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  1. WendellThrewUp

    Removed from queue....

    Getting it here in Coop and Random.
  2. High Level advice for new players, a.k.a stuff I wish I knew before I started playing this game. 1. You pay for this "Free to Play" game. You will pay, in money or in time, for playing this game. Figure out how much of which you want to invest early on. If you want to go "Free to Play" all the way, be aware that this game is designed to get you to spend money by making certain things frustrating. If you decide to spend money, most advice says new players get the best value out of premium time. 2. Figure out early why you like this game. You do not have to look far online to find lots of information about what people don't like about this game. Figure out those things you like, focus on them, and don't apologize for them. You like the pretty ships? You like building a collection? You like grinding for resources? You like to pew pew? You want to get competitive? Random or Coop? Social or Solo? Make the things you like the focus of your investment, and don't get bummed out about the things you don't like. Don't let anyone else (including the developers) tell you what you "should" enjoy about this game. If you can't find anything about this game you like, stop playing, there are lots of other things to do in life. 3. Things are always changing, and always will. IFHE, CVs, Ship Lines, now Subs. Sometimes sales are good, sometimes they are not. Just because WG did something for Xmas last year, it does not mean they are going to do it the same way, or at all, this year. Expect that your favorite meta will change if you play this game for a while. Your favorite ship will get nerfed, of buffed! And if WG does change the thing about this game you like, see the last part of #2. 4. Joining a Clan is a good investment for most players. There are lots of clans out there and the base benefits you get from joining the right clan make it worth it. There is a clan for everyone out there, keep looking until you find a home. 5. Resources and what to do with them. Do whatever you want with your resources that makes you enjoy the game. That being said, here are my totally not contradictory opinions: - Steel/Coal: I generally believe it's not going to be worth it to spend that hard earned coal or steel on any ship that's not a Tier 10. Why? because (with caveats from #3) you can get that anniversary super container and Tier 10 (insert event here)-flake. - Coal: 175K commanders are overpriced, but if you enjoy this game as "World of Commanders" fire away. Certain upgrades with the coupons are totally worth it. - Free XP: First: Unlock modules on new tech-tree ships; Second: FreeXP past unloved or unwanted Tech tree ships (Tier 9 is a good place to skip the credit and XP-sink); Next: Buy any non-Tier 10 Free XP premium; Dead Last: Buy an overpriced 2M Tier 10 FreeXP Ship. - Doubloons: So you paid money, or just got some free doubloons? It's probably a good idea to save 1-2K for Captain retraining, re-speccing, or upgrade demounts. Then buy the 5K premium camo for your shiny new Tier 10. Then do whatever you like. - Research Bureau: See #1 about making you pay. You want that Ohio and you are willing to pay again for all the ships you had to grind through to get to tier 10? Maybe if you have zillions in FreeXP and Credits doing nothing, be my guest. 6. Make up your own mind. If you want to know what to do about upgrades, ship lines, premiums, whatever, start with the Wiki. There is a ton of good information there, and most recommendations for skills and upgrades are pretty sound for new players. As for other information, don't listen to every slick Community Contributor's U-tube channel or serial over posters on the forum. Seriously, there are only a handful of people (and maybe a few people from your clan?) out there giving consistently good advice, and even if I don't agree with her :-) on everything it's always informative. And if you read this far, and disagree with me on anything, feel free to ignore me too. And, because the world has little use for poetry (like my advice): If you see me in battle, And chat to say hi, But don’t see me respond, Don’t think that I’m shy. Please don’t bother reporting, For at Karma I scoff, Its just that in Randoms, My battle chat is turned off. I've had my fill of the stupid And I'm not on retainer, to hear the latest blather From the anti-cv complainer. And don't get me started, By Pinging my plot, Those potato BBs, Chatting “DD need to spot”. I've sailed enough of these seas, Won or lost more than twice, Now I'll happily ignore the dead, And your brilliant tactical advice. So I'll watch what you are doing And help when I can, Compliment good team play, And ignore all the spam. And if you want my attention I'll happily afford, To reply to your message, Out on Discord.
  3. WendellThrewUp

    Clarification for selling Moskva?

