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  1. KitsuneDorei

    Please welcome Napoli—a new Italian cruiser!

    Sadly Not sure why I bother being disappointed with the state of this game anymore
  2. KitsuneDorei

    Give secondaries back please

    For real, the only reason I wanted shiki was to get an IJN BB that can do secondary spec well lol Though secondary Yam was weird and fun in a silly way
  3. With the tweaks to commander skills (ST 0.10.4) showing that this rework hasn't been set in stone yet, I want to fruitlessly ask to bring back old secondaries. The nerfing of manual secondaries was needless, no one would call a secondary spec'd ship overpowered or even meta so what reason was there to nerf it other than to discourage brawling ships from pushing forward? The extra range to secondaries is neat but range means nothing if you can't hit anything with them. Please bring back old manual secondary