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  1. Pocket Cruisers!

    That would so cool! Kinda like a torp bomber squadron but on the water.
  2. In order to get the 30 planes quick and easy i decided to ungrade to the Ryujo (T6 IJN CV) yaaa theres a learning curve for you! But i did get my 30 planes after a few embarrassing attemps. Gave up on the 150 hits, tried with a few cruisers but never even got close.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    The "Sky is falling" alert has been cancelled, we now return you to your previously scheduled "something sunk my ship and it needs to be nerfed" thread.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    All the complaining here on the forum doesnt seem to have made it over to the actual game, most of the games ive played in my Fletcher lately has seen 3 to 4 dd's per side. I would guess that many DD players (myself included) are enjoying the new challenge and learning new tactics.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    I really dont see that radar has changed anything much, i just traded in my old rusty Benson for a fletcher and have been having a great time. Most of the matches ive played have about the same amount of dds as before the big cruiser split. I guess the dd drivers I'm seeing are like me, enjoying the new challenge and learning new tactics. I see no reason to do anything about radar at this point.
  6. Am salty

    About 3.30 this afternoon the teams became awful, and the amount of salt and anger became quite bad. Decided to take the rest of the night off. Scotch rocks on the deck with a nice roaring fire.
  7. Dirty, Rotten Teamkiller!

    Iv'e jumped into a few Co-op matches lately and notices that 2/3 of the team is pink, and there rubbing paint more than a Nascar race.

    Meh... Its takes more than a little fire to shut down the home made breeder reactor i got running in my garden shed.
  9. I would like to see Brit DD's and maybe the beginning of a Brit CV line.
  10. Who have you seen in game

    Ran into belthorian and criminal playing in a division this weekend, I was in the Lyon. It was a great game we were the top 3.
  11. What's for dinner today?

    If I wasn't planning to have Lobsters and clams tomorrow (its cheap here in Maine), I would try making this Beef steak pie (in a regular oven not the dutch one).
  12. World of Radars

    I really don't get what all the complaining is about, after reading all the forum post about how DD play was horrible since the cruiser split I just had to see for myself, So I took out my T8 Benson and WOW! best games ever. I don't think Iv'e ever made so many torps hits before. I haven't even really changed my play style except maybe staying a little closer to the edge of the caps and closer to islands for cover if needed. And I'm no unicum not even close, more like Potato master general, look up my stats if you don't believe me.
  13. LOL Can you imagine the 1st min or 2 of every game. It would be friendly ships blapping the sh#t out of each other. Might be fun, relieve some tension before battle.
  14. What's for dinner today?

    Last night it was grilled boneless chicken thighs, rice pilaf, garlic bread and corn. All very quick to make and eat so i could go try out my new Cleveland and pensacola.
  15. My last game in a CV i was sitting safely at anchor.....until that red DD that slipped past my entire team put a half dozen torps in me. At that precise moment DD's were the most lethal ship in the game to me.