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  1. MakeAWish_Kid

    That's it for me, screw this game

    Another day, another sub par player trying to cause drama. [edited]. REEEEEEEEEE!
  2. Thank you for quick response @spongemon9. Looking at your stats, you should be able to improve your Hakuryu average damage. Other than that, I think you do know whats working with the CVs and what isn't. Once again, thank you for your time on this busy sunday night brother. O7
  3. CVs are completely balanced in this game. Anyone who says otherwise has their heads in the sand or has never even played a CV. Here are my Midway stats if the mob wants to make my “inexperience” or “lack of skill” a reason why they think I’m wrong.
  4. MakeAWish_Kid

    At a loss for words... HOW???? (PVE Thread)

    What not play randoms like the rest of society????
  5. MakeAWish_Kid

    Andrew Cunningham Pennant does not show up on ship

    Will take a look Edit: one of my mods that changed the japanese flag design to the Rising Sun also caused the Union Jack to not show up. @Hapa_Fodder Thank you for the help! Mahalo, MakeAWish
  6. Hello, I just recently got Andrew Cunningham and put him in my Thunderer as its new commander. But the pennant does not show up on the ship. I also stuck him in my Nelson to see if it is a problem with just the Thunderer and the pennant does not show up on Nelson either. Is there something I am missing or is this just a bug that needs to be fixed? Any answers will be greatly appreciated.
  7. MakeAWish_Kid

    0PR Goliath game wth

    id like to see you try
  8. MakeAWish_Kid

    0PR Goliath game wth

    yeah, the goliath is really fun, even if it doesn't have any novel traits. Always be moving and kiting. good map awareness is key in not getting blapped from some random camping BB from the other side of the map. HE fire chance is really high even with me running IFHE and no Demo Expert. Feels kinda like a mini conqueror.
  9. MakeAWish_Kid

    0PR Goliath game wth

    I went with Range. Worked well in testing and allows you to have more time to dodge incoming fire in order to mitigate damage.
  10. MakeAWish_Kid

    0PR Goliath game wth

    Cool. Thank you for the civilized response. Wish others were like you!
  11. MakeAWish_Kid

    0PR Goliath game wth

    yall just salty that im a better player than yall!
  12. MakeAWish_Kid

    0PR Goliath game wth

    Hello All. I just a match in Goliath where I did really well, so I went to take a look at the stats I earned for that battle and I was given 0PR. Why is this and will this be fixed?
  13. MakeAWish_Kid

    PVE hole in patch 0.9.1

    Thank you for the quick response. Have a good rest of your Monday!
  14. MakeAWish_Kid

    PVE hole in patch 0.9.1

    Hello Captains, Since it has been announced that Wargaming will be removing Narai upon the release of 0.9.1, this leaves players that play PVE and gaping hole in content that we actually want to play. Currently, Narai is the only Operation worth playing. Can we be given back Operation Cherry Blossom and Dynamo back while Narai is being fixed. @Femennenly is there any way we can make this happen? thank you for your time!
  15. MakeAWish_Kid

    [LODGE] is Looking for Solid, Smart, Active Players

    Fun group of guys. Always people on to play with and have a good time. I would highly recommend this clan.