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  1. Raven2303

    time for assist kills ribbon?

    How about the more damage you do to a ship, the longer an assist ribbon can be given, say a Yamato chunks down a Monty for 30k, the Yamato should be given around the 30s mark (possibly more) for an assist ribbon to be given if the Monty gets blapped by another BB or DD. It should be shorter for DDs as they have lower health and are easier to kill, but maybe they could make it equal as in the sense of XP but I think it would be unbalanced. Now note I certainly do not think they should be required for missions/directives if it is to be done this way due to rarity.
  2. Raven2303

    The Players of WoWS

    duuuuuude i dont know maaan, maybeee
  3. Raven2303

    The Players of WoWS

    I dont know if i have proof or not but i might just be losing it as i had a huge wave of deja vu
  4. Raven2303

    The Players of WoWS

    This thread is a repost, it is several years old, why did it get posted again with the same people replying?
  5. Raven2303

    Destroyer Engine Whistle

    To me, it sounds like a snoring whistle.
  6. Anyone else hear this? Very annoying and constant high pitched whistle.
  7. Funny enough, my first daily container was a super container, and it gave me 50 restless fire camos, lmbo
  8. Im running low on camos, india yankee and india delta, now, for standard accounts, earning 20k credits per game is tough, extremely hard to get anywhere in the game.
  9. Raven2303

    T9 Oakland class

    Dont need more american prems, need more german ones, they literally have nothing above tier 8 and thats only counting 3 ships.
  10. Raven2303

    5 new free weeb boats.

    Was playing with my Hiei and there was an atlanta over a hill shooting at my teammate, so i popped my spotter plane, and lucky enough he was broadside, so i shot, and ended up deleting him from the game, he was full health, this was also first blood, so maybe lol.
  11. Raven2303

    Damaged reload

    It mainly happens with DDs and BBS imo, gun/torp gets knocked out, damage control is used to fix it, and you have to wait for the gun/torps to reload fully, can be a real pain when youre in a pinch and need to use them.
  12. Raven2303

    Damaged reload

    Yes, ive had this too, where it gets knocked out but what fully loaded, you repair it and it has to reload, weird.
  13. Raven2303

    5 new free weeb boats.

    They are not all clones, Kirishima and Hiei have structural differences than Kongo, you can see it in port.
  14. Raven2303


    Same happened to me too, several times even, with Fubuki and Izmail.
  15. Raven2303

    Disappearing Shells Bug...WG fix this.

    Ive seen ships fire there guns, and the shells only appear about 3km after they fired, also ive see shells go right through ships and make a water splash. Also, shells going through terrain, you see the shells go through a mountain and they come out the other side, but dont appear to do any damage but they show like normal shells.