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  1. NATOMarksman

    IFHE for Secondaries?

    It applies to secondaries, as per the skill info. Also, no one else actually runs Gascogne, but when I run mine, I have to take IFHE. Without it, the 152s will only pen super on BBs of same or higher tier. This would be impossible. Base, the 152s only pen 27mm. With it, it pens Sushi's 32mm deck. Proof's in the pudding.
  2. NATOMarksman

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    At the start of the war, they were fielding some of the best ships available. Fubuki came out in 1927 (with only two fewer guns than an Omaha, not including the two more torp tubes), and Kagero class was fully fielded by 1941. Nagato class was fully fielded by 1921 and Kongou class had been fully revised to Fast BB by 1940. Doctrine, logistics, grand strategy, industrial output, etc, all had valid and massive weaknesses. But the actual ships being fielded were the best they could muster at the time and, without Allied tech advances, probably would've done well in a "traditional" gunnery fight (their optics were high quality, their training was intense and comprehensive, and the pagoda masts would have actually done what was intended in extending visible range). Their CVs were also obviously the best at the time, with tactics not used before (which rapidly became outdated, but still). Kongou's modernization hastened the push toward Fast BB as the final form of the battleship in the same way that Fubuki did for destroyers (mainly in that the USN built on the concept with their Iowa class response, which also allowed the Iowa class to keep up with carrier groups). IJA/IJN was basically doomed from the start regardless of tech. But they did try to field the best they could, rather than going for quantity.
  3. NATOMarksman

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    I treat kancolle more as a "what if" series. Yeah, it's revisionist, but so is BF5 and COD WWII, and those don't have the advantage of being a fantasy waifu gacha game; BF5 even has an entire chapter peddling the unwilling "Wehrmacht is innocent, just following orders" thing, and that's far worse than implied revisionism. Plus, if you're talking actual propaganda/revising reality, kancolle is tame compared to GATE. The bathhouse scene practically hurt to watch. AL's advantage is in gameplay and peak cat/foxgirl waifu character design. Compared to KC, you have more control over outcomes (i.e you can basically guarantee wins with grind) and there's near zero resource management. It's simpler. I actually enjoyed the Combined Fleet/logi aspects of KC more; it took more time and success was not guaranteed, but wins felt better, like they do in Darkest Dungeon. It was a combination of stats you ground, fleet comp/logi, and honestly luck. AL naturally has more characters of all nations/factions, but almost all of them were designed to be waifus with little regard to "hull history". For example, the Fubuki class all have the same uniform in KC. The Ayanami class have near identical uniforms BUT start with Fubuki's Kai Ni color palette (i.e Ayanami is an improved Fubuki class). The Kuma class have similar uniforms, but Kitikami and Ooi have radically different ones, because they (unlike the other Kumas) were specifically remodeled to torpedo cruisers, which happens with their revised hull upgrades. You see correlations among pretty much all of the initial characters, and most of the ones added in later too. In general, if you know the history of the ships you can extrapolate how the character designs relate and vice versa. It's to the point that you can ID many of the ships used in Ten Go based on the uneven socks originally found on Yamato. In AL there is little correlation other than between sister ships. Sometimes even they lack any correlation. It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme, but they did put effort into at least trying in that regard. The other thing is that it can get people looking into the histories of these Axis ships obliquely. I would've never bothered to look into IJN ships solely because of the history of those who commanded them. I would've never bothered to look into GZ (which was always an unfinished hull) or Nagato or Fubuki or any of them. The histories of these ships in reality are bleak (in both use and sinking). I'm not discounting that. At the same time, stamping out things on an external level (to the point that you'd rather watch characters die and suffer) based on your internal disdain for them is....an interesting parallel.
  4. NATOMarksman

    What are the commander specializations

    Moving a captain to a premium requires no retraining ever. Moving a captain to a tech tree requires retraining. Your 10 pt will drop in no problem to Atago. The Atago captain will only require retraining if moved to tech tree.