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  1. UnOrthoDocks

    Dead Eye reset unfair

    this skill isnt an upgrade. they should have added both of these skills w/ the rework, and also not nerfed the ability to brawl. i think giving the BB player the option to snipe or brawl is by far the best way to give us diversity that they claim to want.
  2. I'd rather go the other way. me and all bots.
  3. UnOrthoDocks

    The outright removal of deadeye was a terrible idea

    It's just WG showing again they don't really know whats going on. they took all this time to change deadeye, and they give us this sloppy replacement w/o fixing the other BB nerfs? it's like WG is intentionally doing this cuz they want people to play subs instead of the most popular class, battleships.
  4. UnOrthoDocks

    Zath Chat - Ships Leaving in 10.5

    EVERYBODY! Don't forget that 25% coupon you can use in the armory if you haven't already.
  5. UnOrthoDocks

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    yeah reduced it, or made it work diff in some type of way. wg is notorious for not understanding how their game works by the actual players of it. the devs or the staff we get to see regularly i'm sure if they could speak freely publicly w/o worrying about losing their position would suggest things that would be a lot more player friendly, and point out things that are bad. i'm sure they probably to some degree do it in private, but wg isn't big on listening. they were told well in advance dead eye was a bad idea, but rather than listen, they released it anyway, and here we are. that goes for a lot of the new skills. the people higher up the food chain look at the game totally different than the actual players, and as long as the money keeps rolling in they don't have any real incentive to make real change other than slight adjustments here and there. the bottom line for me is despite various things i dont like about the game i still overall enjoy it (some days more than others). the thing that has me log in daily right now is ranked, and no im not a sadist. I like ranked cuz its quicker than random, so you can get a lot more done. its like in between coop and random. i havent played a random game in a while since I generally play when ranked is active.
  6. UnOrthoDocks

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    Oh wow I mention i've only ever gotten one ship from an SC, and look what I got today! I'm sure this ship is pretty crap, but a free ship is a free ship, and one less to worry about come christmas container time.
  7. UnOrthoDocks

    Deadeye was great and I'm going to miss it.

    you're not wrong, but at the same time they didnt give any skills that rewarded brawling too. I think if they did that we would have had more diversity. You get to choose if you wanna snipe, or brawl (move in closer). their big thing was trying to give us options for builds, and they missed the mark.
  8. UnOrthoDocks

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    for me it'd be a ship I'd really want. there are a lot of ships I play against in game that I wish I had. after that, steel and premium time. the good economic/special flags are always nice too, but I don't get mad if I get 100 det flags. I tend to go through those a lot.
  9. UnOrthoDocks

    What do YOU want from a Supercontainer

    arizona is the only one I've won too. it came at a great time for me too since I was just approaching t6 I was able to help my grind since it was a premium ship.
  10. ships are only OP if the player is good. you could have an amazing ship, but if you're not a good player then your "OP" ship isnt really gonna do a whole lot. That same good player can make other 'good' ships seem pretty great purely on how good of a player they are.
  11. here, and all social media-ish (twitch, reddit, youtube, etc) type places is probably 5% of the total player base, and 5 is generous IMO.
  12. UnOrthoDocks

    Whale guide to ZF-6 (Is it worth it?)

    yeah. just wondering what the rewards for the 3 stages vs. cost.
  13. UnOrthoDocks

    Whale guide to ZF-6 (Is it worth it?)

    i'm bad w/ DD's, but depending on the cost for "completion" of the required stages it might be worth it. i wouldnt all out buy all the stages. a lot of the missions you can do just playing normally.
  14. UnOrthoDocks

    Approaching 16 months. Release the Puerto Rico!

    for steel, sure. coal...no. i think the people who paid 8 million dollars for theirs would cry foul.
  15. UnOrthoDocks

    Here comes the pay to win ships

    no such thing as a pay to win ship. you still have to perform w/ it. also note, im sure supertesters/cc's tell wg something is broken, but then a lot of times it seems they ignore that, and do what they want. then they realize oh hey it IS broken, and nerf/buff things when they should have listened to the supertesters/cc's in the beginning. thats just how its been it seems for a long time. also dont let flamu's play in them influence you...its FLAMU. You get to see the potential of what is possible, but the people on that level is such a small overall percentage.