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  1. British cruisers

    I play mostly the Operation of the week. From what I've seen & read the Leander is not a bad boat and the Fuji is considered my some as the top T7 non-premium cruiser. I see more Molotov & Budyonny's than Leander's on T6 ops. The Fuji is even rarer in T7 ops. I do see these ships in few randoms I play. I'm wondering if there is a reason. I do reralize the sudden jump in the number of US cruisers due the the split but I see both Russian & French cruisers more than British cruisers in ops.
  2. We need Dual Telegraphs.

    Yes and ships that exceed 35 knots should have to pin their rudder or they would roll over & sink. This game is already labeled as one of the more difficult games to learn to play. WG is aware of that. Why would they wish to complicate the game any further?
  3. Had to go AFK

    Sadly some, with their anger over people going AFK, give the impression the game is more important than any real life situation. I have one daughter & 4 granddaughters. They're all little princesses to me. I wonder why my sons & grandson do not have a title of nobility?

    I've watched the video and read WG's explanation of how smoke screens work but I have also battled DD's and the good DD's can exploit their DD's concealment tools/skills to make it seem like a cloaking device. While it is frustrating what I find more frustrating is the enemy CV's in open sea disappearing at 10 to 13 km in Aegis.
  5. best ship???????

    My opening comment was this is a very subjective topic. What you have listed is the accepted general overall view of the in game ships. I was hoping for something on the individual level such as "the Lyon is a beast as a cruiser killer" or "without IFHE the Dallas leaves a lot to be desired" or "the Varyag just sucks". From what I've read the Massachusetts is a good brawler. This goes against the normal view of US BB's. This is what I was hoping to find.
  6. best ship???????

    Ain't that they way it seems to go?
  7. best ship???????

    Cv is a type of ship. I'm waiting on the "overhaul" we hear about often but with little info to take place before I start playing a CV. I was asking about individual ships.
  8. best ship???????

    I have both and enjoy both. Both are deadly on cruisers but they do have enough differences that they do not seem like your playing the same ship.
  9. best ship???????

    YES! YES YES! This is very subjective to begin with. I started playing at the end of January this year. In these 7 months & a couple of weeks there has been a number of new ships introduced. We've seen LWM & others give their impressions on these ships. Of the ships I have, I have my favorites and will continue to play them but the urge to pick up other ships hits us all. I asking what do you think hit the mark, totally missed the mark or is a ship that requires unicum skills to drive?
  10. It was after I reached level 15 that I found the training rooms. Which is where I went to learn gunnery. My stats tell of my struggle. Yes, you can learn gunnery in coops as well as in randoms. But neither are good classrooms.
  11. 78 hp left

    I wouldn't, I wish some other would not but then I'm happy to have others. It all depends on the driver.
  12. 78 hp left

    Played Killer Whale today with the exit point in the north. I was on my De Grasse and joined a Bayern heading north to clear out the 2 ships and 2 forts. I taken a torpedo earlier so I had about 2/3rd hp remaining. I had about 1/2 once the enemy cruiser & east fort were deleted. The enemy BB fired 4 rounds at me with its last salvo. I was citadeled and left with 78 hp. Another cruiser who had hung back, 13% hp left, and another BB had charged towards the green circle. The Bayern took out the west fort in the north. I hit my speed boost and earned a 4 star victory with me surviving the last few minutes with only 78 hp. I finished 2nd in the team score.
  13. Do coops train you for randoms? I do not believe that is true. Only playing random battles trains you for random battles. Your gunnery should be honed in the training room before you even try a coop. The AI in coops is very predictable. You can almost sail to a point & fire at a map location and hit an AI ship. I said almost. Real people defy logic & reason. It would take a lot of code to program the AI to act as erratic as real people. Learning to quickly read the intent of a red team player & take advantage of it is what makes good random players. Scenarios are better training IMO but still only experience trains you for randoms.
  14. Narai, is something up???

    I haven't had any crashes but if others are experiencing problems I guess I wasn't having a senior moment.
  15. Fix T8 MM

    If you're bottom tier & you loose MM is at fault. If you win you don't care if you were bottom tier or not. You have a better change of defeating poor T10 drivers than good T8 drivers.