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  1. kgh52

    Match Maker....AGAIN

    I lean towards thinking it is T5 & T6 European DD's are poor ships overall. This makes bottom tiered matches more frustrating.
  2. kgh52

    The MM [edited] shxw continues

    It is fair since all teams are randomly chosen.
  3. kgh52

    Quick take on a Rented Ship- Lazo

    I have several RU cruisers including the premium Lazo & it T6 sister Molotov. I also have the Smolensk. I use the same 19pt commander for the 3 ships to grind elite commander points. I do run coops & very rarely a random with the Lazo it is good for T7 ops. Doing ops with Hoperations on Discord makes it much easier to play to the Lazo's strengths. While not the best cruiser for Narai, she does well. A T7 cruiser for less than $20 USD? I don't know.
  4. kgh52

    Mini map location

    I do wish the UI was customizable but I doubt if it will ever happen. I think what your calling bacon is actually chitlins.
  5. kgh52

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    Nothing personal is taken from you post. My comments are not meant to be taken personally either. You say "buffed more" is untrue. I say it is a fact etched in stone. We'll agree to disagree & enjoy the game.
  6. kgh52

    Mini map location

    Customizing your UI was common for World of Warcraft players. I wished Warships had the same capability.
  7. kgh52

    Mini map location

    Yes, I've changed the size & transparency. I didn't think the minimap could be moved but it didn't hurt to ask. Thanks
  8. Can the mini map be moved? I would like to move the mini map to the opposite side of the screen due to issues with my eyesight. Is this possible?
  9. kgh52

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    FYI, it is the lower to mid tiers that are WW! & early 1920's era. At the outbreak of the war navies were made up of interwar years ships. The Hood, the eldest of these 3, The Bismarck & Prince of Wales were all interwar year ships. In game ships have radar, a mid to late 1930's development that was added to WW2 ships. I say you have it wrong but you are free to disagree.
  10. kgh52

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    Very subjective opinion. I must dismiss it.
  11. kgh52

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    1st you ask what my comment means then you go off as if I was belittling DD's and those who play them. Take a deep breath & calm down. To answer your question: This game is set in WW2 even though WG is adding post WW2 ships when they could be doing things that actually improve the game. Comparing real world DD's, which American DD crews referred to as tin cans because about anything could punch through their armor, to WG version of DD's. The game's arcade DD's are more survivable, do more damage to capital ships than any WW2 era DD. As in the post you responded to, I have said nothing to imply DD's have a low skill floor. Nor I I said anything about how CV's have negatively effected DD play & the game over all, that is a subject for other threads.
  12. kgh52

    The Vasterå is frustrating

    I hope to do the same. Last night someone else was doing the Västerås thing.
  13. kgh52

    The Vasterå is frustrating

    The only use I see for the Visby & the Västerå are to get snowflake rewards. WG has several years & millions of DD play time for data. They missed horribly with these ships. They have, in comparison to DD's, a nano of game play sub data. Baseless hope is the only reason to assume subs will be playable. Reggie Jackson did strikeout of 2500 times but he hit 563 home runs & knocked in 1702 runs. He also gave us some of the most thrilling moments in baseball, has championships & is in the Hall of Fame. In the context of game development WG strikeout count is growing while their good moments are few & far between.
  14. I'm grinding the camo mission. So far I've had one decent game, not a good game, just decent, all the others suck. I made it through the Visby with little problem. I do understand the torpedoes are as close to useless as a politician in a crisis. I'm missing something. At the rate I'm going it will be 2050 or so before I get the 12500 base XP.
  15. kgh52

    Why?? Just why????

    for me too. PS use a good piece of tinfoil for the hat. That cheap stuff just doesn't hold up to heavy use of tinfoil hats This is true. Thanks for taking my word. Murphy & I are well acquainted & he loves to torment me by enforcing his laws and always at the worse possible time