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  1. British pen tricks?

    I had a battle yesterday where I had 46 hits with my Danea, but only 8 pens. 4 of those pens were on an Omaha in my first two salvos. The rest of the battle (Green's won easily), the only targets I had presented to me were tier 5 battleships. I was even aiming higher to hit super structures and I still had 38 non-pens. Should I just be ignoring BBs altogether, or is there some extra tricks I can try with these British guns?
  2. I did have an unexpectedly strong fires battle in that one. I think it was my Marblehead and did 8 fires for like 19000ish.
  3. In co-op, my tin foil hat theory is that the bots have an unseen rpf and will go in force in the direction of whatever green ship rushes out in front of the others. That's usually me and I'm constantly encountering a mass of ships.
  4. Oops...I'm off a little then. I have six done then I do know I got them all in a single battle...not sure if it's required in a single battle or if you can get the burn damage seperately from the fires.
  5. 2nd 19 pt Capt FINALLY

    When I'm running my DDs on Domination, my ships are getting detected about 100-200 meters short of the cap by DDs that I'm not counter detecting that subsequently make the cap and smoke before I detect them. I'm just guessing that sometimes it's the ship, but I'm guessing it's probably concealment expert leaving me short.
  6. There's only been five so far (unless they added one today), so you have completed them all so far I think. The marathon tab will fill slowly obviously. I think we got two (4 and 5) for the weekend. I think we get one more tomorrow (#6).
  7. Does it show checked off in a battle result screen? I didn't have problems but that was yesterday.
  8. I had a good mid tier team yesterday that paid attention when I pinged the flank I was retreating from as four ships pushed around that flank/island. The BBs all said affirmative and blasted 3 cruisers off the map.
  9. 2nd 19 pt Capt FINALLY

    Congrats...after 518 battles now I'm starting to see when my efforts are being defeated by captains with certain skills (concealment, rpg, etc)...it's frustrating as a new player when you are getting out detected by the same ship you are sailing. Looking forward to captains over and above 10 points.
  10. Let's analyze this properly....only solicitors wring the doorbell, kids aren't going to be running away now that they fell off the roof, dog needs to eat, imaginary vortex. None of these are reasons to leave the game (insert troll face)
  11. Missions are they same, they are just written in funny languages (being a smart a$$).
  12. Do downed planes...?

    Neat. I've had a ton of very close calls. I hope I get some to hit me at some point then.
  13. I stand corrected then. Thanks.
  14. Actually...one of those two has a tier 9-10 requirement at some stages from what I saw taking a gander yesterday.