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  1. ditka_Fatdog

    Give Khab 12 km radar

    I’m fine with this, please give the kidd ICBM’s
  2. ditka_Fatdog

    Premium Ships

    Ahh yes, thank you, I remember now. I ended up buying the Hill that event and with the bonus tokens for playing her I managed to barely get Benham without having to pray to the premium crate gods for her
  3. ditka_Fatdog

    Free Premiums (thus far). Thanks!

    Hill is actually a quite capable t5 gunboat....but not to take away from the post I tend to agree that WG gives many free ships through various ways. I personally like the last few events where a low tier premium is part of the grind. Well done
  4. ditka_Fatdog

    Premium Ships

    I don’t believe you could ever outright buy Benham but I could be wrong. Either way, I would agree with Zenn3k, not likely unless you snag her in a Christmas crate
  5. ditka_Fatdog

    Convoluted Coupon

    Seems pretty straight forward to me. I will take 3rd in line for the coupon :)
  6. ditka_Fatdog

    Aircraft Damage Counter

    You can setup to display multiple pieces of info under your total damage iirc. Including potential damage and spotting damage, it’s been a while since I’ve messed with that display so I could be wrong but I’d guess that counter is for something other than aircraft damage
  7. ditka_Fatdog

    So no news still on a free xp bb?

    Nothing released or being released I’m aware If that has free xp announced as it’s currency
  8. I like free perma camos please. I turn them off anyway so I don’t have to see them. Send me more please :)
  9. Indeed, I had greatly enjoyed the break from t10 as well. We can still hope the next cb season will be non t10 though. T9 or t7 please!
  10. ditka_Fatdog

    Weekend Spree, July 31 to August 2, 2020

    Luls, yes there is some irony. I also have the kii from a Christmas crate but I digress. I generally lack the patience to play bbs well and so I don’t have many high tier tech tree bbs. In fact I don’t think I have any except for GK which was my first t10 ship. The yammy is on a list of about 7-8 grinds going so eventually I will get there:). All that being said, it’s worth the steel to me. The amount of damage per salvo and the awesome reload make for some mad fun in CO-op
  11. ditka_Fatdog

    Weekend Spree, July 31 to August 2, 2020

    Bought shikishima on Friday, I don’t have the yammy yet but I do have the mushy and I love how the guns sound and hit. Also got hayate recently, can’t recall if I mentioned this in last weeks post or not. finished the Farragut grind and played ranked up to I think 9 so far. otherwise ran some cb which has been a fun season so far, especially after blowing all the steel for shikishima
  12. ditka_Fatdog

    Maxing out Jerzy Swirski

    I plan to go with an abundance of tier 3 skills but my intended build is PM, LS, TAE, SI, BFT, SE, conceal
  13. Well I typically play the first 3 or so dailies once co-op. Usually for that I play ships i love playing each day or ships I’m grinding that I either don’t play well in or imo are not good. After that it’s onto other game modes to finish as trying to complete them all on randoms is more time than I have to play anyway
  14. ditka_Fatdog

    Ships you Adore.

    155 Mogami for me. I’m not sure what my stats are in her compared to others but I’ve always enjoyed playing her. I don’t get around to her as much I used to but she’s still probably my favorite tech tree ship and certainly my favorite t8
  15. ditka_Fatdog

    Agir horn sound missing

    I have the same problem, horn no worky