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  1. Yesman1337

    Halland ASW Rockets Functioning?

    What happens if they hit an enemy ship?
  2. I could've sworn I'd just seen the Swedish DD's ASW rockets actually firing. Please tell me they actually added this to the game. Makes them just that much cooler also if they do function what happens if they impact a surface vessel.
  3. Yesman1337

    I miss dead eye

    It would be an interesting full DPS build. You would have to forgo a lot of survival skills for it but at least it would allow for more build options. Go full damage with secondary and main battery boosts or tank up. Maybe go for a hybrid of the two.
  4. Yesman1337

    I miss dead eye

    Agreed, they could've reworked the skill like I had suggested and I believe it would have been fine. (I had suggested 2 options) 1: Select the enemy ship akin to manual secondary's and it would charge up over 30 seconds upon which you would get the bonus accuracy on your next salvo. 2: Select the enemy ship same as before but every consecutive salvo against that ship reduces dispersion by 2 percent up to a maximum of 10 percent after 5 salvos
  5. Yesman1337

    Question to the people who play CV

    Depends if I am trying to win or farm Exp. If I am trying to win I hound the DD as DD's are what win game most of the time from what I have seen and experienced. I won't be able to do much damage to it but I can hope my team has half a brain to fire at it at least. If am trying to farm Exp I just go after whichever is the easiest target to hit whether is be a BB or CA or a CL maybe even it's a DD who just beached himself or I have a good line on him and he isn't maneuvering. Not to say I wouldn't drop fighters on him if I happen upon him but I would generally be going for damage. If I don't ever spot the DD or try to the game usually ends in a loss as DD's are easily the most powerful class when it comes to dictating the flow and direction of a match. Due to their stealth and alpha strike potential from torpedoes being able to near one shot and most certainly cripple and and all ships from stealth. (It may not be the highest total damage but the effective damage is what matters, as with other ships slowly firing AP and burning with HE other ships can repair it acting as if it never happened due to it being slower over time. While with torpedoes its all up front and immediate with little time for a ship to do anything about it as they will most likely then be the focus of enemy fire if they are somehow still alive) While they also are the only ship that is really capable capping without being blow to kingdom thanks to their smoke screens as well. DD's control the flow of the game and only get more powerful as the match goes on and the number of ships physically capable of spotting them is decreased or the consumables run dry.
  6. Yesman1337

    Cristoforo Colombo (Unique Upgrade Idea)

    As well as improved AA range and damage.
  7. That was merely one of the many suggestions I made. Yes it does a rely a bit on team work but after all for good or for worse this is a team game and you do need to rely on your team mates to some extent. You can't 1 V.S. 12 every match no matter how good you are.
  8. If you plan on going solo (Which against a CV isn't a the greatest choice in general but still doable if played right) Take the Catapult Fighter consumable as the FDR can not pre drop to save planes and fighters guarantee a single enemy attacker kill so their enormous health pools do not matter. So he is guaranteed to lose many aircraft if he attacks you while they are up. Either that or he will ignore you for the duration of it which still is good as that is a full minute of him not attacking you. Always use Priority Sector half the people I see ignore it but it really does help. As for each armament type the best way of dodging it is to turn into (Or way depending on which you are close too) Torpedo and Rocket aircraft while the bombers you want to show your side to as the ellipse for it is long not wide. If you are with a group (Depending on the size of the group you can basically forget CV's even exist as they can neuter any attack run at all. Try and keep and AA ship nearby especially something with flak as that will absolutely destroy them. Also call for the friendly CV to drop fighters over you as again it can not pre drop and does not have the speed to get away from them guaranteeing big losses for the FDR player. Honestly the FDR is one of the easiest CV's to deal with when alone as all you need to do is just screw up one attack run of his and you are safe for the next 30 seconds due to the long intervals between each run. Compared to almost any other Tier X CV and if they miss one drop they are already coming around for another. As well the Catapult Fighters are actually incredibly good against it. Dodge his first strike wait 25 seconds then launch your fighters and that is a full minute and half of immunity against him unless he wants to incur serious losses which for an FDR matter as those aircraft take forever to regenerate. So it will neuter him in the long run even if it seems he is damaging you he is only hurting himself for later in the game.
  9. Yesman1337

    Cristoforo Colombo (Unique Upgrade Idea)

    I was very tired when I wrote this yeah I am unsure of my choice there but not exactly a big deal. Still over all gets the idea across.
  10. Yesman1337

    German Battlecruisers Designs Major Ball Drop

    I'll be honest I was expecting the Kreuzer P design (Looked like an upgraded Graff Spee) and its variants to make up the line. Topped off by some form of supped up O class not a bunch of WWI designs. I know that I didn't mean to quote you there on that. I am just having a hard time believing these are supposed to be 1940s designs as they clearly don't look the part.
  11. Yesman1337

    German Battlecruisers Designs Major Ball Drop

    Same, I thought those were the supposed Mackensen class succesor ideas they had. Your telling me they designed those monstrosities at the same time as designing the Bismarck, Tirpitz, and the literately O class battlecruiser. How on earth was the O class in development and design at the same time as these ship.
  12. Yesman1337

    Cristoforo Colombo (Unique Upgrade Idea)

    As I stated the numbers could be tweaked but it seems yall are in agreement that this could and would be a great choice for what a UU should do for the ship.
  13. The description of the line states that it should have good secondary performance. The ships don't really though due to poor accuracy, lack of range, and the 90mm guns not being able to penetrate anything. So I figured it would be an obvious choice for the lines Unique Upgrade. The line is another sort of frontline tanks like the Russian's and German's as well but it uses it's smoke to absorb damage and push. Combine this with it's poor accuracy this encourages it to push even more. So why not help it out a little more along the way with a cool unique upgrade. I figure it could also get an AA buff of sorts as when encouraging pushing it make you a target of the CV as you are by yourself. UU: Enhanced Secondary and AA riffling/munitions (In slot 6) Main Battery Reload: +8 percent Main Battery Traverse Speed: +10 percent Secondary Battery Fire Chance: -25 percent Secondary Battery Range: +10 percent AA Range: +10 percent (Extend the long range aura of it out) Secondary Battery HE Pen: + 40 percent Secondary Battery Accuracy: +25 percent (Or - 25 percent dispersion) Secondary Battery Reload Speed: -10 percent Reduces main battery performance slightly along with the fire chances of the secondary battery however this comes with massively increased secondary and AA performance. An increase to range and accuracy across the board for them. (Numbers can always be tweaked but this is something along the line of what I feel should be done)
  14. I said it would only be plus 50 percent for everything asides from credits keeping it a good camo without breaking it.
  15. Yesman1337

    Bearn Secondary Build

    So from the looks of the stats it does seem to get the full complement of 155mm and 75mm guns which is nice in and off itself. As I read further I noticed that is had a base range of 5.6 km. This even longer than the German CV's and if it has half decent accuracy you can get it out to about to 8.5 km when fully kitted out. (Hopefully with decent accuracy) On top of this her surface detection range can be brought down to about 11 km allowing for a sort of small window of where an enemy is safe from its fire. The only thing that could make this a better surface duelist CV is if they gave it the torpedo armament it actually had. Also if they gave it the torpedo bombers that it was actually designed to have as well might be nice. Seriously there was an entire problem with construction of it or something of the sort (At least I remember reading about such a while back I could somewhat misremembering) because they need to make the elevator bigger specifically for torpedo bombers (Which they of course did in the end). Anyways besides all that I am rather interested in what currency this CV will be available for and if it's secondary weaponry will have decent accuracy, as it could be a lot of fun.