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  1. Ellyh

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    Totally agree, this is a radical change to the way subs operate and they are clearly struggling. Most of these changes seem aimed at severely dialing back the "Stealthy Assassin" aspect of subs.
  2. Ellyh

    Here come the Submaries - In Ranked.

    well this line: "With a depleted battery, the submarine can only be on the surface and will no longer be able to dive for the rest of the battle. Battery charge will be an important resource for the submarine commander and will allow for only a limited time underwater, giving other ships the ability to counter submarines. " Is clearly taking aim at the all too common solutions from previous tests where you are left with a sub and a surface ship against each other and there is nothing either can do to the other for the last 5-10 mins of the match.
  3. Ellyh

    ST, visual improvements

    Given it is tagged as a visual improvement and matches the ship cammo I assume these are cosmetic only.
  4. Ellyh

    Discussion about Range

    Roon rules kiting at range and I can almost always land shots on cruisers and BBs at 20k and even plink dopey DDs at 15km with her. Even the other cruisers benefit a lot from more range especially at Tier 8+ where you can usually dodge a lot of incoming.
  5. Ellyh

    Autumn skill reset means

    I too think this is plausible. For those saying that the current skills are fine once subs are in the game all I can say is that DDs in particular will need skills to allow them to hunt subs better just like there are anti air skills for captains. I expect to see skills such as: ASW expert, increase detection enemy submarines 10% further out Don't bother me know, when within 3 km of a submarine enemy dispersion is worsened by 10% Tight depth charge patterns Increase damage of depth charges by 15% but reduce the area of effect by 20% NOTE these are concepts not expected game numbers
  6. I thought the same thing. With Subs now not showing until the second 1/2 of the year at the earliest and they Xmas Waterline saying there would be more sub news soon (4 months ago now) I think they have run into something that they don't like about the current implimentation. For what it's worth I think this problem is the end game boredom where a sub and a heavy unit spend 10 minutes playing kabuki theater unable to engage each other until someone wins on points and everyone knew who that someone was 5 very boring minutes ago.
  7. Ellyh

    Being successful with the Schors

    Stay at range and waggle that stern at the enemy, you may even want to get the incomming fire alert cap skill to help your seductive waggling and 2mill potential damage. Also get a feel for BB reload times and go skinny (bow or stern towards them) when it is close to 30 secs since they last fired. Don't get greedy and open out to try and fire the masked guns, they can wait until after that BB fires and you have 30 secs reload time to work with. *Edit* Forget you even have torps with 4km range they just lure you into going to stupid places on the map!
  8. The airstrike looks like an evolution of the mechanic they tested in submarine mode where heavy cruisers and BBs could call in an airstrike on the submarine, I am not sure what the implications of adding a similar mechanic to a regular tech tree are for the now MIA submarine development.
  9. Ellyh

    Depressing Ships

    Monarch and Lion, I loved QE, KGV and who doesn't love the grand old lady Warspite?. Then I got to these two lumps of sulphurous low grade coal and despite people swearing they are good ships I could not do a damn thing with either of them, only line I have spent significant free xp to skip.
  10. Ellyh

    Favorite ships?

    Sticking to tech tree ships that can be ground rather than bought. DD: top of both the Gunboat IJN and the UK DDs 8-9-10. Akizuki, Kitikaze, Harugumo and Lightning, Jutland, Daring respectvily CA: Fiji, Roon, Des Moines all rock and I have a soft spot for the 203mm Mogami as well BB: Lyon, Conqueror, KGV, Alsace, Republic, Bizmark and Amagi all work well for me and then there is the joy of Yamato's 460mm devastation.
  11. I agree that the power of HE makes this unfun, Also the accuracy isn't there to do more than aim at ~20% of the ship, these are not the hyper-accurate guns of WoT. Also consider that even a DDs guns are routinely fired from a distance greater than the entire map of world of tanks!
  12. Ellyh

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

    still valid for me :-)
  13. There are reports from the German side of the battle of the Denmark straight that they saw a torp go between PE and Bizmark and they thought it was from the Hood, Given the lack of survivors from Hood no-one knows if she launched one though the range would have been long for one. It may just be a overstressed German lookout getting confused by a seal or bit of floating debris. Even after refits she still had 2x21" tubes so it is theoretically possible she fired one.
  14. I kicked the heck out of one last night in my Cossack and would have easily killed him if his Atlanta hadn't sailed round an island and joined in. Despite an absurd health pool they die fast.
  15. Ellyh

    Quick Review: ANDREA DORIA

    Agree I do more damage firing AP into the upper belt or superstructure than I get with SAP even against highly angled targets in my Cavor and Doria