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  1. Grammar was not really a concern of mine when writing that was more of fueled by an unbridled rage and fury so whatever. Im no english major either so whatever.
  2. Obviously the first solution is just a stop gap solution meant to get the gameplay in a better state (A much better state in my opinion, one that is bearable and provides more for the team) until a full solution (I am working on an idea for one) is available.
  3. I'm trying to grind the Russian BB line at the moment and am at tier V I put on all the flags etc have a great game 200K damage done in an all tier V match sunk 3 of them myself 4 heroic achievements and its not like I was sitting in the back no I was frontlineing it for the team. Somehow 5 people on my team aka the other flank died while doing almost zero damage 4 of them earned under 300 XP that match so a loss. No 50 percent XP boost for first win that was upsetting (Seeing the entire enemy flank come around missing almost no health, seriously did they even fire their guns) but okay I am a decent player I can get another good round. Next round I do well not as awesome but still great (It is super easy to get citadels in the tier V Russian BB) around 100K damage done some kills etc and low and behold the entire other side of the map just crumbled taking only 1 enemy with them and my team refused to go anywhere near the bases despite the fact we could have turned it around since I even out the kills, now they only had a lead in points but no the fellow tier V Jap BB just sitting in the back the entire game. The guy barely moved from spawn and the DD and CA left just ignored the caps to prevent them from winning on points so as you can guess another loss. Next game was more of the same and I was getting a little salty now. The next match I am bottom tier now half the match is tier VII but hey could be worse at least you get bonus XP from shooting things of higher tier. Of course only the tier V BB actually bothered to push with at the helm and the first ships we come across are all the enemy tier VII BB's. Two King George the V unload two salvo of HE into me for half my health and multiple fires then a third after my damage control party was up. Very fun all the angling I did really helped there. Still not down and out for the count I figured I could maybe repair and sit around waiting for the top tier BB to finally move. Silly me an invisible DD had somehow gotten up beside us all without anyone ever spotting him and all it took was one torp for my magazine to detonate and a few other to eliminate a fellow bottom tier BB. I was furious but I though hey at least the team is losing so it wont waste my first win XP bonus. How hilariously was In wrong just then the enemy CV decides to sail out into open waters to be one shot (Literally no idea why he did that). Though still my side was down a ship all of a sudden bam a dev strike and and what seemed to be a full salvo of citadels take out and cripple two of their team mates randomly and then the enemies just went in a circle in the cap they held letting my team pick them off. One enemy (A Marblehead) just straight up beached himself and was actually one shot from full health by a few salvos. As for their top tier BB's they for some reason felt sailing out into open waters with enemies on both sides was a good idea randomly and especially since the island they had to pass to do it had out friendly DD hiding behind it and they new so because their DD had just spotted him a minute ago. So one was instantly gone. All my signals and camos as well as the first win bonus gone for a measly 800 XP. How does the MM engine even work I get potatoes for 3 straight games where I am trying to carry but they literally do not do anything 2 of them earned less than 200 XP one match. Then this game I get destroyed instantly and then randomly my team down which is down multiple ships all of a sudden decimates the enemy (Albeit thanks to a bout of massive stupidity from the enemy). It is infuriating to watch I do not think I have ever rooted against my team until now after all these matches of me trying and doing amazing yet still losing the one match I do not get to do anything in due to the balance that is DD's/HE from a ship 2 tiers higher my team pulls a win out of who knows where. Sorry about the rant just needed to get that off my shoulders. I'm all good now just stunned at people in this game happy sailing yall.
  4. This is mostly because I want more CV on CV interaction in a match (More than drop fighters here to spot and maybe block the enemy CV from a small area and if you are nice drop them over your allies) while also making it easier for them to assist allies. However assisting allies requires you to fly way out your way from a prime target most of the time which most CV players do not want to do. (I do since I'm a nice guy but whenever I play one of my other ships the CV's could care less most of the time) Anyways back to the suggestion at hand. I have a basic one and a more advanced one. 1: Fighters (Aside from ship based patrol fighters) will no longer be a per squadron consumable and upon selecting them brings up an old RTS style map (Or one similar to the current autopilot) where you can command them to an area separate from your piloted squadrons or hey even have them escort you planes. They will function as normal destroying an enemy plane than returning to base to re arm and repair etc. You can have up to 3 squadrons of fighters out at a time, however they are on a timer (Run low on fuel or something or whatever reason for a gameplay mechanic) and return to the CV after 2:30 total flight time (Could be adjusted as a mechanic for some CV's maybe having longer range ones or shorter range ones). They of course will return immediately is they have shot down an enemy plane. So be careful you do not want to have all your squadrons on cooldown (Returning to base) or just about to be if the enemy CV makes a sudden push. 2: This idea incorporates all of the previous ideas but is a rework to the fighter and aircraft damage system entirely. Essentially Fighters would now do DPS instead of just killing one plane then leaving. However depending on the squadron some the bombers will fight back with their own formidable defensive fire from ball turrets, rear gunners, etc. Furthermore any aircraft that are not in an attack run will try to fight them off as well. I am still working out the mechanics and damage numbers of this idea as I have not finished it yet but I will post it when done.
  5. Yesman1337

    Weather Systems Visual and Frequency

    Yes I am just looking for more serious weather animations darker clouds/atmosphere lighting rain etc (Would be cool if it affects gameplay but that I think is a little too much). I can see the icon just fine it just feels weird looking at a screen that says there is a cyclone going on but the weather looks perfectly fine and for some reason I can not see the ship 6km away from me. Also I am only up to tier 6 about to get my first tier 7 only been playing the game about a year. (Also nice Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy status)
  6. Yesman1337

