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  1. New maps, bigger maps, remove the rocket planes from IJN CV and replace them with kamikaze planes. Free Captain Re-spec's or at least a reasonable silver price. I'm sure there is more, I'll have think about it.
  2. ??? Maybe sober up a bit before posting. your not making any sense.
  3. Not sure what game your playing, but it's not WOWS. There are no bot controlled attack planes right now, not even in co-op.
  4. DarkStormy

    I just woke up Dasha!

    Was that Dasha with blonde hair playing those characters? stupid phone screen is too small.
  5. DarkStormy

    more on getting blown out EVERY round.

    I had some epic loosing streaks end in a truly unbelievable win, in fact it has happened enough times for me to question whether it is rigged that way. I'll take off my tin foil hat now.
  6. DarkStormy

    Premium Time Award

    Smells like [edited] to me.
  7. When did that drop, didn't see it yesterday? Great new feature.
  8. DarkStormy

    Henri IV is a Beast!!

    The Henri is definitely a beast, it's the only tech tree cruiser that I recommend that my team focus all it's efforts on.
  9. DarkStormy

    Disconnection at contact with enemy ships

    Only time I have DC or load in problems is when Windows is trying to download an update behind the scenes. Try turning off Window's update. Or it could be your isp, go for fiber if it's available in your area.
  10. Maybe you should reread the 3rd paragraph of your OP. Cuz it sure sounds like your whining about how much you spend, and how WG should cater to your wants because of that spending IMO.
  11. They already have, I've met one.
  12. Scoot over to Scotland and try a big ole slice of Haggis, then get back to me.
  13. DarkStormy

    Time for a DD rework?

    A full rework no, maybe some tweaks. And how about changing some of the descriptions, like the Kagaro for instance, "extremely long range torps" should not be .8km longer than the usn, extreme would should be over 12 IMHO. And shouldn't oxygen fueled torps have a lower spotting distance, not longer than the USN ones.
  14. DarkStormy

    Why is WG always behind on premium ships?

    it does seem to be a weird thing that they do, the Brit DD's where done the same way, a huge event celebrating something that wasn't even released.