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  1. linusboy2118

    What did WG do to USN CA AP?

    Im not claiming to be a Unicom or anything but i do play scenario's alot and I usually score 1 or 2 on team. Pepsicola i'm deadly accurate with and this current scenario Raptor rescue im playing like normal and first Furataka hit with 2 salvo's 19 out of 20 hits, full broadside usually get couple cits have deleted in 1 salvo before but this time get 19 overpens out of 19 hits. wth it seems everytime i shoot cruisers and DDs now with AP its all overpens and the HE isnt much better. Hit ALBA with salvo on waterline 9 overpens and 1 ricochet wth on full broadside Alba. How do you overpen the armor 9 shells but 1 shell ricochets against the same armor on full broadside. Ever since WG redid the AP for the whiny DD players nothing has worked right ive noticed across all nations and ship types both AP and HE except IJN 100mm guns those work better than they have any right to. The only time my Pepsi AP penetrated normally was against the broadside IJN BBs at the end of the scenario but no citadels even at point blank range. *
  2. linusboy2118

    Jean Bart why nerf!

    IRL Jean Bart was never fully completed it sat in harbor until british came to sink it.
  3. linusboy2118

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    Well considering WG is letting players win this for free its not going to be a very good OP premium ship like how most of them are now. Ive played against a few now and it seems very tanky and very fast but besides that cant really say. Definitely wouldnt pay what they are asking for it but im grinding the last set of missions to get it for free(and its a GRIND).
  4. linusboy2118

    Thoughts about the upcoming CV rework

    It is terrible. Just played a few T10 with Hindy against T10 Jap CV he burned me down used all my heals and everything and with an AA rating of 81 i didnt shoot down a single aircraft. He must have sent at least 8 waves against me and i couldnt shoot down a single aircraft. He ended with 5 kills and was top EXP earner even though his team lost. This is going very badly and its the same meta, if your CV is good you win if he's bad you lose except now its harder than hell to shoot down planes. i should mention it was on the Test Server so this is new CV gameplay.
  5. linusboy2118

    It's not crazy if it works- haru build

    Whatever you do that DD is way to OP in this game. Even cruisers cant go after this thing without getting wrecked and BBs are doomed a painful frustrating death. WG why do 100 mm guns do so much more damage than bigger 127 mm guns plus fire faster with better fire chance. Is that really balanced WG?? These stupid things are corrupting gameplay bc noone wants to go near an area that might have one cause its the fasted way back to port.
  6. linusboy2118

    WIP Video - Viribus Unitis (Notser)

    Flambass says this thing is way OP...what a shock WG turning out new premiums that are OP. Just like World of Tanks now wont be long before we have premium ammo mark my words.
  7. linusboy2118

    Looking for a T9/T10 Scharnhorst

    you can use elite xp to finish retraining your captain its 1 for 1 so it should be less than 100k
  8. linusboy2118

    BB damage issues/problems?

    I agree too. It's become absurd the amount of over-pens, ricochets, shatters etc against even cruisers sometimes. Even 15 in. shells are getting over-pens or ricochets against broadsiding ships at close range to the point it harder to brawl anymore. My Bismarck had a Kaba at 2.5 km all 8 guns shot right at him for 7 misses and 1 over-pen in return i got 8 torps and died while he left at about the same health he had before. I play some DDs too and it is easier to yolo BBs now for sure and still have a chance to sail away from it. But this inconsistent BB damage is killing me for sure especially cause im usually low tier in my Alsace or Bismarck. The AP is useless at range and even close up its less dangerous than it used to be to any ship not just DDs. Hell i have CVs bouncing AP shells now off their deck and sides.
  9. linusboy2118

    Alsace... what am I doing wrong?

    Im with you on this. The HE seems to work great but the AP is terrible. I just went broadside at 3.5km with Jean Bart i did 5.5k damage he did over 20k with less guns then i had Roon broadside at less than 5km with 2 front turrets less than 5k damage on a cruiser broadside aiming right where your supposed to. I guess i will stick to HE because at least i get consistent damage at any range because AP bounces at long range and does crap at short range. I guess at least i didnt play Alsace before the nerf cause i might be really pissed if i had cause every1 said this ship kicked [edited].
  10. Orion, Normandie, Lyon, Bayern(before they nerfed her), QE, and Alsace.
  11. linusboy2118

    Montana — American Tier X battleship.

    If they put Monty in game more closely as in the plans she would then be on equal footing with all the other T10 BBs so WG cant have that. Every other BB has longer range secondaries plus good accuracy from main guns except german BB so i dont understand why they limit USN secondaries so much.
  12. linusboy2118

    Bayern during WWI

    The main problem at Jutland with British Battlecruisers wasn't the design so much as Captain's and Crews removing safety Flash protection between Magazines and Shell area's that conected with the turrets. Also storing extra Cordite in easy use positions around the turret that made possible higher Rate of Fire which the British thought was more important since their Gunnery in the BattleCruiser Fleet was Sub-Par. So when a shell hit a turret the resulting flash and fire would go right down the turret through the removed Flash protection right into the magazine area which resulted in catastrophic results. Several British BC took shell hits but their flash protection was properly installed and operated so they continued the fight. 2 out of 3 BC maybe all 3 would have been fine if the ships were being used properly but RN doctrine was still ROF over accuracy since that had worked for several centuries before.
  13. linusboy2118

    good dd for scenarios

    Not a big DD guy well more specific im not a very good DD guy but ive got up to T6 on most DD lines And T7 on US and RS lines but the best DD ive found for SC is the Aigle i just bought with Coal from Arsenal.
  14. linusboy2118

    Pensacola vs Dallas

    I didn't like the Pepsi at its old tier but it's great now at T6. And both ships are great for Operationsin fact the Pepsi really seems to shine in OPs.
  15. linusboy2118

    I like the Bayern a lot. Am I alone in this?

    I used to love it, still keep it for scenarios but lately the accuracy seems worse than normal which is already terrible. I think WG did a ninja nerf or something and it seems to get less damage when you do hit ships now.