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  1. ditka_Fatdog

    9X9 Brawls just take too long

    Brawls were fun when they were small teams battling it out. They were quick, chaotic, and different. The prizes were always absurdly time consuming so the fun was in the mode. Glad to see this thread and that it’s randoms with asymmetrical matchmaking so I don’t waste my time.
  2. Bbs in coop imo are the most difficult to earn good xp and credits at high tier when compared to dd and cruisers. You miss one or two salvos and it can be tough to score well. Bbs are certainly good and good games are by no means impossible. But over the long term the other classes will likely out score you and you are more expensive to run. I wouldn’t let any of this stop you from getting it though, I have several coal bbs I run regularly in coop
  3. ditka_Fatdog

    DevBlog 262 - Closed Test 0.11.1, New Ships

    Hiryu is just a slightly modified soryu anyway so I’d agree, shouldn’t hard to get them all added
  4. ditka_Fatdog

    getting ridiculous

    Where is that “inconceivable” gif when I need it most….I call shenanigans
  5. ditka_Fatdog

    New Years Fleet, Dumbness?

    If I recall the missions they are not hard. Even with 6 days they are very doable if interested in the rewards
  6. ditka_Fatdog

    T'was the Fight before Christmas

    Well done!
  7. ditka_Fatdog

    Rank battles suffering

    Ranked has always been a grind, even before the current format. My suggestion is just set a goal and then stop. For example I used to set a goal for rank 8, then when the format changed I aimed for silver. Except during cb season then I just get the steel I can in bronze and stop.
  8. ditka_Fatdog

    So I guess Tier IX BB Giuseppe Verdi is releasing soon

    Doesn’t Napoli have insanely accurate secondaries, is this getting that same level of accuracy? I’ll assume not if it’s similar to the other RM bb
  9. Haarlem, I had some good games but it’s very situational and passive imo
  10. Ugh, man Haarlem was a painful ship at t8, agreed
  11. ditka_Fatdog

    Agir, Azuma or Groningen for Co-op?

    Agir, hands down for co-op. Better armor than Azuma and torps
  12. ditka_Fatdog

    my 40 Mega Crate Haul

    Yes it did, smaland came in the second drop tho so I’m not sure what op refers to exactly
  13. ditka_Fatdog

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Santa’s Gift Cache

    Isn’t there usually a stream today by wows?
  14. ditka_Fatdog

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Santa’s Gift Cache

    Isn’t there usually a stream today by wows?
  15. Ok so sounds easy, I’ll just do my thing, and when it’s over I get the thing if I did enough things