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  1. kgh52

    Aiming Mods

    The term "aiming mods" is usually applied to mods banned by WG. There are consequences for using these mods. I suggest you avoid these. In the forum is a section titled player mods which is very helpful. I use Aslain's Mod pack as do many other players. There is an Youtube video on how to install Aslain's mods. You may find what you're looking for. There are other mod packs as well. I Google WOWS mods & found many.
  2. Yes and if you complained about getting punched you were told "you got what you deserved."
  3. In the area I grew up if someone did not join the festive events they were referred to as "old grumps". Also one did not use foul language in front of children. I'm from a bygone place & era.
  4. Of course this is a bias personal view but I do not care for the Halloween ships. I guess I'm an old grump.
  5. I finally got & completed the Acasta mission today. I purchased the Sims for Dynamo and I have the Gaede, which I rarely play. I know the RN mission line has at least one that you must drive a RN DD but other than that I'm not sure what to do with this ship.
  6. kgh52


    I find I have a string of wins and then a string of losses in the T7 scenarios. While the T6 scenarios do have win/loss streaks the loss streaks are shorter.
  7. Your advice is right on but there is a good possibility of a ton of salt fired at you for doing so. I was alone trying to defend our base in a slow BB against 2 DD's, of course their speed allowed them to catch me in a cross fire of torpedoes. Yes. I was to blame for the loss.
  8. kgh52

    Just a frustration rant

    Sometimes T5 MM is a bummer. The bad news at T8 it has been worse than T5. At least at T5 I do get to be top tiered far more often than when driving a T8 ship.
  9. kgh52

    After all it is just a game

    Stats have a purpose but for some they mean everything.
  10. Sometimes the game starts being more than a game. Little things start irritating you & soon your being stressed by playing. When you play to relax & have fun this is counter productive. I take a break when I get this way.
  11. kgh52

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    While there is a lot of room for improvement, I have fun most of the time. When I am not enjoying playing the game I do something else.
  12. No, it is not the garbage players creating salt. It is players who can't control their anger and must treat others uncivil that cause salt in the chat.
  13. There is no "best". Each class filled a need. Without each class of ship the war could have went the other way.
  14. The British, French & Poles were working on decrypting German enigma codes before WW2 even started. The Kriegsmarine was more security minded than the Luftwaffe & Wehrmacht as their code was next to impossible to decipher until capturing code book from U-boats.
  15. kgh52

    RN cruisers

    Thanks for your replies