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  1. ditka_Fatdog

    Good Bye 2+7 - Hello 5 BBs ?

    I miss the 2 human / 7 bot battles. It was a great chance for massive xp and credits, by co-op standards anyway.
  2. ditka_Fatdog

    Summer Battles Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I need the credits so I’ll take the Colorado event. The camo is cool but I have enough grinds going I doubt I’ll get much use from it. It is nice to have sone time to grind lines I’m enjoying as opposed to playing for some big event
  3. ditka_Fatdog

    Think of the players

    This is a fair point to make but I actually like the clan battle restrictions. Personally I think every ship should only be allowed once in a div, not just a few specific ones.
  4. ditka_Fatdog

    Only for today! Lert's TRUE form revealed!

    Just as I suspected, no clothes, how lewd 🤣
  5. ditka_Fatdog

    German Destroyer combat mission

    Are you playing German destroyers to complete the mission because that is a requirement for that particular mission? It isn’t just any ship class or nation, it’s for German dds of certain tiers
  6. ditka_Fatdog

    ZF-6 Dockyard End Time

    You can check the duration of the missions in “combat missions” in the port screen. I’m not sure if the ability to purchase with dubs runs past the mission completion time, in the past I believe it has, but I’d guess you can click the dockyard itself to get that time also
  7. ditka_Fatdog

    Friesland/ Dutch Tech Tree Transfer Compensation Announced

    And this is likely a result of a few whining about commander compensation for something that at the end of the day wasn’t a big deal. But everyone wants something when they are owed nothing, and now we truly got nothing and a historic ship is stuck where it would be better served in the new branch. Well done
  8. ditka_Fatdog

    Commemorating June 6th, 1944, D-Day

    Very cool experience. Normandie is on my bucket list amongst several other WW II era places. I do remember pretty well a trip to Gettysburg when I was teenager. We visited several battle sites on that trip but the view of Pickett’s charge was impactful. I also remember my trip aboard the USS Intrepid. The sheer size of that ship was amazing at a young age. I remember going home and buying a model of her and building it mostly on my own, dad did help though.
  9. ditka_Fatdog

    ST, visual changes

    There is video
  10. ditka_Fatdog

    Update 0.10.4, Clan Battles restrictions

    Buff Petro please 🤣
  11. ditka_Fatdog

    Weekend Spree - FREE!

    Had some good clan battles. Ranked has also been fun, sinop is sooo good. Cannot wait for vampire II! Almost to roon on German cruiser regrind and just started benson grind in usn dd regrind. When those finish I will have her. waiting for the next free xp ship to drop and snag her immediately, been saving for a while and I’m ready
  12. ditka_Fatdog

    Who have you seen in game

    Was a good match when you have team work. Gg to you also. We decimated that flank. I missed qualifying this round, just didn’t get a chance to run enough battles but I’ll still take 800 steel
  13. ditka_Fatdog

    Weekend Spree

    Had some good ranked games. Grinding Mahan for benson with the end goal of vampire. the new event is cool, get stuff for just playing, earn a collection and a commander. Have 11 of 16 items unlocked for maerker which will be a nice ship to have perma camo for and run in co-op:)
  14. ditka_Fatdog

    Ranked it so bad ....

    So ranked is so bad because you played well and/or had good teams?
  15. Enjoying t6/7 play. Variety is good, high tier gets old and it’s nice to use ranked to grind or regrind