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  1. Tom_Greg

    Server Problems?

    Been happening since Weds.
  2. Tom_Greg

    Eternal weakness(Voyages Containers)

    I sold everything but those and as soon as I can I will unload the camos that cannot be sold like the repulsive Transformers ones. The only thing I will keep are the unique camos.
  3. Tom_Greg

    Eternal weakness(Voyages Containers)

    Cash them in, I got close to $200M credits.
  4. Who do you think you are telling us about free stuff, Admiral Thunder?
  5. Tom_Greg

    HELP, What's the best Steel or RB ship?

    I would give up my Bourg last since it's such a dynamic ship, you can pull off some crazy plays with this ship and the MBRB will absolutely punish the foolish.
  6. Tom_Greg

    PSA: Opt In MIssions

    AT for the win...again. May you encounter no subs
  7. I've only sold half of my $45K camos so far but I've already racked up $75M, I'll get around to the rest of them and the lower priced camos eventually. Pro tip If you're not aware: you can overwrite the number in the field with the amount of camos you have instead of clicking the + button like a maniac.
  8. Tom_Greg


    I actually have two 21pt captains set up, one with this build and Luigi, who is in Ven, with a more standard build.
  9. Tom_Greg


    Yes, also AAM1 and AAM2 in slots 1 & 6 respectively.
  10. Tom_Greg

    Enough steel for Incomparable!

    Yes, very much so. This ship is hysterical, there's nothing funnier than popping up out of nowhere with your 10.6 detect and penning a DM through the face.
  11. Tom_Greg


    I went crazy and did a full second build because I like memes.
  12. Tom_Greg


    Such a fun ship, the armor is very trolly and you can make some crazy plays because of this.
  13. Tom_Greg

    Incomparable or wait?

    I picked it up last month, it can be meme worthy when you catch people flat footed but if you're not careful you can easily get deleted. I like my steel ships to be fairly unique and this one lives up to it. I still suggest people get Bourg first since it is a much more forgiving and dynamic ship but Incomp is fun to play.
  14. Tom_Greg

    Transformers are back...

    LOL, good one.
  15. Tom_Greg

    Transformers are back...

    Boobtimis Prime?