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  1. Tom_Greg

    Kremlin and Kuznetsov

    I took JoaT over EM since the turret rotation is very fast on Krem. My build is pretty standard. PT, JoaT, AR, SI, BoS, FP and CE. I move him between Krem and all Russian premium were it makes sense. I also ranked out with him in Sinop last season using this build.
  2. Tom_Greg

    World of Warships Transformers Collab

    The only thing I want less than big boobed anime girls who look 12 are Transformers.
  3. Tom_Greg

    Maxing out Jerzy Swirski

    Not only do I not take AFT I never installed the longer ranged guns as @Oldschool_Gaming_YT suggested. I prefer the shorter range so I can hit and run if I need to. It's a much more preferable set up in my opinion.
  4. Tom_Greg

    Toxicity at its finest!

    If it's their first one. Subsequent ones can last a week or two if they accumulate enough of them.
  5. Tom_Greg

    Maxing out Jerzy Swirski

    I run PT, AR, LS, SE, TAE, CE and RL.
  6. Tom_Greg

    Map preferences

    I believe I don't know what the OP is referring to.
  7. Tom_Greg

    Odin 11.6 km 2ndaries

    I'm running PT, AR, HA, SI, BoS, AFT, MS and find this set up works well.
  8. Tom_Greg

    Atlanta playstyle question

    I have it and still enjoy playing it, even in uptiered games.
  9. Tom_Greg

    Atlanta playstyle question

    Flint when it comes back out. With smoke you can set up in open water just outside your detection range and burn people to the ground. Plus it has better torps at 8km. You 100% need a 19pt captain but it can be a fun ship.
  10. If I get one I'll put her on the captain's launch and let her motorboat around.
  11. Do these captains have any built in skills besides boobs?
  12. I move Kuznetsov between Kremlin, Moskva and Kron.
  13. Good game, and I'm sure having a positive attitude about it helped your team.
  14. Fully spec'd out Benham with a 19pt captain. Low detection and the ability to spam 16 torps every 67 seconds.
  15. Tom_Greg

    The derpiest possible Premium ships.

    My choice as well. I think it could be fun if done correctly but with 3" belt armor I think it would need to be in T4.