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  1. panamaz28

    So many posts get removed?

    my avatar was banned this same picture but she had black hair, so I got permanent zero points. what are points ?
  2. panamaz28

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    if you read it from the very first KOS announcement the last 2 where twitch container drops, then as the few weeks went by it changed to the last 2 pieces are from twitch MISSION drops, so ?
  3. JB is over rated. Musashi crushes it every time, GET THE COMMANDER !!!
  4. panamaz28


  5. panamaz28

    Update April Fools' Day

    yeah, uhh I don't read code !! thanks for the leak fix though, only took 3 weeks... thank you for real !!!!
  6. panamaz28

    King of the sea Collection?

    they changed it, the 2 from the twitch where supposed to be container drops ? also just go back and read it, its right there container drop, then it changed to mission ?
  7. panamaz28

    WOW crashing

    after 2 yrs ughh !!
  8. panamaz28

    Could not load system resources

    no, your comp runs fine, I get DC every time I got into inventory, naval battle tab, anything. then my ticket says do this do that, like im a computer wizard, im not going into any folders
  9. im old guy, not tech savvy, I can wait till the fix, not going into comp directives, my luck I will black out my computer, thanks for the update when it goes live also just found out how to make my home page look cool !! I got a sexy pic, RIGHT !!
  10. panamaz28

    0.9.2 post-release bug compensation

    BIG TIME BUG ON SUPPOSED LEAKING MEMORY. screwing up my clans naval battles since I cant join because when I click the tab it locks me out, bummer, ever since the update, but I must say the new flag and single click in test server is great !! EDIT - also hapa_fodder seems to be doing a good job taking over !! thank you
  11. panamaz28

    Public Test of Update 0.9.3: Round 2

    got my REWARDS, they did it manually, I swear wargamer does a great job, thank you !!
  12. panamaz28

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    Hilarious !!! you wont be getting a tier 7 until NEXT tournament, when is the next tournament ? doing the math ohhh probably 6 months if its on tournament10 and it started in what 2016 ? what a scam. this is almost as bad as berrnie Madoff !!!
  13. panamaz28

    Public Test of Update 0.9.3: Round 2

    never got my rewards, sent a ticket they said I got it sunday, besides you usually don't get rewards until the next round starts
  14. panamaz28

    Public Test of Update 0.9.3: Round 2

    what happened to all the smart people...…..
  15. panamaz28

    WOW crashing

    I don't play this game to go into my computer files and start goofing off with stuff, shouldn't have to go into file directory, im not a computer geek