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  1. IMO Newport is the most challenging T6 while Aegis is the easier one. Ultimate Frontier is very difficult for a random team to win, much too difficult in my opinion. Yes, I have won a few but never with 5 stars.
  2. I've had some very good games where I did not sink a ship so I do not look at kill totals. There are a lot of thing that serve the team that do not get rewarded. Yes, we have some that whine about everybody else. The forum is full of them. Giving a cloaking device to DD's that allow them to fire their guns without becoming & staying visible does make BB drivers more cautious. Yes, we must deal with arrogant prima donnas who do little but are masters at pointing out everyone else's faults.
  3. I should add the old adage is "no battle plan survives 1st contact with the enemy". Adapting & improving is what makes great commanders.
  4. Your point ignores a simple truth, there are times it is very foolish to play aggressive. Picking the wrong time to be aggressive does get you sunk. Not being aggressive at the right time give the red team an advantage. No blanket strategy works all the time.
  5. I find Ultimate Frontier very frustrating to play.
  6. While some "tweaking" would help, overall I like the new system. As far as I am concerned only those receiving penalties for being disconnected connection have a right to complain. Those complaints should go to the players who cried about the "cheating" AFK players. They had to be cheating because no one every gets disconnected, has an emergency, etc.
  7. New Maps Please

    New maps, old maps, it does matter cruises & DD's will be placed where there isn't any near by cover and you're citadeled before by a BB at the beginning of the game. At least it is that way it seems lately when I drive my cruisers.
  8. If I'm reading correctly the Bismark cost 50% less credits this weekend, looks like a good match to me.
  9. Instant karma going to get you
  10. Do you keep Normandie?

    As many have said the Normandie is great for OP. I also have the Lyon. I am keeping them both.
  11. USS Dallas

    It is unfair to compare the Dallas to the Cleveland but that appears to be the USS Dallas' fate. I love my T6 Cleveland for scenarios. I've finished in the top 3 many times and have the most 5 star wins in this ship. If I do as well with a T6 Dallas as I do with my other T6 cruisers in scenarios I will think it is a good ship. I have no illusion it will be another Cleveland.
  12. Part 2 public test

    I would love to find the Atlanta in my crate since I already have the Cleveland.
  13. Part 2 public test

    Part 2 begins Wednesday at 9:30 AM PT. The T8 Cleveland looks to be the only light cruiser in this test. I'm stating this because several, including me, didn't read the bold print on part 1. WG states the new light cruisers will follow soon so I guess I'll take the Buffalo out for a test spin as well as testing the older heavies that moved down. I wondering if this split will take place in 2 parts. Move the Cleveland to the light line & shuffle the heavy line to make a spot for the Buffalo in 0.7.5 then in 0.7.6 add the new 4 new light cruisers.
  14. Yes, we are comparing apples to oranges but WG does try to associate the game with WW2 naval action. In that regard comparing is not in err if we remember the game must balance the ships. Yes, some of the ways WG achieves balance is too unrealistic IMO. But I still enjoy the game.