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  1. JakeParlay

    Fire whoever made the new sounds

    I like the sound adjustments so far. Sure, it's a change - but to me, they are exciting. I agree with a few ppl though, a bit too much reverb on ship horns.
  2. I wonder if a recent update disrupted the normal replay process. I can't get anything to work, and it's worked fine for many different versions in the past. I also noticed WG started culling the replay files in the replay directory. Man! I wish I knew. I had some old gems saved up.
  3. JakeParlay

    Carburetors and Spark Plugs - Old Warship Engines

    Man, you and @Murotsu really knocked it out of the park with those answers. I enjoyed reading them. I'm glad I asked!
  4. JakeParlay

    Carburetors and Spark Plugs - Old Warship Engines

    Thanks guys, I appreciate that. Checking out the link now.
  5. Were the engines in these big old ships essentially massive versions of the engines used in autos and motorbikes at the time? I am not an expert, and not much knowledge of the era before fuel-injection. I know outboards of all generations are different, but for inboard motors, there a lot of comparisons to everyday internal combustion engines, right? How many cylinders did most ship engines have from this game's era? Did they just use (massive) carburetors to meter fuel and air? Did they have spark plugs the size of 16" battleship shells? :D This could be solved from Google, but it's a random question and sometimes more fun to ask. My daily driver the last 3-4 years is an old (but awesome) Suzuki motorcycle ('82 GR650 + 83' GS650). I knew very little about carbureted engines beforehand. That's what got me curious, since I play a lot of WOWS and enjoy the historical aspect.
  6. JakeParlay

    Your mouse

    Might be a different response rate, slightly. USB vs PS/2 react to keypresses differently - e.g number of keys depressed at one time (and held). I'm sure whatever overhead is involved w/ USB protocol + interface adds some milliseconds, like you've theorized. As far as wired vs. wireless, that's where you might see a more perceptible difference. Not only does a wired connection have fewer "hops," all of the hardware goes into core device functionality, and is not diverted into wireless hardware and software. If you spend $25 on a wired mouse, you get $25 worth of mouse. That's my amateur take, anyways.
  7. JakeParlay

    Replay controls?

