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  1. Ellyh

    Soviet Containers - Finally a High Roller!

    There are really rare super big big containers. I got one with 300 tokens in it! I damn near fell out of my chair. There is no way I would have the Mikoyan yet without that miracle.
  2. Right now most sub drivers are like noob cruiser drivers sailing broadside to a BB and wondering why they die, I predict once the player base gets better at them they will become terrors.
  3. To demonstrate to WG the flaws of making ships that can't conduct ASW and to more realistically show the weaknesses of having ASW in a handful of super fragile platforms.
  4. Ellyh

    You load sixteen guns, whaddaya get?

    It can devistate things but has bad angles and soft armour. Mountains of fun if you know how to waggle right. Also her HE is an oft overlooked bonus - instant barbequeue.
  5. Ellyh

    Victims of Power Creep

    for me it is any tech tree ship you almost never see anymore So in no particular order: Nagato Izumo Fat Freddie Monarch Lion New York Nearly all Tier 5 tech tree cruisers
  6. Tier 6, too slow for Tier 7 with no special gimics from the historical record and a 15" gunned Battleship would be brokenly OP at Tier 5
  7. From what I see the problem isn't OP ships but it's brain dead teammates. I saved a star last night after killing their Atlanta and a DD and we were winning with a 2 DD lead. Then both of them suicided, One didn't turn off his AA and got detected by shooting at a fighter and the other just got insanely close despite being in the stealthiest DD out there. Our Lyon then sailed flat broadside in front of the Sinop and got deleted. None of sinkings had a thing to do with the OP Sinop or anything else it is just BAD BAD play.
  8. Ellyh

    The royal navies most powerful battleship

    Clearly Vanguard, hydrodynamically far more efficient with her Transom (Flat) stern and a raised Atlantic bow. Both Nelson and the KGVs had flush decked straight stemmed bows and had real issues in a seaway with greenwater over the bow and resulting water damage. Also the larger hull allowed for better AA arcs, more living space and more places for a plethora of electronics. There is a lot more that goes into making a warship great than just the stats on her armor, guns and engines. At the risk of a derail these hidden soft factors are why the US Littoral combat ships are so problematic compared to the older frigates or Burke class DDs
  9. Ellyh

    If only there wasn’t Sinop...

    My KGV eats Sinops for breakfast with HE spam just stay about 20 degree angles to minimize nose pen and only show the rear turret after he fires.
  10. Ellyh

    Where Do You Stand?

    It is totally expected mathematically. The presence of Divisions pushes the win rate of the average player below the naively expected 50% mark. the only reason the peak isn't lower is that divisions are relatively rare and the matchmaker tries to balance the number of divisions if not the number/quality of ships/players in those divisions.
  11. The problem with RU range for me is worst at Tier 8 where you get uptiered and outranged by max range firespam builds so you feel like that little kid with the big bullies hand on your forehead while you swing wildly with no change of connecting.
  12. Hawkings to Tier 4 and put Exeter's sister ship in there instead Monarch to Tier 7 Colorado to Tier 6
  13. Ellyh

    Forgotten Ships

    Normandie. Top Tier it runs rings around folks, Also surprisingly good at bullying DDs who don't expect you to turn in and charge them at 30k speed. A lot of DD players at that level don't know how to react to a charging BB that can close with them that fast.
  14. The other big part of the problem is that WGs simplified armor model doesn't always represent the strengths of a ships armor scheme well. In reality all that thin plate on ships like Bizmark was a detriment and waste of displacement but because of the way gun/armor interaction is simplified it gains advantages it never had. I also think the short fuze UK AP shells don't do justice to the power of those 14" rifles in real life.
  15. Ellyh

    Cha-ching! What was your consumables payout?

    about 4 million, grinding the ultimate upgrade module on Wooster and Des Moines ran down my stocks