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  1. NATOMarksman

    CV Balance- Next Steps

    This is more or less what would've happened if we kept RTS-style gameplay (even if not the same format) but with only one squad and removed fighters. I think, per that line of reasoning, AA should remain as it is, because it becomes effectively one squad = one drop anyway. If you play well, you're rewarded with retaining your other planes and getting more strikes/airtime in by immediately deploying the retrieved planes, and if you aren't, you're penalized by wait time.
  2. NATOMarksman

    So...Italian navy? And other rather particular ships.

    Because 130k shp on a DD, Republique, and Zao required source material. They already have two CLs and two unique BB designs, which is more than the VMF actually had for ships larger than DD.
  3. NATOMarksman

    Take a look at this replay CV and AA

    Except flak turns off for both torp and DBs when you start the attack. IMO AA needs to go back to straight continuous, because the skilled players are only taking continuous anyway and flak disproportionally affects those who don't know the exploits in the system.
  4. NATOMarksman

    Kuma uses freakin HEAT rounds?

    AP requires penetration to fuze. 140mm Kuma AP is actually pretty weak and tends to only work if flat broadside. HE does not require penetration to explode, but if the citadel is within the penetration of HE (i.e around 22mm for Kuma), it will citadel the ship. Langley has less than 22mm of armor near citadel and is open sided, so it's easy to get citadels with HE versus Langley.
  5. NATOMarksman

    NO CV Counter Play By Design

    *with DFAA on Lemme know how it works out rushing a worchester or DM in any DD while radar is active. > BB has zero options No, the BB actually has several options. You can use terrain to force them to launch or approach from certain angles, you can turn out/in when you see your PT counter flicker, you can vary your speed or drive away from smoke, you can approach a choke point a certain way, etc. Hell I've been routed sometimes by a BB driving directly *into* smoke. You can't do that versus planes at all. If they want to chunk you for 9-11k, it's going to happen. > slingshotting When I can torp through islands by toggling off all but one of my torp tubes lemme know. Until then it's not a valid comparison.
  6. NATOMarksman

    NO CV Counter Play By Design

    > CV sniping is bad tho Let's unpack this. Why is it bad? > CVs as surface ships are highly vulnerable because they're busy engaging the enemy and can't afford to manage AA sectors or maneuver So...like literally any surface ship. > if the CV is removed from the game it gives the other team a significant advantage This implicitly admits that CVs have an impact disproportional to other ships, and that striking with impunity until a ship is deleted is terrible to play against. > deplaning with fighters is bad because it shuts down other players Why is a class allowed to be in a state where it can strike at will without that risk? AA alone is not sufficient because on uptier or if not choosing certain cruisers, your AA is damn near meaningless. The only guaranteed even tier intervention is from the allied CV. Which goes into another point. If CVs are supposed to primarily do damage, then reduce spotting. If they're supposed to primarily spot, reduce their squad size and cap to 1 drop. The other spotting utility ship class, the DD, has a hard counter; radar, which instantly exposes its low HP to focused fire. CVs are *supposed* to have DFAA as their hard counter, but it doesn't actually turn away an attack. Even if you burn the rest of the squad, at least one strike is ensured, and unlike radar it does not increase effective engagement range. DFAA should instead increase AA range to 7-8 km. This gives it the same "warding off" impact as radar against the spotting/strike utility of DDs, and like radar, it makes a frontal attack nearly suicidal during its duration versus strong cruisers.
  7. NATOMarksman

    This is why CV's are hated

    Except not all DDs have DWTs that pass underneath, and you can still fire on other DDs to equal effect as any other ship (more so, in fact, compared to using DD guns on anything other than DDs). Eliminating CV sniping would be like giving all DDs DWTs that only target CAs, BBs, and CVs, and even then, it's not a comparable comparison because there can (and are often) more than one, and there's still no handicap given to DDs (in fact, there are now at least 3 different overall counterplays to DDs, which all be initiated by and cause the DD sinking by a single ship/player; counter DD play by other DDs, radar/hydro, and CV planes)). Surface has AA (which only effectively works to deplane if ALWAYS grouped), fighters that are intentionally crappy by design, and direct sinking by going to the opposite side of the map. Only one of which can be done by a single ship, and that method requires either enduring CV harassment the entire match until you push all the way there with your team, or sacrificing objective/team play to try to snipe the CV. If you wanted to make it a fair comparison, AA picket CA/CLs need to be able to actually screen 7 km like they did before with DFAA that can wipe squads before they can drop. Even that is a kinder thing because unlike DDs, you can start a drop and boost away to completely turn off flak walls and take only continuous, versus a DD where your ability to escape damage relies primarily on the enemy not anticipating your limited movement arcs if caught too close to radar when unexpected. Then it'd actually work like a DD, where you have to bait their consumable and have to wait until late game to really get work done, after the enemy is thinned out. This is how T4-8 CVs worked under RTS and I don't see why CVs need the ability to constantly drop now, if they're supposed to function like DDs (spotting utility/vision control, striking opportunistically) > but then you wait around the whole match or risk constantly losing HP and strike power if you overcommit Welcome to actual parity with DDs.
  8. NATOMarksman

