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  1. No thanks, wouldn't recommend the game to anyone in this current state even if it was the only game they could play.
  2. Raven2303

    How to Kill a Game....

    Mark my words, few years from now: "We have moved the captain skills up to 25 points, we did this because we want diversity in captain builds and find that 21 points were not user friendly."
  3. Raven2303

    Crew skills(Another joke thread)

    Because commanders are not tied to the navy
  4. Raven2303

    Crew skills(Another joke thread)

    Update: Bumping is against forum rules.
  5. Raven2303

    Battleship Agincourt Lil Tidbit

    Well Pokemon's 25th anniversary is literally less than a month away, in February
  6. Agincourt has Pikachu's tail as part of the paint job on the bow
  7. Raven2303

    Resource Containers Nerfed?

    I got 2, 3 coal drops thursday.
  8. As title says, clan chat cannot be seen, restarting the game fixes this. Clan chat also says 25 new messages but there is no 25 new messages, only happens on start up.
  9. Raven2303

    Post - crate-o-pocalypse

    Thats a very poor way of thinking, because then no one in their right mind would buy boxes. What kind of prize is a single camo or few?
  10. Raven2303

    Horn Sound Bug

    Horn sound is now back to normal, idk if its because of the Santa sample or if it was fixed.
  11. Nothing but Economy flags and camos lol, crap rewards.
  12. Raven2303

    Meanwhile, over on Tonks.

    No one asked for a Captain rework
  13. Raven2303

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    Combat signals becoming more valuable than dubloons!
  14. Feels like there hasn't been ranked battles for months now, miss it.