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  1. itsCipper

    Useless Captain Skills?

    Sounds very interesting. IDK why so many people cant design and perform a simple experiment properly....
  2. itsCipper

    MM bug keeps me losing

    @Tom_Voke if you want some help, i will gladly be of service. I've played this game for a while now, and there might be some things I can teach ya, expecially with CVs. just send me a DM and ill be there for ya
  3. itsCipper

    MM bug keeps me losing

  4. itsCipper

    MM bug keeps me losing

    nope, i win 80% of my games when i play randoms. here are my stats if you want some evidence: https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1029317430,_CPR/
  5. itsCipper

    MM bug keeps me losing

    can you provide us evidence of this? any replays that we can help analyze in a constructive manner to see how we can get you some wins?
  6. itsCipper

    MM bug keeps me losing

  7. itsCipper

    New Year Community Event

    @Ahskance will this also take into account any free xp we convert with doubloons?
  8. most likely is affected by a mod. I had the same issue until I disabled the mods from modstation. Try loading the game in safe mode and seeing if it fixes it.
  9. itsCipper

    Commentary on CO-OP versus PVP Players

    I'll do some farming simulator then, just for you. Snowflakes aint gonna farm themselves you know. :wink:
  10. itsCipper

    Commentary on CO-OP versus PVP Players

    What do you mean by nefarious???? Are you able to elaborate with evidence of this???? Also, I stream pretty much everyday, including ranked, clan battles, and randoms. I will never touch coop because it is too boring and my viewers do not want to watch me play the "W-key" simulator. And no, i do not have an alt where i play only coop.
  11. They are so broken dude. Like I was playing some games last night, and 2 shikishimas killed the enemy CV in the first 4 minutes of the game. This is crazy!
  12. itsCipper

    I have 1M free exp what to buy ?

    Do you own the Nelson yet? It costs 375k free xp iifc, but it is a really strong ship at its tier and is being removed in the next couple of months.
  13. itsCipper

    Meat defeats Veganism!

  14. Hello there. I was looking at the rewards for the Ships and Fate campaign which reads as follows: I was looking for clarification on whether or not port slots would be given out with these ships, or would the port slots we already have be consumed? @Hapa_Fodder would you perhaps know the answer to this? Thank you all for your time and happy holidays! - CPR
  15. You literally accrue ELITE COMMANDER XP on 19pt captains rn. I have about 10m commander xp saved up right now