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  1. DarkStormy

    Share Your Opinion on Submarines

    This right here /\. I've been playing them all weekend , they are all but useless. Your lucky to score 1 or 2 torps hits if any all game, anyone saying there overpowered is lying thru there teeth. I think I had 1 decent game in them. they are not ready for prime time right now that's for sure.
  2. DarkStormy

    Secondary Builds now....

    They have basically wrecked brawling , Bismarck was my go to ship for a fun game, sadly it is all but useless now in everything but t6 to t8 games, any uptier leaves you hiding in the back with no chance to hit anything. That's my opinion, take it for what it's worth.
  3. I would like to see some new lines like Destroyer Escorts, CVE's, PT boats, Ironclads. as for individual ships, USS Maine
  4. DarkStormy

    Cruisers in sub games

    Thats what I was seeing, but there not really capable of damage?
  5. DarkStormy

    Cruisers in sub games

    I've been playing alot of WOT's lately and came back to try the Subs (well not playing them, playing against them in DD's and CL's). and I was wondering if some Cruisers are dropping depth charges automatically, I was steaming over a sub and I thought I could see explosions in the water behind me, not as many as a DD would drop but some. I cannot get a straight answer in chat...(no suprise there).
  6. DarkStormy

    Unplayed Ships

    Well I just won a Graff zeplin black in a black Friday crate that I doubt I will ever play.... I wish I could gift it to one of my clan members. I suppose I could sell it for the 10 million credit's it's worth, but I will probably just keep it. As for the rest I try to play most of my ships at some point when I get bored with high tier play.
  7. DarkStormy

    Ranked Sprint Season 10 to be 1 v 1?

    Secondary spec Bismarck with hydro would be ok against anything other than torp spamming DDs, I would think. May just have to try a bunch of different ships and specs.
  8. DarkStormy

    Ranked Sprint Season 10 to be 1 v 1?

    Maybe, but what is the best DD for this? That's the real question.
  9. Lol, my only good scoring games with Italian cruiser's have been when I use its speed an smoke to race up to and ram a red BB. SAP is all but useless, reload speed is moronic. Good ramming speed thought.
  10. So he does have a special captain skill.
  11. I don't really need to change my NA account. But I would love to start a second one on the Russian server, I've heard that the fights are crazy, charge forward, guns blazing, if you try to turn back your team mates kill you for being a coward in the face of the enemy!!! Might be a fun change , kinda like playing in a t1 game with t10 ships. Don't know how to start a second account in ru.
  12. DarkStormy

    Jingles has Arrived

    I think WG missed an opportunity here, I would pay cash money for a Jingles Capt. That's only special skill was to say "heh,heh,heh, that's a paddling" with every ship you sunk. Make it a booming voice heard all over the map....... Awesome!! In any case looking forward to getting him into my Warspite.
  13. DarkStormy

    Anyone else bored to tears with Twilight mode?

    It showed up on the second to last one for me.....just a coincidence I'm sure.
  14. I thought "The Mighty Jingles" was the Tutorial.
  15. You still get to keep the ship and play it, it's just not sold anymore. As for the OPs question, if your a DD main you will flat out love the Smolensk. Play it like a giant DD, great fun. But be aware you are public enemy #1 to the red team.