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  1. I got a 1,000 doubloon one 2 weeks ago.
  2. How to pronounce Worcester

    Imagine if it were the USS Peabody? It'd be even worse.
  3. I like taking the CV with my CA. Yesterday I got it twice in three tries; took a hit from Missouri on the steering gear and then torped by the CV and failed, died once after killing the CV after getting hit by the CA and the second time got the CV, DD and CA and finished in the landing zone.
  4. Yes, did it yesterday. Only one enemy ship left when it happened.
  5. Press the 'enter' key, then the 'tab' key and type, 'I am AFK'. Should work.
  6. Stop putting my T8 ships in T10

    Yeah, I was reading the one where the OP insults anyone who doesn't agree with him even though he lied about the circumstances. I don't mind getting up-tiered, I find it makes me focus on playing better. Making mistakes in my T8 against T6's can be bad but doing that against T10's is deadly. I actually have a better win rate in my T8 Baltimore than I do in some lower tier ships as my playstyle has appeared, to me anyway, to have improved.
  7. Remove BB HE

    If you wanted to be historically accurate then all ships would be firing AP at each other.
  8. Only if we get the Big J as well and it fires the cast of The Jersey Shore at opposing ships.
  9. I actually got the 1750, I missed the 1st finish in the top 3 in EX challenge. I already researched the Buffalo and I'm waiting to build up the Balti captain before purchasing. I'm actually having a lot of fun with the Balti so I'm presently in no hurry. I've gotten 2 krakens in the past few days and a ton of xp and fxp so it's been enjoyable.
  10. I actually like the ship (got 25 of the 26 missions to win it) and I found that it's helped me play my Balti better.
  11. Alsace

    Which is what I put.
  12. Iowa/Missouri speed mistake?

    I agree with the OP, the Iowa's couldn't have hit 2knots since they weren't real while I'm pretty sure the documentary I watched on the Yamato had it going to another planet in a year so that's like 5,000,000knots.
  13. Alsace

    And? That's still the phonetic pronunciation.
  14. Alsace