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  1. Netharon

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    1. Not sure why you couldn’t shoot a torpedo. I haven’t heard of anyone else having this issue, and I certainly didn’t either. 2. That’s an opinion. Plenty of us have fun and enjoy the added multitasking and tools. 3. CV’s are not a pain when you know how to play against them. Remember you have one on your team too so it’s an even playing field for both sides. If people on your team or the other team have no issues, it’s just a matter of you figuring out how they do it so you can do it too. 4. Sorry to hear that. Can’t please everyone. 5. There’s no way they are going to refund you anything in a free to play game. As far as they are concerned, you played with what you bought, so you got some fun out of it.
  2. Netharon

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    It’s a 21 day rental if you get them in the first 7 days of the event. You were guaranteed to get the subs within 7 days or less by logging in each day for the token. You didn’t login every day so you cannot get the full 21 day use from them. The event only lasts 28 days. (28-7=21)
  3. Netharon

    Fan made sub trailer

    So you found a YouTuber with 14 subscribers that has an opinion that you think substantiates your own opinion. Congratulations.
  4. Netharon

    Played a few days of Subs and I lke it

    I get citadels from underwater all the time when playing them. It’s not easy though, because the ping interface has no tracking like guns do. Meaning your crosshairs do not follow the target’s speed.
  5. Netharon

    Played a few days of Subs and I lke it

    They may take 30 depth charges and not get destroyed because they have a deep-dive consumable for self defense. If they can’t do that to defend themselves then you are basically asking for subs to not have any skillful way to avoid destruction. This is counter to one’s mentality that BB’s need self defense. I’m fine with BB getting ASW plane consumable, but don’t mess with the deep dive mechanics. They still take glancing damage and suffer from fire and floods, so I don’t see the issue with it. Theres also no issue with acoustic torps. It’s not like they have secondary armament, guns, bombs, or rockets to fall back on. What they do have is a single weapon, ergo it needs to be useful and good.
  6. Netharon

    ROG - Looking for Replacements!

    2 spots opened back up!
  7. Netharon

    Subs do bring about a change

    I agree with this. Tons and tons of players do not use discord, so I'm not sure how this can be a good measure of community opinion either way. Now, if they want to post a link in-game and it takes you to a secure one-time login page to cast a vote, that would be much better.
  8. Fair enough. I will not retort so negatively to this. I will say though, that the situation they find themselves in that makes them behave in certain ways only happened because of the decisions made prior to said outcome. But I digress, this is a fair point to end the topic on before we derail this too much.
  9. I have plenty of experience. Also keep in mind I had an original WG account and migrated to Steam with a new account. I mentioned this in another topic so it’s likely you didn’t know that. However, my total battles wouldn’t add up to 30K. That doesn’t matter though. There are people in this game with less than 2K battles that are more perceptive and have much better stats than people with 20K+. I have seen unicum in T10 with less than 500 account battles, and I see potato’s with 30K battles with a 500PR. The sample size of how many battles someone has played isn’t a good enough measure of their perception of game balance. Only the person is themselves are. So kindly step off of the “alpha-here-since-beginning-100-battles-a-day” horse. You can be as subtle as you like when you say it, but you are making insinuations of my opinion’s value even if you don’t want to admit it.
  10. Netharon

    Subs do bring about a change

    1. CV is not OP. 2. Ships cannot ram something submerged unless it’s near the surface. 3. CVs need ASW for self defense from hunting, and to stop end-game drag-outs if there is only a CV and sub left. I do think outside the box, but it appears you are thinking inside of a non-symmetrical shape of some sort.
  11. Netharon

    Subs do bring about a change

    If a sub can’t hit a carrier, he doesn’t know what he is doing and certainly won’t be the bar that is set for subs in all games. I agree CVs need ASW though.
  12. Netharon

    Subs do bring about a change

    Couldn’t agree more sir.
  13. Netharon

    Subs do bring about a change

    It’s like cvs all over again. Everyone being afraid of change and freaking out. Cvs worked out fine in the long run after a lot of changes. Subs will too. The game is becoming stagnant and it needs more diversity.
  14. Kind of a biased place to put a topic like this for polling. You could run this same topic on the steam forum and get more pro-sub people, and the official forum had more anti-sub people. New players that came just for subs usually don’t even have a forum account or know there is one, much less a desire to share a needed opinion when they have no clue on the game’s history. I for one, have been wanting them for a long time. It was the only good thing steel ocean had to offer. The rest of their game sucked in comparison.
  15. I don’t care what I have more games in. I played cruisers a lot in the past, and found my home to be DD. It’s what I’m best in and continue to play the most NOW. So please, don’t quote me and insinuate that my opinion is worthless because of which ship class my stats show the most games in. I have played tons of DD, and the matches in the last two days just for submarine battles was more than a few. Thanks