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  1. DarkStormy

    Ranked Sprint Season 10 to be 1 v 1?

    Secondary spec Bismarck with hydro would be ok against anything other than torp spamming DDs, I would think. May just have to try a bunch of different ships and specs.
  2. DarkStormy

    Ranked Sprint Season 10 to be 1 v 1?

    Maybe, but what is the best DD for this? That's the real question.
  3. Lol, my only good scoring games with Italian cruiser's have been when I use its speed an smoke to race up to and ram a red BB. SAP is all but useless, reload speed is moronic. Good ramming speed thought.
  4. So he does have a special captain skill.
  5. I don't really need to change my NA account. But I would love to start a second one on the Russian server, I've heard that the fights are crazy, charge forward, guns blazing, if you try to turn back your team mates kill you for being a coward in the face of the enemy!!! Might be a fun change , kinda like playing in a t1 game with t10 ships. Don't know how to start a second account in ru.
  6. DarkStormy

    Jingles has Arrived

    I think WG missed an opportunity here, I would pay cash money for a Jingles Capt. That's only special skill was to say "heh,heh,heh, that's a paddling" with every ship you sunk. Make it a booming voice heard all over the map....... Awesome!! In any case looking forward to getting him into my Warspite.
  7. DarkStormy

    Anyone else bored to tears with Twilight mode?

    It showed up on the second to last one for me.....just a coincidence I'm sure.
  8. I thought "The Mighty Jingles" was the Tutorial.
  9. You still get to keep the ship and play it, it's just not sold anymore. As for the OPs question, if your a DD main you will flat out love the Smolensk. Play it like a giant DD, great fun. But be aware you are public enemy #1 to the red team.
  10. DarkStormy

    How do you get rare ships like musashi?

    Maybe I'm mistaken but I thought Musashi was just out of rotation and would be back around again. It's certainly not OP , maybe a little strong for t9 but not OP.
  11. DarkStormy

    Warships merchandise.

    https://www.google.com/search?q=torpedo+pillow&oq=torpedo+pillow&aqs=chrome..69i57.6896j0j7&client=ms-android-att-aio-us&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=-wW1VQfcA7hLNM: How about a torpedo pillow.
  12. You can actually shoot at DDs at t3 and kill them, but at t3 very few ships can shoot down a single plane in the entire game, AA needs to be rebalanced or CVs limited to 1 per team. IMO
  13. DarkStormy

    Smolensk has Improved High Tier Play

    Yup sorry, confused my Gearing with my Aigle. My point still stands, the Smolensk has smaller guns at t10 than a t6 French DD. and a sneeze in its general direction will citadel it. of course you have to hit it. Lets face the real problem....Extremely bad BB players who cant hit the side of a barn if they were in it.
  14. DarkStormy

    Smolensk has Improved High Tier Play

    The Smolesk is just a big slow DD, hell its guns are smaller than the ones on a Gearing, Just more of them. You just need teamwork to take them out.....Oh ya never mind.
  15. I wood just use "Yore" to cover all bases. oops gut to get some would out of the shed for the fire....