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  1. The PEF we are getting, wasn't this an upgraded one (fiction upgrade but still an upgrade). If it received an upgrade to make it up to, say, 1939 standard, a rebuild or upgrade to modern standards of the time would possibly have included torp launchers similar to the ones found on the Scharnhorsts and Tirpitz. And including similar torps would make PEF really fun!
  2. Hi. I've recently installed the game center (even though I found the old launcher to be working fine). My problem is that it seems more difficult to play on several servers. I have an account on NA and on EU, but ever since I installed the game center, I seem to be unable to switch to the NA server (I added my EU account first). I can switch to PTS just fine, apparently. But the NA server is simply not optional in the drop down menu, the region changer won't work anymore. So in an attempt to fix this, I added my NA account to my EU account in game center and I can switch freely between both accounts now. BUT....in both instances I only have the option to play either EU or PTS, the NA client is simply not there. Now it appears the game center proposed a solution, to install a separate client for the NA server, which would need an additional 55GB, just so I can switch server. How can I simply swap between my NA and EU account without needing to have 2 instances of what is technically the exact same client? The only major difference is that the NA client updates a day sooner, but this was never an issue for me as I can be on only one client at a time anyway. Is there any way to switch between NA and EU without having to actually need to install the game and mods twice? EDIT: Apparently it got fixed unexpectedly, after I had restarted the client after I had used the region changer. It seems a little bit buggy but I don't really care as long as it works!
  3. Bakakaze

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    Where is HMS Thunderer!
  4. Yes, please bring back the Halloween 2017 port