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  1. Tom_Greg

    There really needs to be a BB limit also

    I was just in a 7DD match (as a DD), it lasted longer than expected and I kind of enjoyed it. I've never been in a 7BB match and I'd like to see how that plays out.
  2. Tom_Greg

    Who have you seen in game

    I was in the game with my Musashi. I went out near the end but we won the game.
  3. Tom_Greg

    Situation Report Saturday - The Arms Race

    I enjoyed Leroy Jenkins mode quite a bit, it was a welcome diversion from Ranked and Random and allowed me to blow off some steam and have fun at the same time.
  4. Tom_Greg

    Paper Ships in the game

    The Colorado did not mount the 16/50 Mark 2 naval gun which the South Dakota's were to mount (and later the Iowa's until a planning snafu stopped that), it had the 16/45 Mark 1, they only similarity was they fired the same projectile.
  5. Tom_Greg

    Musashi worth it??

    I just got mine a few days ago with coal and I love it. I don't plan on doing the IJN BB line anytime soon so I stuck Yamamoto in there (currently 16pts) and have been having a blast with this thing.
  6. Tom_Greg

    Arms Race is Exactly as Predicted

    Agreed. I had fun in it with my Musashi. Got close to 20 second reloads with 5 extra heals. It was a fun distraction from the Ranked grind I'm doing with my Montana. You get to cut loose a little and not worry about the consequences.
  7. Agreed. Fluckey was the only commander who had US troops conduct a raid on the Japanese home islands. They painted a train on the conning tower next to all the vessels they sunk.
  8. I just got my Musashi today and put Yamamoto in it with 16 points. This was the result of my third game ever played with the ship: I was running no flags at all and just the premium camo it comes with. Thanks to @Playboy1K who was cheering me on and had me ram the Izumo for the final kill to end the game. I told him I'd blow the horn when I did it. Which I did. I know every game isn't going to be like this but it I had a hard time not laughing while I was basically having my way with each ship I got near. Now I know what Andre the Giant would feel like beating on some pre-schoolers.
  9. Tom_Greg


    Post #66 above.
  10. Tom_Greg


    As a fellow HPL fan did you notice the terrain looked suspiciously like R'lyeh?
  11. Nice pictures. I have quite a few pics from when my dad served in Korea on all four Iowas. Some pretty cool candid shots and also some combat/shore bombardment phots as well. He also did an around the world cruise after the war and was on the only tour where all four steamed together. Probably worth a thread at some point.
  12. I'm not surprised considering the value of pre-Atomic steel. Doesn't make it right however.
  13. Tom_Greg

    Enough two carrier matches

    Low tier 2 CV matches are fun, can't tell you how many times I took my Nicholas, evaded the enemy pickets and *booped* both of them.
  14. Tom_Greg

    Baltimore is trash bote

    One of my favorite ships, and I have a far better winning percent in this (close to 60%) than my average (49%). I love to cit CAs and light BBs on fire with the Balti, plus the radar and AA consumables help make it very well rounded.