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  1. Ellyh

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    PEF is great for PvE scenarios, Spee is like all cruisers fragile on the broadside and it's 3forward 3aft gun distribution can leave you open to being blapped if not careful. PEF is pretty Spee is historic
  2. Subs will come to the announced restricted mode some time this year but given the major iterations between tests so far it does not seem we have anywhere close to a locked down design so I am thinking June or later. At this stage I am only giving a 50/50 chance of them making it to regular games modes at all this year. We know the UK CAs are comming and we can expect the pasta DDs and BBs at some point as well.
  3. Ellyh

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    This is oh so true, because of this I managed to kill and Alabama in my Amalfi!
  4. Ellyh

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    What I learned: Very few BB drivers know how to brawl
  5. all of Tiers 5, 6 and 7 would be good. Tier 5 has sweet cruisers like Furataka, Exeter and Kirov Acasta and most US DDs would be solid For BBs we have GC, Iron Duke, Texas and the Kongo sisters Tier 6 is drowning in good ships in all categories. Tier 7 also has a variety of good ships with Sinop being an obvious BB standout and Belfast ruling the Cruiser scene.
  6. Ellyh

    My "ranking" of best 1v1 ships.

    If you don't have good T8 premiums you can't go past the Bizmark, great brawler and Hydro helps a ton against cruisers and DDs. Also I am seeing a LOT of people who don't know how to brawl, especially at the lower levels as modern gameplay gives little chance to learn and the co-op bots don't know what to do either. I think a lot of folks forget to shoot over "Open Sights" when brawling these days and try to shoot zoomed in. Finally I recommend the ramming flag as a suprising number of opponents don't run it so as you close to brawl you can win with a surprise ram
  7. I want to paint mine Pink!
  8. the only stat that matters is win rate. Damage is meaningless if over a certain minimum threshold as shooting DDs is critical but they give little damage to the stack. As to kills if you do 90% of the damage to a ship and someone else finishes it, congratulations you are playing well and the team is focus firing. The good news is that XP rewards is based on % of health removed from your target so 90% to a DD you don't kill and is only 15k damage done is worth more than 45k damage to a BB with 100k hp.
  9. Ellyh

    Subs test 3

    My problem is once they fix the ridiculous there isn't much to make subs fun. Specifically the super homing torps, pinging through islands and perma-spotting the DDs the subs will be slow plodding and dull without the ridiculous power in that video which is all that I felt was sustaining the "Fun" factor as a sub. They don't to me capture the tension of true submarine gameplay and the thrill of a dangerous stalking of deadly prey. If it goes live as is, the screaming will make recent issues look tame!
  10. Ellyh

    Subs test 3

    please tell me this is sarcasm
  11. Ellyh

    Subs test 3

    looks like a total hot mess, the permaspotting on DDs is criminally bad! Also the subs are far to hard to kill. Finally the gameplay still looks boring as the submarine player.
  12. Ellyh

    With All the Focus on the Puerto Rico

    You effectively have 3 weeks to do the worst part of the Gorizia grind. It is steep but doable and does not require expending massive amounts of flags and camos like the PR would if you were daft enough to try that..
  13. Ellyh

    Loyang or Arizona or Warspite?

    Warspite! Most storied BB ever with the most battle honors and a really good ship at Tier 6 in World of Warships. Historically famous for it's ability to take massive damage and keep on ticking and it is damn tough in game. Her guns are accurate and overmatches the bows of it's opponents and has a touch more speed than the Arizona. I also find the 34 second reload on Arizona just a touch to slow for my taste and 30 second reload of Warspite is just that much more comfortable.
  14. without premium = 0 Without botting less than 10 99% of the players good enough to do it for free will easily have enough dubloons on hand from playing the game to apply at least 2 of the doubloon boosts.
  15. Ellyh

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    I realized that I didn't want to drive myself insane and damage both my mental and physical health (I am currently fighting a shoulder injury and spending too long at the PC would aggravate it). I also feel that I can spend my available cash more productively on Premium time to ease the time I can play rather than on a mediocre ship. I have used the coal from snowflakes to get Yoshino to fulfill my supercruiser desire and it seems good enough for me right now.