    This is why CV's are hated

    > hey guys rework made CVs balanced, it's only one plane squad and damage is on par with other ships, totally balanced guys, just dodge rockets/bombs/etc > removing the other CV from the match would make things too unbalanced, a single CV would have too much influence if left unattended Thonk If they were actually balanced, CV sniping would have no greater impact than losing a DD. If it's so imbalanced that you have to stack it so that it's almost impossible for another of the same type to engage it, there MIGHT be something wrong with it. AA needs to be converted back to alt click with 25%+ DPS to both flak and continuous added to targeted squad, modifiable to 45% with MFAA. That way it's actually worth a damn in 2 CV matches, and scales against higher tier/T10 CV. > but that makes it cancer for CV, how are they supposed to get drops By waiting until late game like they did before, or choosing the right ship to sacrifice planes on, like they did before.
  9. NATOMarksman

    State of AA and CVs in the Game

    Except CV players keep calling for AA cluster nerfs so that overlap no longer applies, and if you have more than 2 ships with bad AA they might as well have it turned off. DP needs to work until 1.8 km. That way it at least has time for the continuous to work when the CV starts drop and boosts to turn off flak clouds anyway.
  10. NATOMarksman

    And also Ark Royal

    I mean You remember how badly they did Exeter and Vanguard, right?
  11. NATOMarksman

    About that Yukikaze...

    I enjoy the smaller vis hull with F3s. Then again I run F3s in Shima/Yugumo so your mileage may vary. I've found it very fun and as with any IJN DD, you can do surprising things with the guns if you slot in IFHE. Probably the only thing that annoys me about it is that it does not get the Harekaze gun options, which is unfortunate because Yukikaze is where Harekaze's gun options came from in the first place.
  12. NATOMarksman

    I have got to dislike the new aa system for all ships.

    I only learned it from another player who is highly skilled at rework CVs, so it's out there and can have a major effect on whether or not your AA can actually shoot down planes; it's the difference between 800 and 1600 per plane dmg, AKA your planes landing the hits and making it back to be restored to 100% or evaporating and you being deplaned.
  13. NATOMarksman

    I have got to dislike the new aa system for all ships.

    Turns off completely. You can take continuous only with torp bombers if you start the run at 5.9-6.0 and "strafe out" by immediately starting a new run away from AA bubble as soon as it's possible, and never take a single flak burst. You can actually make yourself invulnerable to flak you're about to run into if you start the attack before it actually touches your planes.
  14. NATOMarksman

    I have got to dislike the new aa system for all ships.

    Flak completely turns off for torp bombers during attack run. IIRC it turns off during DB too. Which leaves only continuous dmg if the CV player uses speed boost intelligently. Retreating planes also only take continuous, though they can be damaged enough to die that way. With tanky planes, you can essentially shrug off AA, especially if there's a weak zone between close and long range AA. You can also do a dumb thing where you can "strafe out" of flak to retreat, by starting a run as soon as possible so you only take continuous as you escape the flak bubble and then F key safely 6+ km away. I'd rather have a composite of all AA like before, with a homogenous constant stream, than having to rely on either AA overlap (which does the same thing as the previous high AA system except it slows down the entire match) or flak that only works on people dumb enough to try for another run rather than to retreat and launch a fresh wave.
  15. NATOMarksman

    Shimakaze what torpedo range do you use?

    Trick is to lock aim crosshair in intended angle with right click and prerotate while maneuvering. You have to think more strategically with it since snap drops aren't possible anymore, so focus on spotting as your primary weapon and preturn tubes based on closest likely target.