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    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    Wrong, the player IS going to know what is needed to adequately implement a UU through their grinding for the missions. Now you put the UU in RP shop, which means the player doesn't even need to play that tier X ship to obtain its UU.
  2. TeriyakiTerry

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    I think the idea is, REGRINDING a line IS stupid.
  3. TeriyakiTerry

    Wargaming Charity Stream and "Banned' Ships

    It is gambling.
  4. TeriyakiTerry

    Wargaming Charity Stream and "Banned' Ships

    @FemennenIy If I donate now, how do I get the item which will be unlocked 5 days later? Or I just need to donate after it is unlocked?
  5. TeriyakiTerry

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    What's so balance for now? Did you read my post?
  6. TeriyakiTerry

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    If WG really desperate on making money, just put those ships on the store, if I am interested I will buy it, fair enough. Also, put those removed ships like Missouri, Belfast back to the store. You claimed they are over-power, but the people already owned those ships are still abusing them on random, rank and CB. Stop pretending.
  7. TeriyakiTerry

    Let's help WG - Tell them what we actually want

    Re-release ships which were removed from sale
  8. TeriyakiTerry

    Azure Lane

    I sense the Andromeda sh*t happens again.
  9. TeriyakiTerry

    Premium ships you would like be added

    I do hope they re-sale Belfast and Missouri, well I know it is not possible.