    Weather Systems Visual and Frequency

    That is actually awesome and would be a great extra game design element for a night battle for more supporting role ships firing them off to spot enemies. Why did they ever remove it just make a few changes and bring it to multiplayer as consumable maybe or a secondary the you can manually control at night time. While they are at it add that mode back as well as on Op wish I got to play that or just add more modes in general seriously this game is lacking them. No sort of convoy escort mode or base defense mode with forts or installations that need to be defended all of those would be great in multiplayer.
  7. Yesman1337

    Weather Systems Visual and Frequency

    I have never seen that, what maps does it happen on.
  8. Yesman1337

    Weather Systems Visual and Frequency

    That sounds awesome and I wish I had been able to play that. Imagine firing a star shell from some of your guns to light up and spot enemies at night (That may be a bit over the top).
  9. Yesman1337

    Weather Systems Visual and Frequency

    It snows on some maps? I do not think I have ever seen snow even on the arctic maps, and all I am asking for is merely a visual upgrade on the weather no gameplay changes required.
  10. Yesman1337

    Weather Systems Visual and Frequency

    Obviously not to those extremes of a typhoon covering ships but just add some more rain make the battlefield darker, the sea a little choppier if I am in a storm I'd like a little more storm.
  11. Yesman1337

    Weather Systems Visual and Frequency

    I'm no meteorologist but interesting to learn classification system of it but still, I feel the storms could be beefed up a bit more and if it is just wind as you say why all of a sudden can my ship not see the other ship a 5 km away.
  12. I'd first like to say I would like to see more variations in the weather on the maps almost every match is just a nice sunny day could we get some night maps. Now what I really wanted to ask is even when there is weather I barely notice it. It claims there is a cyclone going on yet the map looks almost the exact same well darn if this ain't the quietest cyclone in the history of the world one moment I can see a ship the next I can't and I look around confused until I realize it says there is a supposed cyclone going on. Make the storms more fierce more rain cloudy skies etc have a flash of lightning now and then maybe make it a mechanic when in a rocky ocean because of the storm dispersion on shells is increased from the rocking or that CV squadrons have lower spotting distances for finding people and being found and maybe causing attack runs to have longer start up times. Finally for fun maybe throw in a monsoon or hurricane off to the side of the map just for some cool visuals to show where the weather is coming from.
  13. Yesman1337

    Italian BB's On The Way (My Picks/Guesses)

    They a lot of large caliber secondary batteries compared to any other ship of their tiers. I figured that could be enough to keep them unique and give them a fighting chance referring to the tier III/IV. As for down tiering them all yeah I guess that seems fair enough. As for the Christopher Columbus I have never heard of that one do you have any sources on it. I would like to see it.
  14. This is just some speculation as to what BB we could see and what I would like to see. Tier III: Regina Margherita - Fairly standard low tier BB in most respects but with 4 305mm (In 2 dual turrets) guns but the unique thing about it would be the large caliber secondary's 4 203mm (In 4 single turrets) along with 12 152mm as well. A small host of smaller calibers as well and a smattering of AA. Tier IV: Regina Elena - Only 2 main battery guns of 305mm in a configuration of 1 in one turret in the front and back but a whopping 12 203mm secondary batteries along with a bunch of smaller ones. Tier V: Dante Alighieri - This is sort of a switch up period in the line going to 12 305mm main battery guns but still packing a lot of 120mm secondary batteries Tier VI: Conti Di Cavour - Carrying 13 305mm in 3 triple turrets and 2 double turrets along with a large host of 120mm secondary's and some smaller ones it would have some crazy firepower Tier VII: Andrea Doria (The WW2 modernized/refitted version would be the upgradeable hull losing a main battery turret for better performance elsewhere) - The base variant has 13 305mm and as usual a lot of secondary batteries (152mm ones) when upgraded it would lose the center 3 barreled turret for an increase in caliber to 320mm along with more speed/armor and more secondary's 12 203mm or 12 135mm (I cant remember) as well as 10 90mm on top of a bunch more AA Tier VIII: Francesco Caracciolo - The ship was never completed but it was to have 8 380mm guns around 20 152mm batteries. I do not know much more about the ship nut Im sure WG could come up with some stuff. Tier IX: Vittorio Veneto - Basically a Roma as in game currently but I figured to give it a boost since it is now a tier up add some extra historically accurate consumables aka a radar which you would get upon upgrading the hull from the base one with only the 12 152mm and minimal AA to getting an extra 10 90mm and a lot more AA along with more health etc. Tier X: I genuinely have no idea what this could be but Im sure there were some crazy designs floating around somewhere for a giant pizza BB to rival the Yamato/Iowa classes I Kind of want another sort of pseudo secondary BB line with the lower tiers it could be crazy fun having such large secondary's and so many of them.
  15. The skins we got are definitely cool and look great but what I am confused about is the fact there actually is an Autobot that transforms into an aircraft carrier his name is Broadside and he would have fit perfectly into this event because he actually is a ship. You could even reskin the aircraft to be like the jet he turns into. Is it at all possible to get this since it would be awesome. He would be a skin for the USS Midway or HMS Audacious since those I think are the two carriers that look the most similar to him but I suppose it could probably be given to another one. It is a skin after all.