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  1. IMO, influencing the battle is the most important factor. I hover just under 50% win rate and I have poor stats; however, I have battles where I can see my contribution influencing the win greatly. Some battles, I can feel/sense the enemy denying me space to contribute...I.e. I'm spotted and targeted with no targets to spot or shoot at. I spend the entire battle pushing and kiting back trying to spot/aquire targets to no avail. Other battles, I see that I'm doing the exact same thing to the enemy. I would rather influence, to any degree, a win over having a huge damage game. I'm finding big damage/kill battles that I lose quite unsatisfying in the end.
  2. It doesn't take long at all to go from St Loius to Cleveland...if you can put in a week to 10 days of 1-2 hours a day, you will easily reach the Cleveland (assuming a premium account).
  3. Training room with bots that shoot

    This was my first thought.
  4. Public test participation

    I finally took the dive into PT this weekend...I got chat bashed every single battle, space battle, and scenario. I get singled out in about 5% of my live server battles. I got bashed in 100% of my PT battles. What a bunch of A R S E holes loafing that test server. You aren't missing anything but a handful of nice rewards.
  5. I started the US DD line today...I like to play the line since i'm so new. First battle in the Sampson (tier 2-3) and I'm rpf located immediately. Really? I called him out, he just laughed. Two more battles in it and both battles had "lower tier sh_t team" in the chat. Burros know no bounds! Lol
  6. Torp damage to DDs

  7. Torp damage to DDs

    I hit a DD last night...3 torp hits for 126 damage, 2 floods for zero damage!!
  8. 7 Day Premium Code = WTH?

    You deserve it. Congrats
  9. Too hard for me to learn the way you describe in game...I can't get my comms to work and I have difficulty using text chat while concentrating on shipping. I learn a ton here on the forum, on wiki, and watching vids. I then trial and error it in game. When I've run division, my play gets worse. My situational awareness and positioning are far better when I'm solo. That wrinkle of division mates distracts me.
  10. It's in and out for me. I'll get 2-3 days where it works and then a day where it won't work.
  11. BTW everyone, I finished the 18 missions last night...I got a slot, the 6-point captain, and a few million silver since I had already purchased the ship.
  12. Thanks...ill save it for another ship then.
  13. 7 Day Premium Code = WTH?

    Well, the calendar did turn to May 1st at 1500 hrs yesterday...just sayin.
  14. Read the Bleeping Manual

    I had to die on purpose in it the other day to secure a four star win...fifth star was already out of the question, but I had to die so that 1/2 would be "out" as required. The other ships not heading to the point were full health and the scenario would have ended just like yours.
  15. I purchased the Kidd yesterday and have been reading the Wiki and LWM reviews. When it comes to recommended modules, I have a question. I'm going to set it up for an AA build with the AA module in slot three. Consequently, I'll be picking the defensive AA consumable over the engine boost consumable. Now, in slot 2 where the propulsion system modification is recommended, I have an Engine Boost Mod available to me from my inventory. Does it make any sense at all to consider putting that in slot 2? Does it have anything at all to do with the consumable boost? Thanks for the help/education.