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  1. Raven2303

    Trying to identify specific music

    Thats a very common song, go through the soundtrack on youtube videos with compilations
  2. Raven2303

    Code time!

    Why the white font?
  3. Raven2303

    Marblehead worth it?

    Id like to see tier 8 coal ships, would be around 125k-85k coal
  4. Raven2303

    Rudder bug

    Bug found with rudders, wont turn despite not being incapacitated, will usually allow you to turn left but not right and vice versa. When D or A is pressed, the rudder scale pops up, shows you turning for a split second, when the indicator passes to the right, the scale disappears and nothing is turned. Happened to me playing Roon going after an Alsace, ended up getting me killed and not allowing me to torp him.
  5. Nobody needs to subscribe to receive codes or get rewards, i do not have my wows account linked with YouTube and I've perfectly got all the other codes from last time, its just a thing you could do to support the game/channel.
  6. First bug, your ships turrets flipping sides while holding right click, when releasing right click your camera flips to the opposite way it was before. Second bug, guns not firing, using my graf spee in this weeks operation, front gun would fire, second would not, was not damaged and wasnt reloading, when i switched shells, bug was fixed Third bug, I pass the average damage to acquire the first destroyer emblem by 300 damage, was not awarded the emblem, have over 400 games in destroyers, maybe related to the collectors emblem bug that was found before.
  7. Raven2303

    WoWS Twitch stream code

  8. Raven2303

    No incentive to buy consumable camo

    Naaaah youll get 1 camo after a long grind because they think it lasts for 20 games
  9. Raven2303


    Incredibly confusing, shows and increasing lack of communication to the player base with this one...
  10. Raven2303

    German Carriers

    If you do the math for the tokens, it comes out as 150 per mission series, there is 4 directives right, so 4*150 = 600 so you need to complete every mission to get 1 camo... the last mission requires you to complete it with a german CV, it goes in the order of Rhein, Weser, Parseval, and then Graf Zepplin, so you cant get a camo at all unless you get all the CVs plus a premium CV..... Huge scam people missed
  11. Raven2303

    Possible future Premium DDs (or CLs)

    More post war ships, not to mention that are American? Can we get some ideas for some actually built ships like the British BC, Italian lines, Spanish and Brazilian lines, more commonwealth things, etc.
  12. Raven2303

    More Great Ideas

  13. Raven2303


    Dead already... OFC
  14. Raven2303

    New module screeens are terrible

    It gives so much less information than the previous tabs... Maybe I like to see the difference between hulls no? BUT I CANT WITH IT COVERING THE WHOLE SCREEN LITERALLY NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS CHANGE...