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  1. I concur as well the I-400 along with the HMS X1 and Surcouf could be the respective tier X's of each line.
  2. With the new announcement in the Dev Blog about the Japanese I-56 with directly controlled deck guns (Albeit its only a single 140mm) I figure this one isn't far behind. The British HMS X1Cruiser Submarine: Packing 2 dual 132mm guns in full turrets it could be a legitimate threat in surface duels vs DD's especially since it was actually quite well armored for a sub. To round off its armament it had 6 bow mounted torpedo tubes a brawling sub could be great fun if done right. As for the Surcouf well its quite famous so I don't feel I need to say much however. Dual 203mm guns in a partial turret as well as some AA armament and surface free spinning torpedo tubes. Could be another interesting surface combatant.
  3. Well I suggested putting it up a tier so I feel thats a nerf enough to compensate for a Nelson with torpedoes and a spotter. (Possibly a radar as well)
  4. Since these have seemingly been confirmed with the new British BC line I would like to make a request for the legendary HMS Rodney. The only BB to have a confirmed torpedo hit on another BB the Bismarck. Its pretty much just a Nelson however with the Nelson no longer available for purchase I would love to see this ship come to the game. The simple torpedo gimmick and its name as a historical ship should make it sell quite well. To differentiate it a little further why not have it in the configuration where it had the catapult on top of the Y turret with a Supermarine Walrus. Maybe give her radar as I believe she was the first BB to be equipped with such (I might very well be wrong about that though). With all these buffs to what would be a standard Nelson I feel she might need to be moved a tier to VIII. Maybe tweak a few numbers to really have her settle in place there but overall I think it'd be a fun addition.
  5. Your system doesn't even seem to playing any game at all though. There's doesn't seem to be any strategy or aim or much interaction at all with anything. Select all planes then send them to attack a target. Wait the few minutes for said strike to happen whilst doing nothing. Pray you get decent RNG and do damage then wait for the aircraft to return and do it again. Its an ultra dumbed down version of RTS. I don't think it would be fun or even very effective based on how the RNG is handled. If it is too consistent at doing damage surface players will hate it as it requires no skill and if it sucks at doing damage no one will play it as you are effectively losing due to RNG with nothing you can do about it.
  6. I don't know how people would like such a system. The incredible amount of RNG required for it just doesn't seem all that engaging or fun. Skill expression is minimal as well as all there is to do is set fighters to cover and spam out your aircraft to attack. There's no aiming or coordination really as it seems. Just hope the AI aircraft do there job well. Imagine how frustrating it would be to have strike after strike fail due to the AI RNG just not being in your favor with literally nothing you can do about it. Might as well have not even brought the ship out of port by that point.
  7. As I stated they can often have their own fighter escort squadron on them for protection and the AA damage spread mechanic that I thought of would be in play with it as well. Not to mention it give the CV's some counter play options to heavy AA targets by allowing them to share the load of DPS. So in this system simultaneous attacks would become more common with good CV's working together to conserve aircraft. This skill allows for a ship as maneuverable as a BB to play around such a tactic by allowing them to negate the DPS sharing and knock a full squadron out of the sky.
  8. Often there are 2 CV's in a match which this can be used to counter (This rework encourages team work on the CV's part as well so they might do it often now in order to increase their survival rates during strikes). Not to mention that in this system fighters now have an escort function which would divvy up the DPS if flying into an AA zone. It also it still gives increase accuracy and a flak burst that automatically hits all for a single selection so I fail to what the complaint is.
  9. Good to know there are others out there. As they say great minds think alike.
  10. So pretty much exactly as I had said. I was more referring to the literal skill I had suggested not just the general mechanics. In my version every ship has access to the swapping of modes in regards to their dual purpose armament with ships that have main battery guns that function as such as well getting manual control. (Not a skill one needs to take just a flat out change of the Priority Sector function. O would instead swap your DP mounts mode. O being the default button for PS) The skill I suggested was for BB's to help the slower and more cumbersome ones to prevent air strikes and provide fire support. The ramping up accuracy and after a bit a targeted flak burst to really hurt the squadron.
  11. This was actually a part of a far more advanced system I had designed but felt it was too complex to effectively implement and balance.
  12. The Medium and Short range AA are more affected and handled by my proposed use of the accuracy mechanic with it playing a much larger role overall. I would love to know what your idea for a manually controlled AA skill would do.
  13. The only semi RTS mechanic is Fighters everything else plays as normal from a CV perspective and from a surface ship PoV you just now have more interactive, effective, and skill expressive options in which to engage enemy aircraft.
