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  1. I play CV occasionally in Co-ops waiting to see what the rework actually brings. I understand they plan to skip every other tier. WG was rather generous with the split in the US cruiser line. Having the right tiered CV may be an asset.
  2. Tried WOT but I'd rather play Warships so the little extra to help me progress up the lines and grind my commanders is welcomed.
  3. kgh52

    WoWS Goals for 2019

    Mine is to have fun and improve.
  4. kgh52

    Revisiting IFHE CL vs CA

    IFHE improved my Dallas & Helena. I had to give up CE at 10 points for IFHE. Needing a 14pt commander for a T6 ship seems a little too much to ask.
  5. kgh52

    Monday Funday!

    The Scharnhorst. Most likely because my game started improving when I got this ship. I have a long row to hoe before my stats get respectable.
  6. I curious why people only see BB's that do this. I see dd's & cruisers doing the same thing.
  7. My dad dunked his donuts & cookies in his coffee. Its been 38 years since my dad passed. Thanks for bringing the memory back, it brought a smile to my face & happiness to my heart.
  8. True and some "for the team" reduces your damage and even gets you sunk.
  9. Yes, win, sink enemy ships & do the most damage should be everyone goal. I play for fun but I want to win. Do you have a set amount of damage you wish to inflict? Score a certain amount of hits? Cap or assist in capping a point? Things you done that makes you feel you contributed to the team.
  10. kgh52

    Lessons from Coops

    Co-op is its own game mode. We can & should learn from each game regardless of the type. Yes, it is fun to charge gung ho and duke it out. I found coops & ops to be better than the training room. But we all learn differently.
  11. kgh52

    Lessons from Coops

    Charging in is one of the bad habits coops can teach you. This is one reason I believe you should also play the operation of the week. Tactics & team play are required for successful (5 star victories) ops matches. Also situational awareness is more important. These are lessons that must be taken into randoms.
  12. IMO, coops are a poor place to practice gunnery. The 8 enemy ships get deleted rather quickly so I believe ops, with its higher number of targets, is a better choice. Also, the slow BB with their reload time get few shots in most coops. However for torpedoes and cruisers/DD training coops are great. My torpedo attacks have gone from a shot in the dark to sinking 4 of the 8 ships in a coop with torpedoes on a good day. I do still spam some torpedoes attacks but I"m avoiding friendly fire penalties. Getting this into randoms is the next challenge. Bots are predictable, humans are not.
  13. Using concealment as a balancing mechanic causes problems. Understandably DD mains want better. BB mains wants it removed. The question is what is WG's plans.
  14. kgh52

    DD's in coops

    I play tiers 5 thru 7 in coops mostly. It difficult for BB to get a kill also. Unless I'm giving a BB a shake down cruise I stay with my cruisers & destroyers. The fast the better.
  15. Yes, it is subjective to a point. Human nature kicks in and we, overall, are not patient. Each to a different degree.