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  1. AkulaAki

    Can't login to the official game website

    Good idea. Sady deleting the cookies and history hasn't resolved the issue for go to browser (Chrome), but I was able to successfully log in with another. So that seems to imply it's an issue with Chrome luckily, rather than my account.
  2. This is a new bug for me, but as the title says I cannot login to the website. In fact I've not been able too for the last couple of days (I thought it might have been an issue of busy servers first so I decided to just wait a day). This is particularly vexing given that both the 14 days of free premium that WG is offering and the "King of the Sea" collection both require activating via the button prompt from the website; but in order to do so you must first login which I can't do. The first time I try to login, everything proceeds as normal, the Wargaming.net ID page loads, I enter my email & password and then do the 2nd authentication process via my phone, hit the login button and the screen loads and takes me back to the website, only it hasn't logged me in. If I try to login in further times afterwards the Wargaming.net ID page no longer comes up and the WoWs website page just refreshes itself and continues to prompt me to login, preventing me from activating any of the website prompts. However, apparently I can log in to the forums, premium store and support pages. But even if I go back to website from any of these I will still be prompted to login whenever I try to do anything. I've never encountered an issue like this before and have logged in plenty of times of the time I've played this game. Has anyone had a similar issue before? Can anyone offer any advice or help to resolve this strange issue?
  3. Seems the wiki is already crashing out, what with a bunch of people suddenly all trying to dig the code answers out of it.
  4. Hands down has to be Kaga from AL. Glorious foxy goodness.
  5. I would certainly give a +1 to Zipang recommendation for a more "serious" anime.
  6. AkulaAki

    [ALL] KanColle Voiceover Modifications

    I'm totally down for getting some Azur Lane voices too! I'm going to be looking forward to future updates even more so it would seem. :D
  7. AkulaAki

    [ALL] KanColle Voiceover Modifications

    this is great news! <3 the wait is finally over ヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ now I just need zuikaku in there and I'll be complete ;D