    This. This right here is the absolute minimum that should happen for owners of Moskva with the Type 20 permanent camo. I don't see why WG does not get this, and has not already clarified that this is what will happen. This is minimally in line with what has happened before. I always read other comments in the forum about "I'm not spending another cent" etc. and rolled my eyes, but if this is not "done right" by your customers, I'm going to seriously reconsider where to invest my time and money. This will set a precedent and devalue all permanent camo to the point where it just doesn't make sense to do anymore, and this is one of the few remaining things I enjoy about this game. It's almost as if someone's nephew with a new business degree got put in charge in St. Leninsburg last November, and every decision and event since has represented worse and worse value for customers/players.
  4. WendellThrewUp

    Admiral Makarov

    Let me add my voice to those who would like to see this ship offered for sale again soon.
  5. WendellThrewUp

    Dry Dock: Warship Size Comparison

    I was wondering where I heard that music before... Did the "Fishing: Barents Sea" developers give you guys permission to use that track?
  6. WendellThrewUp

    Suggestion for ships purchased with steel

    I Agree and posted this earlier in another thread:
  7. WendellThrewUp

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    Here is what I think should happen: - captains who got the boat for steel should keep the current camo. - when it rolls out for coal, it comes with a new camo. Only steel purchasers keep the old camo, and get the coal camo for free. Now coal purchasers can never get the steel camo. You have to set a precedent and incent people to buy boats for steel, otherwise they could just wait around for it to get switched to coal.
  8. WendellThrewUp

    Containers are missing a ship

    Yes, please make it available soon. The only (non-black, arp, dragon) premium I’m missing, and Ive been waiting for re-release for well over a year.
  9. It’s pretty simple. I’m not going to re-grind or re-pay for content I already have. I’m not resetting any Tier 10’s for anything. If the content behind the Research Bureau makes me uncompetitive I’m done.
  10. WendellThrewUp

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    So, when you did steel whaling last Christmas, someone from WG was quoted in response to concern about "selling steel" (something to the effect that) only 40% of players actually would be able to get any steel, like 5% would get more than 1000 steel and 0.4% would be able to get enough to get a ship. My guess would be a not insignificant number of that 0.4% is uninterested in RB. So why all the time and effort into this if there are only a very small number of players who are going to do this? Expenses at WG HQ must be way to high if Milking that .01% is going to save the yearly finances.
  11. WendellThrewUp

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    No... I don't think I will be doing this with any of my (17) Tier 10 lines/ships. Want to incent me to play low tier on a more frequent basis? I would love to earn a "Battles Played", "Base XP Average", or "Average Damage" "Broad Pennant" specific to a ship to fly from the topmast or foremast. I would love a good warship-like Perma-Camo for my Tier 5 "keepers". I won't be selling and replaying any tier 10 lines for any of these new currencies or ships.
  12. Clearly, the community is wise to the fact that this is just another stab at NTC, with the core requirement being to resell your whole line and re-grind. Under no circumstances will I sell and regrind an entire line that I have invested time and money into to get to TX. This is the lowest effort money grab WG have ever attempted. There is no reward or OP premium worth it in my opinion. And I'm incensed that they attempt to sell it as an incentive to get more players into lower tier ships. There are so many other ways to incentive lower tier play, not requiring the reinvestment, they haven't even tried to implement.
  13. I bought 2 packs of 20 Mega and opened before work this morning. I had all of the ships on the list except Nikolai, Belfast, Gremmy, and Missouri. I thought for sure I would only be able to get them if I got a ship, but of the ships I got, in order: First crate Monaghan (oh crap I thought I wasn’t supposed to get duplicates? Did I make a big mistake?) T-61 ( uh oh) Roma ( well at least the Dubloon’s will be nice) Belfast ( woo hoo! If this is it I’ll be happy) T-61 again ( don’t even care about duplicates anymore) Missouri (Holy Cow!!!) Gremmy ( Big Smiles ) 2nd to last crate: Nikolai.
  14. WendellThrewUp

    Cossack or Le Terrible worth buying?

    Le Terrible's lack of smoke + Poor Detection = crippling lack of utility for a DD.