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  1. WendellThrewUp

    Clarification for selling Moskva?

    This. This right here is the absolute minimum that should happen for owners of Moskva with the Type 20 permanent camo. I don't see why WG does not get this, and has not already clarified that this is what will happen. This is minimally in line with what has happened before. I always read other comments in the forum about "I'm not spending another cent" etc. and rolled my eyes, but if this is not "done right" by your customers, I'm going to seriously reconsider where to invest my time and money. This will set a precedent and devalue all permanent camo to the point where it just doesn't make sense to do anymore, and this is one of the few remaining things I enjoy about this game. It's almost as if someone's nephew with a new business degree got put in charge in St. Leninsburg last November, and every decision and event since has represented worse and worse value for customers/players.
  2. WendellThrewUp

    Admiral Makarov

    Let me add my voice to those who would like to see this ship offered for sale again soon.
  3. WendellThrewUp

    Dry Dock: Warship Size Comparison

    I was wondering where I heard that music before... Did the "Fishing: Barents Sea" developers give you guys permission to use that track?
  4. WendellThrewUp

    Suggestion for ships purchased with steel

    I Agree and posted this earlier in another thread:
  5. WendellThrewUp

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    Here is what I think should happen: - captains who got the boat for steel should keep the current camo. - when it rolls out for coal, it comes with a new camo. Only steel purchasers keep the old camo, and get the coal camo for free. Now coal purchasers can never get the steel camo. You have to set a precedent and incent people to buy boats for steel, otherwise they could just wait around for it to get switched to coal.
  6. WendellThrewUp

    Weekly Combat Missions – Happy New Year!

    And no permanent camo discount... and no tech tree discount.... and no upgrade discount... The grinch has certainly been to St. Leninsburg this year. I am disappoint.
  7. WendellThrewUp

    Containers are missing a ship

    Yes, please make it available soon. The only (non-black, arp, dragon) premium I’m missing, and Ive been waiting for re-release for well over a year.
  8. It’s pretty simple. I’m not going to re-grind or re-pay for content I already have. I’m not resetting any Tier 10’s for anything. If the content behind the Research Bureau makes me uncompetitive I’m done.
  9. I think if they just gave everyone 500 tokens it would be acceptable...
  10. WendellThrewUp

    Kleber Permacamo

    The Type 20 Permacamo for Kleber has no textures on the fore and aft Gun directors, just a black texture with what I assume is the words "texture not found". Sorry if this has been brought up before, I did a search and didn't find anything.
  11. WendellThrewUp

    Collections: Completion and Rewards

    Yes, that's understood. But I won't get Coal AND a Collection Item. If I want a collection item, I have to take another type of container. And not get any coal.
  12. WendellThrewUp

    Collections: Completion and Rewards

    If this is a change, then it's nerfing the resource containers to be "Coal or Collection". Boo Hiss.
  13. Now that I don't have to watch twitch to get a ship for this update, can you just sell Makarov now?
  14. WendellThrewUp

    Stream Rewards in Update 0.8.8

    Can you just sell the Makarov? I'd much rather buy it then have to sit through Twitch and hope.