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  1. Cerberus_Hellhound_


    What is the deal with the coal, we used to be 3 stacks ever so often when we reached the 3 daily XP needed to turn in for crates, now we are lucky if we get 2 coal stacks of 400 from crates once per month and I turn in 2 per day and sometimes 3, it feels like a brutal beating, I have not seen a 3 coal stack in an ungodly amount of time. Maybe that's the way it was supposed to be in the beginning but now it just seems impossible to make any headway on the higher tier ships.
  2. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Opening moves for carrier - what do you do?

    Well, the 2 squads were bombers, they were carrying bombs to drop, I saw 2 of them so I assume that means it is two squads, maybe that's just how it looks, I really don't know, its just odd to see that and for me to look around and not see a second squad following me sense I have the same CV. The only reason for my concern is if I'm screwing up sense I don't really know a lot, giving the other CV an advantage with twice as many squads and more firepower. If its just visual cosmetics, I don't really care about that.
  3. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Opening moves for carrier - what do you do?

    I am new to CV's, if there is one CV per team, if I pick the plane with bombers, it looks like I only have 1 squadron but when I see the other team it looks like they have 2 squadrons at the same time, We are the same country CV, if its a spec, I would like to know what that is, I have not been able to determine why I seem to always see the other teams CV having 2 squads and I seem to only have 1. Can someone help me with that? Its not that the other teams is on its way back to it ship, it is actually bombing with both squadrons one after the other or so it seems. I have looked all around my planes and I only see the one squadron from my CV.
  4. Cerberus_Hellhound_


    This ship is so over powered, it is just wrong to give a shoot a repeater for ammo, radar, and smoke. If you both meet up, it smokes just like you do, but with its radar it will, I said (WILL) have you destroyed before you can turn your ship to head away. Unless the captain is totally unskilled, even a moron will have you totally eliminated and a few seconds without using torpedoes. The gunner fire power of this ship is enormous against any Destroyer above its tier. Not to mention its 7.3 concealment.
  5. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Karma: Reported - Complimented

    Thats cool, thats kind of what I'm talking about, but, have not seen anything like that. Karma seems to be hard to get up over a hundred, well, it has been for me.
  6. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Karma: Reported - Complimented

    I did mention that the karma could be used to by none ship powering improvements, only cosmetic. I just find it odd that someone is worried about abuse to a positive reinforcement but not the negative affect caused by unjustly reporting someone. Hell, they give a player 10 negative reports a day which is equal to the positive ones. So, what if I or anyone else is a person who just wants to use all of their complements and reports without justification, if you state that it's ok, then maybe I am doing it wrong and should just use all of them I have regardless of their effect on anyone. Is this what you're saying? I mean, they don't hurt me and no one knows who reported them, it must be ok, it is a way to look at this, is it not? No one seems to understand what is going on, so let's just though caution to the wind and say that everyone should use all of their complement and reports they get every day. It sounds like this is what your saying is ok. In my opinion, I feel like the system can be improved, but after hearing from all of you, it sounds like I'm wrong and so is the way I have been using the system. I guess I will just use them all then.
  7. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Karma: Reported - Complimented

    Well, I do not agree, it affects the player and how they feel when they are unjustly reported. I was unjustly reported and it affected my mood, I felt a bit violated, I felt like it was not warranted, I felt that I didn't deserve being reported for simply playing a game. If being reported unjustly makes me and other players feel this way, then it is not a free way to complain, its affecting someone in a negative way that isn't justified. I can understand when you report someone using vulgar language, being afk, or verbal abuse, things of that nature, but not for simply playing the game, I don't buy it.
  8. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Karma: Reported - Complimented

    Maybe they could look at instead of a bulk 12 complement per day, maybe they could allow you to complement players on every battle but limit it to 3 per battle. Abuse of the report system would cause a disadvantage of gaining rewards from karma. I do not believe in allowing someone to vent their rage or frustration onto someone who doesn't deserve it. When you allow this, regardless if it has an effect in the game, it does have an effect on the person being vented on. What I mean is this, I shot some torpedoes once that took a good 30 seconds to reach a target (I think), they were going to miss the target entirely but just in time the target turned and ran right into them destroying their ship, the captain yelled out (Reported), I was dinged with bad karma for the destroyed captains stupidity and my good luck, but sense the player was allowed to report me, he was allowed to punish me simply because I played well or was just lucky. Karma may not be used for anything, but don't think for one second that many times good players don't feel punished by being reported by a player who plays poorly. Even though karma isn't used for anything, it's simply not fair to allow it to be use by a poor player as a way to get back at a player who may have played better than they did.
  9. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Karma: Reported - Complimented

