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  1. kgh52

    (???????) is ruining the game

    I've made several rants before the Holidays about WG placing scenarios on the back burner. We do need all the ops updated before any other work is done on subs or events. I do play a lot of ops & coops. The only reason you don't see much whining in coops is because once the match starts you don't have time to type or you'll not get a shot, much less sink anything. WG deserves about 99% of the blame for this. Dumping the rework in the raw state it was in on the live server was foolish and caused much of the stress and anger we see today. 1% of the players are going to be pissed off regardless of what WG does.
  2. kgh52

    How are teams decided MM?

    Yes, you can blame MM but it would not be 100% correct. There are many factors in a player's win rate. The most difficult problem players have to confront is it is their own fault. Plus with the present MM it is possible, yes, very, very very improbable, to never win or to never loose. Of course most players will end up with a win rate of somewhere between 40% & 60%.
  3. This will be my luck, get the same ship twice. I don't know about the 3 pt commander but I will be able to use the port slot that comes with the credit compensation.
  4. Yes, the PR event was terrible. Had not the weather been so nasty where I live I would have not gotten as far as I did. I do wish WG had removed the PR shipyard. No, I haven't forgave WG yet but I've completed a couple of missions in the 1st directive today. Compared to the feeling of "will I ever complete any of these?" this is a pleasant change.
  5. kgh52


    Considering the discord the live server testing caused among the player base WG being up front is totally irrelevant. It was a very foolish act on WG part. This is the one reason I am concerned about subs. What is seen in the limited sub battle modes WG has announced will most likely be very different when subs are integrated in to main stream battling.
  6. kgh52


    Yes, water is wet & ice is cold. Now that we got the extremely obvious out of the way we can look back at the CV rework. If you remember WG claimed the had to place the CV rework on the live server because there was not enough data from the testing by both, testers & from the public test runs. The CV rework was few years in the making. Some are expecting subs this summer, less than a year after work on subs was announced.
  7. kgh52


    I'm not sure what to read into the silence surrounding subs from WG. I'm one that doesn't think subs can be merged into this game without huge balance problems so my outlook is very pessimistic. I do not believe CV's are anywhere near balanced. If I were to be screaming about the class of ships I have the most problems with I would be all over DD's. They are very hard for me to play well and good DD drivers make it seem as if they have cloaking devices & homing torpedoes. Few CV's give me problems.
  8. kgh52


    I see subs suffering the same problem as CV's did. Unless WG makes it worthwhile only those interested in playing subs will take part in the testing. Players look to exploit the good and hide the bad. This will produce inaccurate test data.
  9. I use Aslain's mods & I don't remember if it is a mod or not but I have the patches turned off. Yes, a single button to dismount all signals would be nice. I have several sort options in port so port queens are not that big of a problem for me but then I have 100 ships, not 300+ as some do. This also may be a mod. Yes, we need more scenarios, tiers 5 thru 9 would be nice. And the scenarios removed due to the CV rework a year ago should have been already back in the game. There is no acceptable excuse for this failure by WG. I'm not sure I would need the alt-tab notice but I guess some do.
  10. kgh52

    NA server numbers?

    In reality I don't see a lot of growth but neither do I see that the game is dead or in its death throes. To some the game is dying or dead to them for whatever reason. While we can debate if some of the changes are good or bad, we must recognize some will hate any changes.
  11. kgh52

    cv's are crapnow

    While CV's were not good before the rework, they been crap for an year minus a couple of weeks now, where have you been? First overpowering then worthless, rinse & repeat for 6 months. WG could not balance the CV post rework so they got them barely tolerable and gave up. IMO the best option for game play would to remove carriers altogether BUT that is not gonna happen. To much has been invested by WG & players.
  12. I agree, too many ships, too many events. Yes, improvements to the game as a whole are welcomed and do increase the quality of the game. Just pumping out ships is shortsighted. Yes, change is necessary to keep the game interesting but that requires good change.
  13. kgh52

    Notser Makes a Good Point Here

    Every plan is a good one until the 1st shot is fired. I play with a Discord group. I listen and do my best to play accordingly. Soloing in randoms & rank matches I do not trust anyone but I do try to work with my teammates. Barking orders is a polite way of describing what I see in chat.
  14. kgh52

    Notser Makes a Good Point Here

    You're overlooking something, namely the fundamentals of team work. A team must train together, learn & trust their chain of command. Throwing 12 randomly picked players together does not create a team. The "someone" has to display leadership qualities before people will follow. Barking orders in chat does not display leadership.
  15. kgh52

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    I'm not overlooking the improvements 9.0 will bring. I do enjoy the gifts & rewards and the technical improvements do enhance game play BUT again I am disappointed that Cherry Blossom, Operation Dynamo of any of the other scenarios were restored to active status with this update.