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  1. Actually, I reacted as I did because you inferred I said real life games do not keep stats with the comment " So real life games have no stats on players." A period is the correct punctuation mark because you were not asking a question.
  2. kgh52

    RE: Leeroy Jenkins in the Armory

    I wonder if they considered Robert Augustus Sweeney, one of the 19 men to be awarded the Medal of Honor twice. Yes, I understand there are legalities involved. Some may not think we can honor a hero in a video game. It is the fact that Sweeney is the one & only black man to win the Medal of Honor twice that I bring this up.
  3. Yes, it is true. You can find the service cost here https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Economy Changes to the game's economy is coming with 11.6 which drops in 2 or 3 weeks. The best way to maximize rewards from operations is to form a 7 man division and run Narai. It can be the quickest to complete with 5 star wins also.
  4. Don't get your hopes up, I doubt if WG would be willing to pay what Disney's price. I do not believe the commanders look British. It appears who ever designed thesecommanders haven't seen a historic British naval uniform.
  5. Thanks for the info. Thanks for the humor also but I suggest you keep your day job.
  6. Malwarebytes blocked activity by Wargaming' game center. I don't recall seeing this before. Could it be something WG is doing causing Malwarebytes to respond? I haven't noticed any problems or unusual activity on my computer. CPU usage in normal.
  7. kgh52

    players say one more time...

    Knowing what I know I still state CVs should be removed or placed in a separate battle mode to show why displeasure with the state of CVs. While we know subs was actually a done deal months before WG even announced them, it is still not official.
  8. Yes, this is why I used this phrase " it is those who care about stats causing the toxicity ". Those low & hidden stats players causing a rise in the toxic levels care about their stats and more importantly they also care about your stats because they wish to piggyback to Unicumdom on other players.
  9. kgh52

    players say one more time...

    CVs are a done deal, WG can't remove CVs. Subs are in testing. The fate of subs, to our knowledge, has yet been decided officially. No, Restricting subs to its own battle mode is not the same as banning BBs, cruisers and DDs from general game play. While not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, they are within the "in balanced" ballpark. CVs are far from reaching that level and subs are still in the testing stage.
  10. Why would you say real life games have no stats then contradict yourself by giving the reason for stats? Being a baseball fan I know the adage "baseball is a game of stats" very well. BTW, Moneyball is a good baseball movie. Stat shaming is a problem in this game. WG has rules against it. Players that do not care about the stats are not the people stat shaming others. Yes, it is those who care about stats causing the toxicity. In this game there is no pre-battle planning, your teammates are unknown unless you division with a friend or 2, there are no recognized leaders of the group WG calls a team, and there is no practicing as a team. CBs & scenarios are the only battle modes I know of where you can make a team with any sort of team structure. I'm a coop main. Stats mean very little in coops. Players with poor stats, AFKers or having bot teammates are not an issue in coops, in fact, I welcome them.
  11. In the context of the point the poster is making, he is correct the recording of stats is relevant when determining what is or isn't a competition. We all know many playing view stats as gods & believe win rate is the king of all gods in this game.
  12. If this is not life or death then calm down & enjoy the game. I play to win every game & I'm sure everyone else is playing to win also but I play for fun 1st. It is the more competitive players who create much of the toxicity in this game. I understand the what WG labels as "teams" is actually a set number of players randomly place in a group with a common cause. All the elements of a real team, other than the players, are missing. So I find it difficult to see this game as a serious competition. BTW, I find coops more competitive than randoms. The goal is to sink more ships than your teammates. Yes, I play coops most of the time.
  13. kgh52

    Your monthly super container

    I would love to get a ship but I'll take the 50 camos.
  14. kgh52

    players say one more time...

    WG uses special game modes all the time. The 1st time we saw subs was in a separate game mode. Convoy is a separate game mode. Scenarios are a separate game mode. It is possible but highly unlikely. While there are no studies to support this opinion, I believe game modes for subs &/or CVs would be very unpopular. I've yet to see a post with players cheering because they had a CV on their team. I've seen many post where players express joy for battles without CVs.
  15. Yes, I forget subs are in "testing".