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  1. PVP & coops have the same objective, sink the enemy or reach 1000 points 1st. The quicker this is done the higher chance of winning.
  2. I had 3 kills in a coop & was going for a 4th when torpedoes from a "friendly" sunk me. I'm not accusing but it did look suspicious.
  3. I needed two more sink ribbons to complete a mission. I'm sure they were on the same mission too.
  4. Disagreeing with your post is not reporting you.
  5. To complete the Fly-Strike-Win directive requiring the sinking of 15 ships.
  6. I was referring to the friend from torpedoes. I edited my post accordingly. The Flint & Normandie drivers were not "kill stealing" but they were a little short on sportsmanship. You are 100% correct, there is no such thing as "kill stealing" although I've been accused of "kill stealing".
  7. Will auto secondaries hit friendlies or does it take manual secondaries?
  8. I do not dodge friendly torpedoes in coops If I am between the "friendly" ship & the enemy ship. I do not intentionally look to block friendly torpedoes either. If it is a miss I do try to avoid the torpedo. DD's weave, dart & make unexpected 180° turns, this is how they survive. Others should know this. Yes, I was torpedoed a lot. I did not get bent out of shape or report them. I also had "friendly" Flint follow my DD around, wait until I has a ship down to 10 or 15 percent then he would let loose & get the kill. I also had a Normandie that did the same thing. Both times it was obvious. A Flint can rain down fire and this one had tracers. The Normandie & I were in open water and out of range of any other ships & he was firing 1 turret at a time. He was a good shot too. I'm sure some thought I was "kill stealing". In a coop I see a red ship I start shooting. Sometimes I get a easy kill. I still enjoyed the game. I also received 3 bonus missions for RN ships, Duke of York, Vanguard & the Edinburgh. Not a bad haul.
  9. Personal???? No way, only stating facts and some times facts sound very cold. A few believe others should dodge there torpedoes. IMO that is arrogant behavior & I will voice my opposition to those expressing that view.
  10. Maybe I should have got a couple of Powerball tickets instead with the luck I had.
  11. Thanks guys. I favor the German cruisers. RN cruisers are much more squishier.
  12. I agree there is a huge difference in controlled aggression & poor play & that some days it is terrible. But IMO it is unsportsmanlike & unnecessary to expect others to dodge your torpedoes. I'm guilty of friendly fire but now days it is because of a miss. Having the ship you targeting sunk or the engine incapacitated before your torpedoes arrive does cause problems, especially with the long range torpedoes.
  13. I have the Nelson. While I don't like the looks of the ship I do enjoy driving it. I was only planning to go up the UK cruiser line but I will now have 3 RN premium BB's, all because of the Exeter event.
  14. Coops are closer to a free-for-all than anything resembling a team effort. Successful randoms require some team effort, the more the better chance of winning. This is the context I made my comments in. I do try to dodge friendly fire in randoms.
  15. I forked over $15 for 5 containers & received 2 bonus missions, Duke of York & Vanguard. Yesterday I got the Edinburgh mission. I understand the Edinburgh is not much different than a Fiji and maybe even a little under-powered for T8. I checked LWM's reviews of the Vanguard & Duke of York. I would like to here what others think of these 2 ships.