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  1. JakeParlay

    Great Update! Santa Horns are back!

    Love ship horns, but I am a total grinch when it comes to santa horns - can't stand 'em
  2. JakeParlay

    CV Rework Feedback

    I don't use carriers but I find the air combat some of the most beautiful part of the game
  3. JakeParlay

    Okay for real now... Where is Mr Bart?

    Saw a tester version a few minutes ago brawling with some poor bastards (on my team, of course). l was excited to see this one.
  4. JakeParlay


    Was cool to see a tester ship just now - I am usually oblivious. I snapped a few screens after I sunk. She was a little banged-up by this point.
  5. JakeParlay

    Alsace... what am I doing wrong?

    I read every word, Haze. Thank you. I think you identified a significant part of my struggle... something I hadn't really factored in before. It's not just a new, unfamiliar ship. It's also a brand new tier, and a significant one. Since I played a great deal with the Richelieu, and saw Tier X opponents and plenty of IX's, I figured that this would be comparable. It is not. The strength and number of IX and X tiered ships is much higher now (duh, Jake). Things are going better now, and I can attribute 100% of that change to this discussion thread. I have rethought my tactics and strategy based on the advice here, and while I still get hammered on occasion (in-game, I mean), I am finally able to dish out some, too.
  6. JakeParlay

    Alsace... what am I doing wrong?

    1. I greatly appreciate the depth of people's responses and the advice given here. Truly. I can tell already I have a lot of improvement with my tactics. I was getting eaten alive trying to lead the charge in map center -- I think that's a large part of it. (and me being too thick-headed to think about flanking around, working perimeters, timing my charges, etc) 2. What the heck is a special French captain?
  7. JakeParlay

    Alsace getting Nerf'd

    Agree 100% on all counts. Incredibly frustrating ship so far (bought it post-nerf). 15 battleships so far, never had less fun.
  8. JakeParlay

    Alsace... what am I doing wrong?

    YEAH THAT SEEMS ABOUT RIGHT (not bitter at all)
  9. I picked up the Alsace a week or so and I'm sincerely asking for help. 27 battles with it so far and I cannot get any spark going. Every fight feels like an ordeal. Does that ever happen to you guys with new ships? I'm not the best player. nor the most experienced (this is my first IX), but I'm not totally inept. I bought Alsace the moment I hung up 201k with the Richelieu, and have been 100% confounded, humbled and frustrated by it ever since. I rush in... I get torched. I hang back... I can't hit a goddamned thing. I try to be strategic, and eat 20k salvo after salvo. I've got the B hull, the longer range arty, and have tried two different setups for my 18-pt captain (survival, then secondary build). I know they recently nerfed the Alsace, but I had such an amazing time with the rest of the French BB line that I couldn't resist... 23 million credits later and I'm cursing myself. Alsace, so far, is my lowest K/D out of 15 battleships I've tried. It's abysmal. It's even worse than the Tier IIIs that I first fumbled around with: Any pointers? What am I missing? Am I washed up? I would greatly appreciate any advice, tactics, recommendations, etc. that you have. -Jake