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  1. kgh52

    Port oddity, cruiser tab

    When I change battle modes or return from a battle the cruiser tab is checked and all I see highlighted are my cruisers. I have to uncheck this tab to highlight my other classes. This doesn't happen all the time but it does happen a lot. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. I have the opposite view, the easy part is done. The hard part is balancing. IMO 2Q 2020 is rushing it unless WG is just lucky. I do not believe they can afford a repeat of the CV rework.
  3. I don't think the question is "if" but "when". Some have predicted by Christmas. This goes against what WG said about prolong testing, etc. Due to the CV rework fiasco the player base confidence in WG is low. Earning it back will take time and if the subs create a lot of issues the outcome will be bad for this game. WG, not the players who go off in a snit, is the only responsible party for introducing a poor product into the game.
  4. kgh52

    Aslain's modpack

    Yes, it is now.
  5. kgh52

    USN DD commander builds

    Yes, I am working on getting to that point. The Benham was a reward ship but all my other DD's are T7 & below. I made the mistake of charging up the tiers without having commanders to compete. I appreciate you help.
  6. kgh52

    USN DD commander builds

    At this time I working on adding another few 19pt commanders. I have 2 19pt and several 14pts or more. Most are on tech tree ships. I'm after all the elite commander XP I can get. I will keep what you said about the Benham & Monaghan in mind as the number of 19pt commanders grows.
  7. I'm looking for suggestions on a 19pt commander build for the commander I switch between the Hill, Sims & Benham. When Dynamo returns I will get the Monaghan. This will be for ops & coops mostly, at least until I feel comfortable enough to try randoms. For Dynamo I will use my Atlanta's commander with the AA build. Thanks for your help.
  8. kgh52

    Aslain's modpack

    where do you find modstation?
  9. Has the mods for 8.7 came out yet? The link I have only shows the last 8.6 pack. I ask this because I've had issues before getting the latest update. It will work for a few updates then stop.
  10. That is a good place to start but it will take time to update them to the changes 8.7 will bring to AA.
  11. The problem is everyone does draw their own conclusions or more accurately speculations. These numbers only show random battles. The percentage of difference would be a good discussion point if there was more data to form an opinion.
  12. The key word is "perceived". We all know what is said about opinions & we all do have one. Overall I believe WG does a good job. (the rework is an exception, it was not good to say it politely) There is room for improvement and the player base, through complaints is a source. Of course legitimate complaints & rants, raves & whinings must be separated and the irrational ignored.
  13. War Gaming has given us until August 29th to reset commander points for free. How should I respect my AA commander I use on my Atlanta & Sims? What about the Cleveland? Then there are the ships with questionable AA, what about them? I really do appreciate the free rest but it ends on August 29th. That isn't much time to test builds plus the French DD's event is in full swing. I'll be checking YouTube & the forum for answers but I do wished WG gave us a little more time.
  14. kgh52

    Disconnect, me, WG or somewhere in between?

    Thanks I did reboot & there was a OS update. I always ask on the forum if I'm experiencing connection difficulties before I make a ticket. It maybe on my end as it was, well Microsoft's fault, this time.