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  1. Ellyh

    Is AA still too Weak?

    I have to agree that most of the issue is the crazy scaling as we go up tiers. Playing T6 upgraded against a T8 BB or CA is just painful!
  2. Ellyh

    undo nerf of tier 6 CVs please

    Including T8 AA which will solve the problem of T6 carriers, or at least allow them to then do more fine tuned balancing
  3. Ellyh

    Better Hurry with that Hotfix Fix!

    T6 is most certainly not fine when uptierd to T8, with the bugged 400% AA buff at Tier 8 your entire squadron explodes when trying to approach a T8 ship, I was dodging and just *splat* as the entire squad evaporated again and again. Trying to learn the fine points of CV battles in such an unforgiving environment is just crazy town, you can see that carriers are being chased out again right now.
  4. I voted 2021 because I don't expect to see them even start to work on ASW until the 2019 haloween event. NOTE: they have admitted they have done no work on ASW It would amongst other things require: Animating the DC models on ships with them Map the ASW weapons on both the model and the paperdoll of the ship and assign HP and blast resistance values to them Develop new Sub flavored captain skills. Develop a targeting mechanic for the Depth Charges, I can't see an auto system like AA being accepted as viable for shooting at the enemy hull. Balancing, Balancing, Balancing Balancing, Bugfixes, Bugfixes, Balancing etc. It is very clear that all their resources are being applied to the CV rework right now and there are regular ship releases also needed.
  5. I have terrible survival rates and am far far to aggressive but I get those achieves quite often. If you never get one that suggests you are beyond aggressive to the point of insanity. Sometimes denying your ships points to the enemy is the difference between winning and losing so you need to stop shooting and run away.
  6. This is a classic case of non homogeneous populations not sorting evenly. Anyone willing to stick their hand in thier pocket for significant premium time is "ON AVERAGE" going to be more committed to the game. They will on average want to learn mechanics more, will on average be more invested and will be more likely to study 3rd party resources even if is just watching Jingles for the Lols and picking up a few basic hints. The simple act of voluntarily paying changes the two cohorts in fundamental ways so you cannot do a meaningful statistical analysis while ignoring this factor. In social science research like this anyone proposing a study not controlling for this would be laughed out of the room. To solve this you would need to recruit new players from start and randomly give them premium or non premium accounts and compare win rate at different battle played counts.
  7. Ellyh

    If we are going to get submarines...

    While the OP is obviously having a laugh this should make all the pro sub folks think very carefully about what they want. This is because hardest part of adding subs is getting a good ASW model into the game and what we have seen from the Flak/AA changes and counterplay mess shows that WG struggles to design good counterplay for the surface targets.
  8. Ellyh

    Buff or Nerf AA?

    Really it's not a case of buff or nurf AA but redesign the AA system. Right now we have a bunch of systems that look good on paper but which completely fail in game. First up we have the sector system which on anything other than a DD is far to slow to change, distracts the player from manouvering or attacking and doesn't actually increase effectivness enough to do more than set and forget on the side the enemy probably comes from. Secondly WG completely misjudged how easy it is for players to completely avoid the flak bursts that represent 90% of the threat to planes and as a result aura damage is pitifully low. Until they realise that the flak burst mechanic is not working as intended (and never will against good players) and move almost all the damage to the auras the AA problem is going to continue. Excessive torp range on the Hakaryu bombers is also a major contributor to this issue at Tier 10 as they can stealth torp from outside of detection range let alone AA range. Again I think this needs to be removed given how fast they can recycle aircraft.
  9. Totally useless skill that was always situational and given the info in the iChase vid on why your AA sucks is possibly even detrimental now. Currently barely reaches the power of a 1 point skill so why we have to spend an extra 3 points to get it is beyond me. Even IFHE on brittish BBs is better than this as at least it helps your terrible secondaries.
  10. Ellyh

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    Well the problems are pretty obvious to everyone and there is more salt than the dead sea so they have to react fast. I am fairly sure one of the IJN torp changes will be a range reduction. I also feel that they are whistling in the dark with turing off AA on DDs as they are spotted way out by the planes. Limiting CVs to 1 at tier X will help a LOT with the vision control problem.
  11. Carriers may be brokenly good up at Tier X but I just played the Tier IV Hosho and it is a truly unfun experience. The planes are sloooowwwwwww and it takes for ever to reach the target area, they are very sluggish to rudder input so dodging flak isn't really a thing like it is at higher levels. The Dive bomb reticule is so badly aligned as to be useless and you are going so slow you basically need to be on top of the target to start your attack and the Torp Bomber (singlar) is very easy to dodge with one slow torp. Finally the planes are super fragile and if you get matched against a good Tier 5 your slow planes just fall out of the sky no matter what you do. The biggest problem has to be the UI on the dive-bombers. Attack aircraft and torp bombers are straight forward to use but the dive bombers are just horrible to learn to use. I find the target reticule keeps going off screen because the forward speed is too low and the camera badly positioned so you have to wait ages before you can even see where your bombs are being targeted. This feels very different from the vids of higher level play and needs a lot of tightening up. I have yet to break 15k damage in any game in these ships despite surviving most of the fight.
  12. Seriously chop the range of the Hak torps down to 4-5k and this problem goes away and the bombers are forced into the AA envelope as intended.
  13. Sector AA is clunky, and ineffective given all the damage is from the flak bursts and they are all or nothing. Easily the biggest offender in player rage right now. If you are giving up so much focus and effectiveness you sure as hell expect a major reward for your effort but RNG/plane driver skill totally negates this. I feel that the game would be better and more fun for surface ships if the sector system was removed and AA balanced around that.
  14. Yep, the passivity is pervasive now, really really sucks if you have a secondary spec BB. Vision control needs to be dialed back a LOT Also god players are starting to rack up big CV numbers
  15. After seeing how easy carrier aircraft lock down high tier DDs and how hard is was for me on a low tier CV I think I know what would solve the problem without a massive need for redesign. Make RDF only work from the ship, This way the CV gets a stear on what direction the closest threat to his hull is but the planes can't just drive straight to the DDs that should always be in front and murder them. RDF works fine on a slow ship but makes it just way to easy when you are flying at 200+ knots speed. Without plane based RDF it gives the DDs a chance to disengage/reposition without having to hide in smoke but makes very little difference to the ability of the CVs to find other ships with much highter detection ranges but allows it to be retained for personal defense.