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  1. After two-plus years WG still hasn't got the CV rework right.
  2. kgh52

    Skip Bombers

    How many great battles has this worked? 1? 2? 5? Was the skip bomber a unicum, a potato, or average? There are many variables to consider.
  3. The problem is the number of hits is so ridiculously high it is almost as if friendly fire is turned off.
  4. While I do not disagree with your statement, I must say I strongly disagree with the new mechanics. In reality, players now have 40 to 50 hits per game before receiving any penalty for unsportsmanlike play. Why should they care if they hit a friendly or not until they reach 30 FF hits.
  5. The odds are most early responders to this survey will report preconceived opinions. I believe this survey is a week early.
  6. Yes, people do "accidentally hit teammates with their main guns. But as you say this was always about torpedoes. The 40 single ship hits & 50 total hits limits makes the current system a joke.
  7. kgh52

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    The fact is CVs needed nerfing. I will not foolishly claim WG nerfs were for the best. It is very obvious they are not. In fact, it is very debatable within the limits of reason, if CVs better the game.
  8. Why reread what you have posted. Anything I would say you would deny it was within the debate's topic, even when your comments on the subject are quoted and directly responded to. Good day
  9. kgh52

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    CVs went for OP to worthless more than once in the first weeks starting with 8.0. Absolutely false. I limited my comment to the 1st 6 months. Both nerfs are outside of the 6 month period I specified.
  10. I did not realize you altered the rules of debate to where your supporting comments cannot be challenged.
  11. Excuse me, I was under the impression you wanted a debate based on facts. I see that your not.
  12. Public transportation isn't as popular in the USA as it is in Europe. Yet those living in heavily populated areas in the US may find public transportation more cost-effective. In New York City you can add $60,000 to $150,000 to the price of the car for garage parking. The alternate side parking system may save you some money but you pay for in time & logistics. The New York Times has dubbed Manhatten a "fuel desert". As NYC seeks more property for housing gas stations are becoming very rare. While most of us could improve our priorities, without know all the facts we can't judge how others use their money.
  13. kgh52

    Why the rocket plane redo ?

    The "not ready for release by a million miles or more" state of the CV rework when released & WG jumping from one extreme to the other CV buffs & nerfs during the 6 months following 8.0 can hardly be considered as normal.
  14. kgh52

    Team damage removal side effect

    Under the old FF system, most players tried not to damage friendlies. Players will be testing this new system. Some will try to get 49 FF hits for bragging rights. In scenarios, it wasn't uncommon to see players shoot each other while waiting for the next wave to appear. With up to 50 hits, why not give some a broadside for the fun of it? As far me, this change will not affect the way I play. I'll make mistakes but like you, I can play many consecutive battles without hitting a teammate.
  15. kgh52

    Team damage removal side effect

    A very, very short-term effect. In-game chat will spread the news plus gameplay will make it obvious within a few battles.