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    T8 MM

    Starting this post in hopes to catch the developers eyes. Please respond to this thread if you would like to see T8 MM improved because you are sick of getting stuck in T10 matches. T8 has the most amount of ships, yet has some of the worst MM IMO. Thank you nGoldfish
  2. Of course. I'm floored by the thought. Thank you for your kind consideration. v/r Gem
  3. Thank you again to everyone who has reached out to support. No doubt Kevin is watching! Have a great day. Gem
  4. Thank you everyone for the warm responses.
  5. Good morning fellow Captains, 5D recently lost one of our members, Kevin_Hitman. He loved the game and will be missed. 5D is hosting an honorary Tribute for him tonight (Sunday 6 Sept, at 1930 Eastern time). Everyone on the NA Server is invited to our discord at 1930 Eastern for a server wide sync drop in Kevins memory. We will be doing a 3 game sync drop in his favorite ships. The Hindi, Venezia and Shima. If you would like to join us, jump in our discord at https://discord.gg/dA2Xkvk Thank you for your support. v/r Gem VADM, 5D
  6. I'm pretty sure your the only person paying any attention to your name.
  7. LOVEBOT im pretty sure you lost your opinion after you passed this nasty message towards the people who have issues with a company misleading their customers
  8. @Femennenly Thank you for your post. Please clarify "Your transaction will not proceed if the item is not available/sold out before you complete your transaction. The people who are quick will 100% receive the selected the reward - it is not a raffle." By quick, do you mean the people who are quick to donate while items are available, as in 'donate immediately to secure your gift'? Or do you mean the people who are quick, that have to log in during the stream and claim their reward before others claim it? Thank you ahead of time for the clarification.
  9. Your missing the entire point! WG has YET AGAIN misadvertised! If they said up front in the initial splash page we will be giving limited bundles away of 3 each then none of us would have any problem, but they do not. It says, 'you donate=you choose your reward'.
  10. They could turn all the 'booster money' that they are about to earn from the horrible puerto rico event into charity donation. It would ease the slap in the face.
  11. If it was truly charity then they wouldn't need to bait people into it with 'rare' rewards... let it just be charity... they would probably generate more money for charity if they didn't dangle shinny things in front of the community. Like the 'Save the BAT' charity push to fund the DD restoration. No fancy gimmick or bait and switch. Just a straight forward, charity event. This community is extremely generous. WG needs to stop screwing with us.
  12. So let me get this straight, 200 dollars is my 'entry' ticket to race 40K other people to be the first 1 of 3 people to click on the missouri?

    (25) 2019 Black Friday Container Haul!

    Bought 7 containers, 35k free xp, and rest camos... 100% disappointment and waste of money... If you want a ship, just buy it.