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  1. parazail

    Broken MM

    Did rember how to screen shot at that exact second, used phone before it disappeared
  2. parazail

    Broken MM

    It wasn't even a close game bud, we got steamrolled in 5min
  3. parazail

    Broken MM

    MM made a unbalanced gamein brawls mode
  4. parazail

    Submarine Testing

    I don't like this "Dive capacity" system, if a CV focus's a sub for the entier match he will HAVE to stay under water and can never do anything until he runs out of dive capacity, or some other situation like that. I think subs should have a recoverable Dive capacity, like you have your dive capacity (DC) of say 10min for T VI after using up all 10 min of DC, sub must surface and stay surfaced for 2? min to regen dive capacity in a 1:1 ratio, with a cap of say 5 min being able to regen at max so sub uses all 10 min surfaces for 3:25 Min gets 3:25 min of DC back sub uses all 10 min surfaces for 8 min gets 5 min of DC back I also think this should scale with the sub's tier T8 should be able to have 15 min max with 8 min regenerable and T10 have 20 min max with 10 min regenerable I think there long dive capability would work well at higher tiers since there will be more Radar & Hydro at T8 & T10 than T6 THIS IS ALSO A GREAT TIME TO BALANCE CV's give all CV'S the ability to swap rocket planes for depth charge bombers/fighters this would make CV have to pick Target DD or Target SS
  5. parazail

    5 Days of Premium Ship Giveaways

    Wait a min, Graf Spee and Z-39 is also being removed and it was not mentioned in the post, is this intentional, it should at least be in the little banner saying what ships are being removed From Devblog:CHANGES IN AVAILABILITY OF SEVERAL SHIPS Remind that in Update 0.10.5 several ships will no longer be available to obtain. Starting from Update 0.10.5, the following ships will no longer be available to obtain: VI ERICH LOEWENHARDT VI ADMIRAL GRAF SPEE VI T-61 VII Z-39 VII NELSON VII HAIDA VIII ASASHIO VIII LENIN
  6. parazail

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    I'm ok with just about everything but the sub changes, specifically the sub battery changes. Why not have a system where a sub can be underwater for as long as it battery can, and once battery hit's the 1/4 or 1/6 charge it needs to surface, and can now only have 1/4 or 1/6 charge capacity, and have a consumable that functions like repair party that resets battery capacity to max DON'T PUT SUBS IN RANKED, put them in their own mode and have the mode give rewards like Big hunt, but make the rewards like idk EX:submarine coin where it runs combat missions like ranked or big hunt or dockyard and gives you a token that you can spend on coal (5k-10k for 5-10 tokens?), flags, credits, camo's. That would solve all issues of " less incentive to play for a long period of time compared to Ranked or Random battles" if anything it would likely be the most popular mode