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  1. I got camo for the Charles Martel.
  2. DarkStormy

    The master list of Shipboard Easter Eggs

    The float does not match any of the indys planes, it is a float, but I like to coincider it a mini sub being delivered to carry a third atom bomb into Tokyo harbor. its a secret mission though so don't tell any one, remember loose lips sink ships.
  3. I'll just have to go read some Modern Drunkard Magazine while they fix it. https://drunkard.com/
  4. yup same here, I think it has something to do with the funked up clan wars.
  5. DarkStormy

    NA to EU clan battle not working

    its affecting regular random games as well right now, was bumped off the server.
  6. DarkStormy

    Possible Suggestion to Prevent Unlimited Planes

    I think we're all over thinking this, how about we wait for it to hit the test server and see how it plays out, until we see how it works there is zero sense in discussing nerfs and or buffs.
  7. DarkStormy

    Duplicate Halloween camo for un-owned ship

    It could be a different camo for the same ship, I have several of them, my Bismarck has two, varyyag has two.
  8. DarkStormy

    Ranked Sprints

    I ranked out on the last one and had a lot of fun, but decided to skip this one. I wish they had chosen another tier for this one 6,7 or maybe even 3 would have motivated me to try it again. why do t5 twice in a row?
  9. DarkStormy

    Damage control mod

    So I've been toying with the idea of buying the damage control mod from the arsenal to use on my German BB's. Just wondering if anyone has tried it out, and how did it work for you? Is it worth it? I've tried asking the crew to stop swabbing the deck with gasoline, but apparently the order comes straight from the Furor himself
  10. Also HE shells do more than just fire damage, not much but when your shooting hundreds of then.
  11. Yamato never had the chance to repair, it was still on cool down. The Haru got the kill, his 6th of the fight.
  12. I watched a Harugamo with reload boost burn away 50% of a Yamato's hp in less than 2 min. Crazy OP.
  13. DarkStormy

    Who have you seen in game

    Had a game last night with @Admiral_Thrawn_1 on the red team, his escorts turned and ran leaving him to take the brunt of our fire. it just goes to show it happens to all of us sometimes.
  14. DarkStormy

    Ranked Sprint, yeah baby! Good job WG!

    Ranked out last night in my Nicholas, forgot how much I enjoyed playing that ship. Really liked the tier 5 play , no real gimmicky ships at that level. Being able to lock in at 5 & 3 made it less stressful.
  15. DarkStormy

    Sovereigns - are they done?

    Any news on how much we will get for the Guinea's.