  14. This will be a bit of a long post combining a few of my previous suggestions into one coherent format for ease of reading. This rework seeks to make AA far more interactive and effective when used correctly as well as increasing CV on CV interactions. The numbers are not exact as this is a rough outline and they are rather easy to adjust in the grand scheme of things. The overall concept and function though is what I'd like to see. DFAA - Removed: With the removal of this consumable comes a rework to a few skills and equipment. Accuracy is a little talked about mechanic in the current state of AA but I think it could play a bigger role. Allow skills and equipment to increase accuracy of the AA armament of the ship. A new skill could be added like Proximity Fuse Shells. This would increase the AA accuracy and damage by 10 percent. Hence a CV skill of the opposite nature could be added called Evasive Maneuvers which would decrease the accuracy of AA against the squadron by 15 percent as well as increasing the time for fighters/Manual AA lock by the same amount. (The reason for this is fighters will also be reworked as will be seen later on. Manual AA is revamped new skill available for BB's) Giving players on both sides more choice. (Yes one could go over 100 percent AA accuracy to counteract such CV skills) Priority Sector - Reworked: Replaced by Dual Purpose Battery's which when activated turns all dual purpose guns from targeting sea based targets to air based ones. This increases the flak output and AA range significantly. (The normal reload times of the guns are applied to the flak produced by them as well) The flak is also tied to the firing arcs of said guns as well allowing for more thought to be given to which way you face an incoming attack. As for ships with primary guns that are dual purpose they gain a new function. Direct fire control against enemy aircraft with their main battery weaponry in which the player themselves leads the guns. Now all this comes at the cost of your dual purpose artillery being unable to fire against sea based targets for the time being. There is a 3 second switch time between modes so you can't just spam back and forth between the two mid fight. With flak now being tied to the actual number of guns firing BB's will receive significant gains in the AA department when setting their dual purpose weaponry to AA mode. (No the Yamato/Bismarck/Tirpitz does not count as having dual purpose guns just because of the ridiculous San Shiki and other special fuse shells. No matter how much you just want a flaming 460mm shotgun they were hilariously ineffective. Though hey style points I guess.) New Skill Manual AA Fire Director: Allows for manual selection of a target squadron however AA fire will cease on all other squadrons within range. (However like Manual Secondary's if the dual purpose artillery is set to AA mode they will continue to fire at other squadrons if incapable of firing at the primary designated one. Over the course of the next 10 seconds AA accuracy against the target squadron ramps up massively. (30 percent) After 10 seconds a flak barrage will automatically strike the squadron dealing the normal flak damage that ship has. Switching targets will reset the timer as with Manual Secondary's. Fighters - Reworked: (Ship deployed fighters remain the same) The Fighter consumable is no longer tied to other aircraft squadrons and is selectable from the starting loadout as any other aircraft type is. Upon selecting the fighter consumable the map will open allowing you to select where said fighters will deploy too. A short cool down period will be applied to launching fighter squadrons to prevent spam. (Yes more than one will still be able to be deployed at a time) These fighters can be targeted to an allied ship to follow them around just as a ship launched fighter would until their timer is up and they return to base as well as allied squadrons. (Note fighters will only act as a shield and die in place of strike aircraft when under attack by enemy fighters. Both squadrons types will receive damage in case of flying into AA range of a ship.) Fighters en route to their destination can not lock on and strike enemy aircraft however they can be redirected to another location. (This eats into their deploy time though) These standards fighters can indeed spot enemy ships however there comes a more interesting option in terms of skills for them with a mini buff to the Interceptor skill. With this skill equipped the Interceptors lose the ability to spot however receive a speed boost and the ability to lock onto enemy aircraft when traveling to a destination. They receive an increase to their active patrol time as well. (These too can be set to follow an allied ship akin to the regular ship deployed ones) I was debating having these be a regular squadron type but I don't think anybody would be happy if their idiot CV lost all their fighters in one go then the team has no help from the air for the rest of the match. This is designed to bring air superiority back into the mix a little increasing the CV on CV interaction as well as allowing CV's to protect their allies far easier. Now if say you ally all the way across the map is under attack you can send your fighters there to protect them without having to fly way out of your way to manually drop fighters over them wasting a lot of time for your squadrons. Not to mention regular surface ships now have a bunch of new tools at their disposal to dispose of enemy aircraft with. (I had initially designed a far more complex system but I feel this fits far easier and without such drastic changes) I understand many skills might need minor tweaks to fit this new system but overall the interaction and skill expression on every level I feel goes up not to mention build options for AA get a tad more effective. Strike Aircraft Changes: (These are still in the works as an idea) The strike aircraft now similarly to submarines have 3 flight levels they can choose between. With the highest offering the most protection by reducing AA accuracy hence increasing survivability and the lowest offering enhanced accuracy and reduced strike prep times. (Obviously the middle is a balance between the two) AA spread over multiple squadrons in an AA zone (Not targeted manually) will be less effective and spread over each squadron currently within firing range. EX: If 2 squadrons are within a ships AA zone the AA damage will be split 50/50 and if 3 it will be 33/33/33 etc. Coordinate with allied CV's for better survivability when striking heavy AA targets. I hope I covered everything from my previous posts but if I find or remember anything else I will update this. All proposed skills and equipment would be in place of those that were rendered moot by the removal and rework of said mechanics or if need be replace some of the lesser used and cared for skills and equipment.
  15. Hydro could allow you to detect them then fire at them to destroy them. Not a direct strike but could be used tactically to deny enemy territory or force them to make decisions in regards to play. (Not removing decisions like the stun bombs do)