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  1. kgh52

    Why Oklahoma and not Nevada?

    Using sunken ships of IJN & German ships is understandable as their navies were decimated. But there were 8 Fiji class cruisers, the Fiji & Trinidad were the only ones lost in WW2. Why not use one of the other 6. I can understand the Arizona, it is a memorial & National Cemetery. But the Oklahoma was one of the 1st victims of US Navy and never saw action. The Nevada, South Dakota & Washington had notable careers in WW2 but are not in the game.
  2. kgh52

    Why Oklahoma and not Nevada?

    A list can be found here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Royal_Navy_losses_in_World_War_II I saw 6 or 7 in the list of USA warships.
  3. How early is early? If it is before 6am on the east coast I would think the server population is low. Add the CV event & some did get the T6 Weser I can see why you are having this bad experience.
  4. kgh52

    Why Oklahoma and not Nevada?

    WG seems to pick a lot of ships that were sunk in WW2 for the game. A quick check produced 13 of the British ships in this game were sunk.
  5. kgh52

    Can we quit with the double CV?

    With the CV event in full swing & a large number of players receiving the T4 CV I would think there is a high number of CV in the lower tier queue than usual. This creates queue dumps. I do not believe WG is in a position to limit only one CV per side. Giving lower tiered ships AA would be a step in the right direction.
  6. kgh52

    Hiding stats

    There is stat shaming. While it is against forum policies, it still happens.
  7. kgh52

    Ungreateful players?

    I'm not doubting the sincerity of your offer. And it does appear he could use some guidance. But I feel most will reject any offers. They must find it on their own. Anything less than no thanks was uncalled for on his part.
  8. kgh52

    Ungreateful players?

    With the saltiness of the help I seen offered in this game it would be a very rare occasion I would accept help from a player unknown to me. But I would never laugh at the offer. Also too many players believe it is your fault if their ordnance hits you. You cited a 42.44% win rate. Is that his coop win rate? Or is it his random win rate. My random win rate is not much better but then I rarely play randoms so it is moving slowly upward. I play coops mostly. I charge in, usually sink 1 or 2 but sometimes I sink 4, 5 & even 6 ships. In a very few battles I get sunk without doing much damage. Coops are usually over in less than 10 minutes & most players win rate is well over 90%.
  9. kgh52

    Hiding stats

    Stats play a major role in the toxicity of this game, We see post after post were MMM is used to determine what chance of winning a players has by viewing the stats of his team. The the implication was the only reason one hides their stats is because they are poor. There also is a prevalent belief a person with poor stats doesn't understand the game. Understanding the game, tactic and issues is not the same as being able to execute. Look in the sports world, many managers & coaches were not good players. Many good players failed at coaching.
  10. Were there any changes to the game audio? Other games & Youtube sound normal. The game volume is way down & the gun fire sounds like rifles fire, not big guns you find on ships.
  11. kgh52

    Can we quit with the double CV?

    In the real world AA found its way onto older ships as they went through normal refitting prior to the start of WW2. Placing some AA on these ships would stay well within boundaries of the games realism.
  12. kgh52

    Can we quit with the double CV?

    While this is true, facing 2 CV's in T4 is not good for the newer players driving ships with woefully inadequate or no AA at all.
  13. kgh52

    Ranked Battle frustration

    That may be true but it is only an assumption the better players would be the last to die. Yes, it would be a fluke.
  14. I was having one of those days when it seemed the bots were shooting at no one else. My son was giving grief about complaining until shells passed through his ship & hit mine. Yes, in our kiting about we had turned into each other.
  15. kgh52

    Ranked Battle frustration

    I must disagree. It is possible for the best player to have a long string of losses.