Grozovoi to be the end- all be-all ship for me but I think it literally outperforms my current abilities... plus consumables all out of order :,)
  5. Gnarcore_8

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report

    Hey everyone, my first post on here. So, since the new update I am having an issue I never encountered previously. My aiming reticle jumps instead of smoothly moving in the direction I am aiming. It doesn't seem to be majorly affecting anything but overall the shots seem to be a bit behind from time to time if I attempt to fire right as the reticle gets on target after moving. I play on not the best PC but i keep my graphics set to low/medium and have everything dumbed down to the point the game always ran smoothly in the past. I've tried resetting the settings to different qualities, restarting the game, restarting computer, resetting modem. Can't seem to fix it. Thanks for any input :)