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  1. DarkStormy

    MM vs 99.7% Loss Probability

    Ah your just mad cuz Brady's going to win another Superbowl, I think he's running out of fingers to put the rings on. GO PATS!!!!
  2. DarkStormy

    MM - Let's Be Fair

    10? It would more likely run into hours before the stars came into alignment for an MM like this. The only tweak needed right now for MM is to limit t10 battles to just t9 & t10, even if the teams have to be smaller. Let the OP God ships play amongst themselves, there is no need to stroke there egos with 2 or 3 t8's.
  3. So basically the lemmings train is going to be the new normal, and RNGusus help you if you're in a slow BB.
  4. Well the way I look at it is if WG has no problem dumping my T8 ships into overpowered T10 games just to stroke the egos of t10 players, then why should I feel bad about taking my high point captains out of those ships and play t4 or t3 with them. u yup I just did it, restart the clock :)
  5. DarkStormy

    Stopping the lemmings

    Well you might as well join the lemmings, at least you'll live longer than the 2 or 3 fools that try to hold the flank, I always seem to end up trying to hold the flank.
  6. DarkStormy

    I am stuck with a clan????

    That's what happened to me, logged in one day and our clan commander had left me the clan. The Crusty Salt Miner's (old name was the Salty beer drinker's) Pretty easy going no CB, just a place to earn extra XP, coal, etc. Got a couple of openings right now if anyone is looking.
  7. DarkStormy

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    And of course more COWBELL!
  8. I guess I could have been called a DD main with about 50% of all games in them, but I don't play them much anymore, I don't mind radar it's something you have to adjust too, no big deal. I stopped playing DD because it's a loosing proposition, your either on a potatoe team that runs away from the first red ship it see's thus leaving you to be slaughtered, or your on a Unicum team that kills everything you spot long before your pathetically slow torps can ever reach them. In any case most games even a win looses silver. so why not just jump in my Musashi and get half a million silver win or lose.
  9. DarkStormy

    CV "gun bloom" suggestion

    That seems a little too much, but I could see making the CV visible for 20sec or so while launching planes.
  10. DarkStormy

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    Drop down to t3 or 4 Even a loss down there is still a lot of fun. Secondary spec a Nassau and go out in a blaze of glory. Or pick up the USS Charleston from the arsenal and have a blast. Most importantly avoid T8 as your only job there is to inflate the egos of the t10 snob's.
  11. How about +/-1 for just t10 ships, dven if it means 6vs6 or 10vs10 etc. For t10.
  12. DarkStormy

    I Love the Warspite

  13. This would be a simple and easy fix.....so of course it won't be done.
  14. DarkStormy

    Yes another t8 mm ? Why buy prem t8?

    Why would a t10 BB that out ranges you by 6 to 8 km even bother, they will will just destroy you before you even get within range of your own guns. t9 and t10 should have there own MM even if that means smaller teams or longer wait times.