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  1. linusboy2118

    CL vs. CA

    Historically its the Gun Size usually plus more armor on CA(Armored Cruiser) but in this game dont expect CA armor to be any better than tissue paper....unless its a Russian Cruiser(high tier).
  2. linusboy2118

    Which BB is the most legendary?

    Being from a USN family it pains me to say it would have to be Warspite. 2 World Wars, numerous ship to ship battles, the longest shot to hit recorded ship to ship(like 26000 yards), it just seemed to be everywhere it needed to be to make a mark in history. Still the stupidest thing the RN ever did was scrap this Queen of the Seas instead of saving her for a museum ship. SHAME SHAME BLOODY SHAME!!!! Well at least they kept the Victory(2nd most famous).
  3. linusboy2118

    Do you have a GC?

    the only premium ship more than $1 that i spent real money on. Worth every penny and then some.
  4. linusboy2118

    Georgia or JB?

    well i got the JB cause its bound to be gone first before the Georgia. Cant say im doing good with it but it does make decent credits even when i potato in it.
  5. linusboy2118

    Russian vs. US Battleships

    Im up to T7 on russian BBs and T8 on USN. The USN line is a painful one to grind up to NC although unlike most people i liked the Colorado with its accurate hard hitting guns, you just had to accept if you chose the wrong area of the map to go to its to slow to do anything about it. The russian line has been a blast so far up to T7. I dont know why people are saying they are inaccurate at long ranges, no more than any other BB and for 12 km and lower they are OP accurate and destructive. Just one thing to remember never give a broadside in a russian BB you will regret it even though it seems to have alot of armor but its like a cruiser when showing broadside to any BB.
  6. linusboy2118

    Have Russian BBs been made true Russian Style?

    I dont know about you but im up to T7 and so far these ships are deadly accurate and crazy powerful so much i dont even realize the 33 sec reload. Its putting my GC to shame with its Pepsicola like railgun dispersion and damage. Just dont go broadside is the only thing you need to remember.
  7. linusboy2118

    Ah the Giulio - Itsa niice!

    Its the only ship i have shelled out real money for that cost more than a dollar. Worth every cent. Most of my Krakens have come from this ship although with these new russian BBs now its got a serious rival. But no russian bias in this game.
  8. linusboy2118

    HMS Nelson

    its funny how the Nelson was the most heavily armored Battleship the RN ever built but its like swiss cheese in this game
  9. linusboy2118

    Georgia or JB?

    I have enough coal for one of these two i was just wondering which one people prefer. I liked most of the French BBs except Richel and i hated the Gneis which is i guess somewhat similar to Georgia but i would like to hear opinions from the masses. I did notice the Georgia had some wicked secondaries when i got to close in my T8 Monarch. That is something i like but i dont know how good they really are compared to other secondaries
  10. I have noticed over the past week or so that my BBs dispersion at close to medium range has gotten terrible. That includes my GC and Nagato. I literally had a Lightning sitting 7km from me just shooting constantly and every salvo i shot went everywhere but where i was aiming. I understand BBs being inaccurate at longer ranges but to have DDs go toe to toe with me at 7-8 km and watching my shells fly all over the place is just a little to much to not get angry about. Even my GC at 5 km against a cruiser i got 1 overpen as the other 9 shells flew all over the place. This kind of dispersion puts the Wyoming to shame. What the hell did you do WG?
  11. Same here game freezes up at the beginning of any match within a minute usually faster. can hear music still playing cursor still works and can hit ctrl+esc to quit game but game never recovers from freezing up
  12. linusboy2118

    What did WG do to USN CA AP?

    Im not claiming to be a Unicom or anything but i do play scenario's alot and I usually score 1 or 2 on team. Pepsicola i'm deadly accurate with and this current scenario Raptor rescue im playing like normal and first Furataka hit with 2 salvo's 19 out of 20 hits, full broadside usually get couple cits have deleted in 1 salvo before but this time get 19 overpens out of 19 hits. wth it seems everytime i shoot cruisers and DDs now with AP its all overpens and the HE isnt much better. Hit ALBA with salvo on waterline 9 overpens and 1 ricochet wth on full broadside Alba. How do you overpen the armor 9 shells but 1 shell ricochets against the same armor on full broadside. Ever since WG redid the AP for the whiny DD players nothing has worked right ive noticed across all nations and ship types both AP and HE except IJN 100mm guns those work better than they have any right to. The only time my Pepsi AP penetrated normally was against the broadside IJN BBs at the end of the scenario but no citadels even at point blank range. *
  13. linusboy2118

    Jean Bart why nerf!

    IRL Jean Bart was never fully completed it sat in harbor until british came to sink it.
  14. linusboy2118

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    Well considering WG is letting players win this for free its not going to be a very good OP premium ship like how most of them are now. Ive played against a few now and it seems very tanky and very fast but besides that cant really say. Definitely wouldnt pay what they are asking for it but im grinding the last set of missions to get it for free(and its a GRIND).
  15. linusboy2118

    Thoughts about the upcoming CV rework

    It is terrible. Just played a few T10 with Hindy against T10 Jap CV he burned me down used all my heals and everything and with an AA rating of 81 i didnt shoot down a single aircraft. He must have sent at least 8 waves against me and i couldnt shoot down a single aircraft. He ended with 5 kills and was top EXP earner even though his team lost. This is going very badly and its the same meta, if your CV is good you win if he's bad you lose except now its harder than hell to shoot down planes. i should mention it was on the Test Server so this is new CV gameplay.