    I have been meaning to edit and post this for quite some time. I hope it helps a few people at some point. If there is a place I can stick this information that makes better sense, please let me know. I don't have a ton of experience with this forum. FREE-LOOK / FREE CAM TUTORIAL (Cliff Notes version) BACKGROUND Free-look mode in WOWS releases us from many of the game's typical viewports, allowing for much greater freedom when navigating 3D space. In the current build, you can use Free-Look mode during: Games/Matches Spectator mode Playback of recorded battle replays. Note: Don't be alarmed that Free-Look is available during live games. It can't show you anything (enemy ships, for example) that your own vessel can't already see. More importantly, every second you spend in Free-Look mode, you're vulnerable. ENABLING FREE-LOOK 1. (When spectating) click the mouse once, so that you are in the "free view" of your ship - the one where you can spin around the ship at-will. 2. CTRL-SHIFT + BACKSPACE will unlock the camera from your ship and put you in Free-Look mode. CTRL + G can be used to toggle the UI off and on, if desired Use the arrow-keys to navigate around the world. Numpad 7 will raise the camera height, Numpad 1 will lower it. ZOOMING Zooming with the mousewheel can give you really cool perspectives, but it also makes the camera much more sensitive to mouse movement. Zooming into objects can affect the rendering of special effects, too. If you zoom in super close on a burning ship, the smoke and most of the cool fire effects will probably disappear, for example. SHIP TRACKING If you want the camera to track your ship, enter Free-Look, cruise to the desired perspective (near sea level, looking up at the bow, for example), make sure at least some of your ship is centered in the screen, and press the B key. This is a really cool hidden feature. Once you're locked on to your ship, you are still free to move the camera, but the camera's relative position to your ship is fixed. Note: Most ship commands still work while you are in Free-Look. It doesn't matter if you're 20km away, staring at an anthill on a beach -- you can still turn, adjust throttle, and fire the ships guns. A single click of the mouse and you could inadvertently blast a teammate. This is mostly a heads-up, not a scary cautionary tale. Go out and have fun. Plus your teammate probably deserved it. Another Note: Using Free-Look during a live game can be exhilarating, but it does put you in a vulnerable position if you are careless. The longer you remain in free-look mode, the more detached you tend to become from the action. I have been citadeled by opening salvos simply because I was too busy poking around on deck as my ship raced into battle, doing something stupid like admiring all the fire extinguishers. REPLAYS If you're in replay mode and want to speed up the pace, use: INSERT to make time go faster DELETE to slow it down HOME to resume playback at normal speed END will pause playback. Note: If you press DELETE enough to stop game-time completely, you will not be able to navigate. Nothing wrong with doing that, but you'll need to tap INSERT or HOME before you will be able to fly around the map again. I don't mess with those < > or SHIFT + < and SHIFT + > commands I've seen referenced. My PC is about 67 years old, and those commands usually just crash me to desktop. Note: A lot of these commands work as toggles -- B can either tether or unlatch from your ship, CTRL-SHIFT + BACKSPACE will pop you in and out of Free-Look mode, and CTRL+G switches UI visibility. CAMERA PANNING AND CRAWLING To achieve incredibly smooth camera pans in Free-Look mode, you need quick fingers and just a little patience. Here comes the science: The in-game camera has a maximum speed and a fixed rate of acceleration. Pressing one of the arrow keys sends the camera accelerating in that direction until maximum velocity is reached (I think you can adjust those values in the game settings). This manual technique will give you more control than those settings alone. PANNING BASICS To try a nice smooth pan, enter Free-Look mode, then press the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys in rapid succession. LEFT first, then RIGHT, an instant later. Keep both pressed. The camera will start accelerating in the direction of your first keystroke. The second key, arriving a split-second later, will "catch" the camera before it has time to accelerate much. The faster you get both keys down, the slower the pan will be. Done correctly, this will send the camera on a nice, smooth glide for as long as you hold down those keys. You can use the same technique with the UP and DOWN keys, as well, for forward and back motion. I think that's what they call a crawl instead of a pan. You can use all four arrow keys at once to open up all sorts of possibilities for ultra-smooth camera movement. You can also use the arrow keys as a modifier for Numpad 1 and Numpad 7 (raise height, lower height). Play around with it, get crazy. FINE-TUNING CAMERA MOVEMENT SPEED You'll realize in about 14 seconds that it's not a perfect science. Fortunately, we can feather the camera speed and fine-tune our pans and crawls. Let's say you have a nice left-pan going. You can bleed camera speed by (very) briefly releasing the LEFT key and then returning it immediately to the pressed position. The RIGHT key stays down the whole time. It takes a little finesse but if you're recording cinematic replays it's a worthwhile technique. Adding speed to the camera's pan is accomplished using the same process, in reverse. The faster you can move those fat little fingers, the more fine-grained control you will have over speed adjustment. If you are slow, like me, you may end up trying to reverse the camera's direction of travel completely, instead of just slowing it down. SHAMELESS PLUG You can use these techniques to make goofy [edited]movies of your own, like this one (I think it's blocked outside NA, due to awesome music):
  8. JakeParlay

    Great Update! Santa Horns are back!

    Love ship horns, but I am a total grinch when it comes to santa horns - can't stand 'em
  9. JakeParlay

    CV Rework Feedback

    I don't use carriers but I find the air combat some of the most beautiful part of the game
  10. JakeParlay

    Okay for real now... Where is Mr Bart?

    Saw a tester version a few minutes ago brawling with some poor bastards (on my team, of course). l was excited to see this one.
  11. JakeParlay


    Was cool to see a tester ship just now - I am usually oblivious. I snapped a few screens after I sunk. She was a little banged-up by this point.
  12. JakeParlay

    Alsace... what am I doing wrong?

    I read every word, Haze. Thank you. I think you identified a significant part of my struggle... something I hadn't really factored in before. It's not just a new, unfamiliar ship. It's also a brand new tier, and a significant one. Since I played a great deal with the Richelieu, and saw Tier X opponents and plenty of IX's, I figured that this would be comparable. It is not. The strength and number of IX and X tiered ships is much higher now (duh, Jake). Things are going better now, and I can attribute 100% of that change to this discussion thread. I have rethought my tactics and strategy based on the advice here, and while I still get hammered on occasion (in-game, I mean), I am finally able to dish out some, too.
  13. JakeParlay

    Alsace... what am I doing wrong?

    1. I greatly appreciate the depth of people's responses and the advice given here. Truly. I can tell already I have a lot of improvement with my tactics. I was getting eaten alive trying to lead the charge in map center -- I think that's a large part of it. (and me being too thick-headed to think about flanking around, working perimeters, timing my charges, etc) 2. What the heck is a special French captain?
  14. JakeParlay

    Alsace getting Nerf'd

    Agree 100% on all counts. Incredibly frustrating ship so far (bought it post-nerf). 15 battleships so far, never had less fun.
  15. JakeParlay

    Alsace... what am I doing wrong?

    YEAH THAT SEEMS ABOUT RIGHT (not bitter at all)