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  1. UnOrthoDocks

    An experiment in getting better

    sounds like a good plan. the ONLY ship IMO you should ever FXP is the colorado. eff that ship.
  2. I would do PTS if I didn't have to download a whole separate client for it. I've already created a second account to start over to test what I've learned, and between my main and alt its taking up A LOT of space. If they could make it one client, and you choose which server to log into I would definitely be more inclined to try out diff servers.
  3. UnOrthoDocks

    Toxic people in Ranked.

    take a midol. you'll be ok.
  4. UnOrthoDocks

    Kill stealing

    are you new? coop has always been for kill stealing. while its considerably easier to get mission directives done if it involves a kill its not easy. its certainly still easier than random tho. you can play 3 coops for every 1 random.
  5. UnOrthoDocks

    Suspended from useing ingame chat until the 22nd?

    my point still stands. thats a sign of a bad teammate. you endure the this and that on the oft chance something useful comes up to where you can help a teammate, and hopefully win a battle. turn it off in coop if you like, but honestly i've found less !@#$ talk there than other places. I guess its just a matter of how soft of a person you are that you get in your feelings over someone saying something to you.
  6. UnOrthoDocks

    Suspended from useing ingame chat until the 22nd?

    for a second lets assume most of us playing are adults? If some salty !@#$ talk bothers someone that much I suggest playing solitaire, and perhaps take some midol (male or female). its a game! stop acting like they pushed your grandmother down some stairs cuz they said something negative to, or around you ffs.
  7. UnOrthoDocks

    Suspended from useing ingame chat until the 22nd?

    never have chat turned off. that makes you a bad teammate. you dont have to answer/read the nonsense of people, but communication for help and strat is a necessity.
  8. can someone explain to me how this works, please? I have only reset one line, and am currently grinding it. I reset it a while ago, and its giving me 2x the points. is that for first time use? if I reset another line before this date do I get that line at 2x, but only 1x after it? thank you in advance.
  9. shh, they'll nerf the captains some kind of way next based on their logic. haha.
  10. The UPSIDE to all of this tho is now we don't have to worry about having to re-grind lines to get research points to get the UU's that are now rendered not useful (especially for the cost in time for the re-grind). I think that balances out the stupid idea in the first place of making someone get to 10 only to have to redo lines to get the reward of a UU. What WG SHOULD HAVE DONE was leave it how it was. You grind to 10, and then it opens up missions for a UU. THEN if you wanted to re-grind to get a REALLY special upgrade THEN you re-grind for it. It's like these commanders for 9389378938973 coal. It's the same principle.
  11. UnOrthoDocks

    How did your Sprint Season 11 compare to past seasons

    IT WAS HORRIBLE. I have NO idea why I kept trying. It's not like the rewards were worth the headache. My only real motivation for rank anymore is the elite xp.
  12. UnOrthoDocks

    Next Coal Ship

    this was the last thing i remember about any announcements on that type of thing. Additionally, we would like to give you heads-up on upcoming ships: French destroyer Marceau, Tier X. Will be available for Coal; Japanese battleship Yashima, Tier X. Will be available for Steel; Japanese destroyer Hayate, Tier X. Will be available for Free XP; European destroyer Smaland, Tier X. Will be available for Free XP. The exact Updates and the amount of required resources will be announced later.
  13. UnOrthoDocks

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    I swear some people need to complain about things just for the sake of complaining. this is way better than the pr crap. The ONLY thing i dont like is giving a ship for free that is already in game.