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  1. _CPR

    Match Making Paradigm Shift

    Thanks for reaching out! Yeah, I see WOWS as a game that I play to have fun with friends. Is there truly anything wrong with playing with friends? In addition, I am an active player in one of the top 10 clans on the server where I played over 100 games last season including games in the hurricane league. If you want to put me down by looking at my stats, just remember "Stats arent everything". PS, i'd avoid stat shaming on the forums in the future, as I'm pretty sure it is violating rules set in place.
  2. _CPR

    Match Making Paradigm Shift

    Exactly. I have no concerns with the matchmaking we have right now. I've been holding at a 79% win rate in randoms for like the last 5 months, and i think its fine.
  3. _CPR

    Match Making Paradigm Shift

    this is far from the truth Only a small minority of clans even participate in CBs anyways, and only the top 1/3 of those that actually play make it to storm or higher. There would be too little players in your Enhanced MM that queue times will make players less likely to play the game
  4. This is probably what changed @kiwi1960. About a patch or 2 ago, the UI was changed and now Ship Xp isnt shown, but its still there. Since you've been gone from the game for a little bit from what is sounds like, you might've not seen the new changes until now.
  5. I completely disagree. Having your planes in the air can cause the enemy to forget how to play. The most thing imo about CV is coming in with torp bombers and turning ships into my div mates for dev strikes, or using rockets to turn DDs into torps. Just cause you dont do damage doesnt mean you dont impact game. Good CV players know that and do well at forcing the enemy into kill zones. Damage comes naturally
  6. you asked for them to sell you research points and you dont like the answer that you can use Free XP.... smh
  7. Secondary spec Enterprise or Lexington if you don’t have Enty
  8. _CPR

    Another Week, another Chat Ban......

    why dont you just be happy that there is a game that you can play during quarantine???
  9. _CPR

    Impossible to get Petro Perma Camo

    you get tokens for each time you play ochakov, bagration, and mikoyan. you should get more than enough tokens but doing this.
  10. With the way that you described your experiences playing this game, i think you may need some help in learning how to play, and that is perfectly fine. My first tip would be to focus more on staying alive. By surviving longer, you will do more damage and earn more XP and credits, and your team will have a higher chance of winning. Feel free to ask for help in-game, for your teammates will certainly help you to the best of their ability.
  11. _CPR

    Submarine tokens where?

    They are incentivizing players to play surface ships by giving extra XP bonuses. helps players grinding at tier 6 or just wanting to bring their Fuso out to get some extra XP while allowing for a perfect testing environment for the submarines.
  12. _CPR

    Submarine tokens where?

    awesome!!! I got the subs on the first drop. thanks for the find @6a6a6a
  13. _CPR

    Submarine tokens where?

    I was looking for them too, but I could not find anywhere to exchange the token in the armory. @Hapa_Fodder do you have any insight on this?
  14. _CPR


    Why so toxic???
  15. _CPR


    the ship is fine, its just the fact that only those that play competitively are able to get it which skews the stats