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  1. Tom_Greg

    Idea: Add Server Record Holder Boards

    Is there? I thought only one player had 11 and I recall it being in a Mino.
  2. Tom_Greg

    Mr. Massy and The Valiant Last Stand

    So glad you killed that Monty captain, not a fan of his chat behavior.
  3. Then you file a ticket for this never before seen occurrence.
  4. That's not a warning that causes you to go pink.
  5. Tom_Greg

    Lutjens & Immelmann/Hindenburg/GKF

    Lutjens is great. Probably one of the better unique captains since his skills are so easy to activate.
  6. Not sure why people think bumping into another ship turns you pink. You just start playing this game? You need to do a large amount of damage to turn pink.
  7. Tom_Greg

    KOTS Collection

    Finished mine as well and got Hood.
  8. Tom_Greg

    Who are the top clans?

    I'd put O7 at the top for the obvious reasons but also since all of the players I've interacted with, either in games or here, have been helpful and pretty down to earth.
  9. Tom_Greg

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

    Thanks AT, all worked for me.
  10. Tom_Greg

    T7 BB Yukon... Seriously?

    Looking forward to the T10 BB HMCS Clamato.
  11. Too bad we can't sync drop that into existence. Massa just seems way OP for this mode, I've been wrecking everything including Tirp's and Odin's, it hasn't been close. Good guns, good armor, good secondary and super fast heal.
  12. I'm praying to the Baby Jesus I get that map with my Massa. I'm undefeated so far and that includes going up against Mainz several times.
  13. Tom_Greg

    What Did Everyone Use to Get Through Bronze?

    Musashi with Yamamoto.
  14. Tom_Greg

    Steel ship to get first

    Stalin is still a great option.