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  1. Tom_Greg

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    Running full-spec on mine, currently running at a 63% win rate and a 2.4 destruction ratio. Best stretch I had was last week where I had back to back to back games of 5, 6 and 5 kills. They key that I've found is to know when to boost into an area and get the exposed flanks.
  2. Just curious how you knew it was a cruiser when you couldn't see it and it was never spotted?
  3. Tom_Greg

    So tired I accidentally clicked 'try your luck'

    The only time a did Try Your Luck was when I played as a Mask, I ended up with 2 SCs in one day and got a Mush. Otherwise I just stick with More Resources.
  4. Tom_Greg

    Georgia needs it's 2.0 SIGMA back .

    I just checked, I have a 35% main battery hit rate which makes it my best BB by percent in this category.
  5. Tom_Greg


    About 100 games and a 63% win rate. I think someone who hasn't played Iowa and some of the faster CA's can easily get themselves in trouble with this ship. The speed will easily put you into a situation that will turn badly if you're not watching your map and the battle. The flip side is I can speed boost to a flank and do some serious damage when I spot an opening. I think it's a medium-high skill ship but for those that can play it well it will appear to the ships they are fighting that it's a really easy ship to play.
  6. I run my Georgia with PT, PM, AR, SI, AFT, MS, and IFHE. 60% win rate currently with a 3.35 destruction ratio.
  7. Tom_Greg

    Midway Movie 2019

    Special effects look cheesy.
  8. Tom_Greg

    The master list of Shipboard Easter Eggs

    Is there an Easter Egg thread for the maps?
  9. I went with SI for the extra heal and speed boost and it pays off nearly every game. With the quick reset on the heal I'm not overly worried about fires and I can use my RP more judiciously.
  10. Tom_Greg

    What do you guys think of HE

    I never use my HE cancer spamming Worcester like that. I try to start a fire and if someone uses repair party I stay on them, if not I move fire to another ship and repeat the process.
  11. Tom_Greg

    Georgia guns

    I just checked my own stats and it's my highest accuracy BB, slightly edging out Warspite. And it should be noted my engagement ranges are typically shorter in Warpsite than Georgia which would help the former's percentage.
  12. Tom_Greg

    About WOLF clans

    I've run into you guys plenty in Ranked on both sides, never had an issue. o7 from SRBL
  13. Always kill them. You never know if the enemy in question is going to get off a lucky dev strike or maybe detonate one of your teammates.
  14. Tom_Greg

    With the Ohio being announced...

    The Iowa class ships had 20 quad mounts so I question how you could have double on a smaller ship.
  15. Tom_Greg

    Armada: Georgia

    He also came up with a totally fictional history as well. The Washington was sunk as a target after the WNT went into effect.