    Well, I would like to grow my Karma but as I mentioned, some players will ding you with a report just because you are able to hit their ship. But, it would also be kind of nice if they would unlock some useless item like a pirate, skull crossbones, or some other flag, maybe your favorite sports team or maybe a paint job, not camouflage, if you have camouflage you would still see the paint job but get the benefit from the camouflage. Even if these things do not add advantages to your ship, they would still be a bit cool to have on your ship for all to see. Maybe if you're a kill stealer, there would even be a flag for that, lol. Maybe if you're a rude person they would have someone mooning everyone, lol just kidding, but sense Karma points are useless, many things could be added to ships that are actually cool but useless items. I think if you can get a few cool things from karma points, many players would be a lot nicer, maybe anyway.
  10. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Karma: Reported - Complimented

    What's the deal with Karma points, being reported, and complimented? My opinion, karma should either be worth something or done away with. Maybe it could be worth a percentage off sales, used to buy things like a cool pirate flag or other non-destructive feature, maybe consumable upgrades, basically something more than nothing. Complimenting, ya, do it as much as you like. Being reported actually removes karma points, sometimes your reported for no good reason, it's an abused system. Example: I was in a battle, I said nothing, I didn't shoot at my team or run into them which would cause damage, I shot at the other team doing my job, I wasn't the lowest points score maybe mid way. I was reported, not sure which side, basically for no reason. I would suggest that if you don't chat, don't do anything to damage your team, make a good score, it should not be possible to report you. What I'm saying is that there should be reason the game can see to allow someone to be reported or the game would decline or give an error to the person trying to report someone. If the system reports players to often, the system should see that and remove karma points from the report system abuser while at the same time refunding karma points for all the bogus reports from that player. If Karma points are never going to be used for anything, we should just do away with them. Please don't tell me we can't do that and why, I'm not saying this is something we have to do, they are simply suggestions. I am attempting to have a positive impact, I don't want to get into a debate. Personally, I don't like being reported by the other team simply because I'm a good shot, it's stupid. I don't like being reported by my team for playing differently then someone feels I should play, there upset because they got destroyed, I don't do what they want so they report me. Why would I want to listen to someone who can't keep their ship afloat? Anyway, here are my suggestions, doesn't anyone know if Karma points are ever going to be used for anything?
  11. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Redistribute those Commander Skills, it's Free!

    Sorry if anyone didn't want anyone to respond to an open unlocked thread. I originally posted a question on this thread because it was a question about information in the thread which I feel is justified, if anyone has an issue with that, I will leave it to you to contact the forum admins to request that they locked or deleted this thread as well as any and all other threads you may have in issue with someone responding too.
  12. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Redistribute those Commander Skills, it's Free!

    Well I hope the CV rework comes out soon. As far as the commander being in reserve. About the comment that starts with (If a commander is in reserve) As far as I can tell, I just looked, it doesn't allow you to redistribute back to zero for free. If skills are at zero used and you have points, no, it will not cost you to spec them but if you had reset them before assigning them to the ship, it will cost exactly the same amount so what is the point of doing it before you know what ship you will send the commander too, plus, you still have to do the retrain even if you have no assigned points so I have no idea what the advantage would be. Now there is an advantage to resetting the commander points in reserve if they are allowing free redistribute, so that is a valid use of this but as mentioned, you still have to retrain when you go to a new ship.
  13. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Redistribute those Commander Skills, it's Free!

    When will they offer free redistribute of the captains points, I have been playing almost a year but its has been very hard to determine where to put your points, its complected. The added a feature that has a skill with a slash through it to let you know now that its not a good skill for this ship type, but they added it after the free reassignment. I have studied as best as I could on where to apply my skill points but I apparently didn't understand very well and have a lot of points in slashed out skills, I know, its was stupid, oh well, what can ya do. I watch the captain skill area like a hawk, waiting for just a chance to get these points reset. Anyway, does anyone have any idea on when they will offer this free reset again? My understanding is that it seems to happen more than once a year. I just wish they would have had those slashed out skills in place prior to allowing the point reset, is a nice feature.
  14. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Will terror of the deep ever end? So boring...

    If you think the subs have been up to long, don't play them, you are just one person, what your saying is that you want it removed so other players can't play subs due to there being no requirement for you to play. Simply don't play, if someone plays and all objectives are finished, even if you do a little but not very much to help the group, you will still get a really good ECXP, its pretty awesome.
  15. Cerberus_Hellhound_

    Will terror of the deep ever end? So boring...

    Well, no one has to use the subs, but I have 5 different subs, the movement is about the same but they are different. Some I don't like and some I do, so you may not have used one you would like. Each battle is the same but you may still live or die, so it is challenging and the ending ships are smart. If you get 5 stars by finishing all objectives you can bet some pretty good xp. You get Elite Commander XP due to the commanders being fully trained so its pretty nice.