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  1. Am I the only one that finds it odd that we are having a Royal Navy event to celebrate RN Destroyers, without the actual Destroyers being released? Wouldn't this have been a better event if we actually had the DD's. Just saying.
  2. Arms Race is Exactly as Predicted

    This new game mode was designed to promote this kind of fast paced do or die game style. Do like it don't play it.
  3. Does T8 deserve protecion?

    Being up tiered sucks but its part of the game, you just gotta deal with it. I was in a game yesterday with 4 t8 BB's per team and 5 t10 cruisers per team, the BB's couldn't even get into fighting range before they were all burned down. next time I will just yolo forward and move on to the next game.
  4. I have to agree with this, french BB's are very accurate. Never played any of the cruisers though.
  5. Tech Tree Tuesday - The Grind

    New Mexico, is just plain tedious, slow speed, slow turrets, slow reload. Quick to eat torps from every red plane in the sky.
  6. Just got 50 gamescom camos. Free stuff is always good.
  7. Never mind Dasha, can someone translate for my Isokoru cat captain? I need to know what "no,no,no,no,no,no,noooooooooooooooo!" Means. Its the only thing it says, am I on fire, ir are there torps coming?
  8. I think killjoy hit it on the head, The RTS mode is going away because of the upcoming console version of WOWS.
  9. 1 on 1 competition / ranked

    I would definitely be up for 1v1 or even 3v3 divs, kinda a CB type thing with a 3 person div.
  10. Keeping ships spotted for the damage farmers is dangerous work.
  11. "Stack up performance" a fancy way of saying ,farming damage off the ships the DD's are keeping spotted for you. Course those DDs get nothing for there trouble.
  12. I have to agree with zoup, the save a star system is a joke and needs to go, Just WGing placating the BBabys again. Another FU to DD players.
  13. I already have a wife with a honey do list a mile long, and you want me to add in a girlfriend too? No thanks one women is more than enough!
  14. What has happened to WoWS?

    alrighty, Bye.