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  1. Thanks, I'm from India so it make sense now. It's great that we're getting this opportunity to switch server ! O7
  2. Thank you so much ! I'm from India so it seems that's why I'm getting benefits. That's actually awesome ! Looks like I'll be switching to EU then !
  3. @Lert Yes they're still running it. to make sure it wasn't a glitch or something else i made a temp account on eu and price is really that for us as i shown in the pics. i think i will switch it and if prices is same and i won't have as fun as i am having on na i can still revert back in 30 days but of course i won't buy anything untill i am sure i want to stick with eu. thanks :)
  4. LOL IT IS WILDLY DIFFERENT. its 3 times more expensive in india if i purchase on na server. i don't know how come i never noticed that before now that i have and already spend over 12k on na. i think i should switch to eu its so cheap for me !
  5. So i was just browsing on premium shop and saw Massachusetts in really cheap price and i didn't noticed i was on eu untill i tried to logged in so i kept that tab open and went back to na to see if it's really that cheap well its not so any idea why there is drastic difference between ship prices on servers? while that server switch on is going on i might change to EU lol. Thanks
  6. Thevoin

    New Cruiser user here

    @Ghostar_1 it's gonna be long ride. You know how to ask questions. Given enough information and keep it civil +1 to that sir. This is my first answer on forum. I only read. So apologies if it isn't up to the standard. Cruiser is generally tricky to play till you don't get tied 8 your Armor is pretty okay you really have to know your Armor to bounce any shells but till tier 8 you just gotta master the art of dodging and WASD. It'll save you enough times You wanna be in good position to support your DDS but don't wanna over extended Take primary target skills always so you know how many ships are targeting you. For unicorn it's not mandatory because they generally have good idea of positioning and always minimal the one that can shoot back. Every nation line offer varieties and each have different roles Japanese cruiser : good concealment, Long gun reload, good Torps, bad Torps angel , and Medicare Turret traverse with really good he and fire starter with good ap too and has high shell velocity. Best kiter trolly zao Armor German cruiser : Okaish concealment, okaish rof, defensive Torps with great angel , 1/4 he pen (means you gonna get less shatters and consistent damage) Mediocre fire chances with great AP till target is broadside and really high shell velocity and good surviveblity because of good Armor and immune to citadel at close range and extra repair party at tier 9 & 10. Russian cruiser : Fastest shell velocity, okaish rod but has long range so you can improve rod, bad aa, bad concealment, really good ap at tier 10 and most tanky "paper" cruiser at tier 10 with 50mm bow and 50 mm deck in some area with great radar range but low duration. Good fire chances but eat citadel like breakfast. You won't get unpunished ever in this thing if you show your broadside. This thing is gigantic. No torps at tier 10. USA cruise : really high rof, good concelement great aa, no torpa after tier 5. Slow shell velocity. Heavy ap shell that can melt down anything broadside. Short range radar with longer duration .You can lob shell over Iceland. While Worcester (tier 10 light cruiser) might seems op I still recommend going for heavy cruiser des meme. I believe well played des can change the battle anytime All cruiser has capacity and depends on the captain But des has everything on his own to change the game for team. French cruiser : you're opportunist. Really high speed with long range and good fire starter with 9 km torps. At tier 10 it has the biggest calibre of gun for nation tech tree. It can overmatch mino. And can citadel battleship at close range (only Moskva can do that consistently other then Henry IV ) with okay Armor. You don't wanna get hit earlier. Speed will be your best friend with your WASD hack. It deals insane amount of dmg but it's always questionable the impact it has on the game. With the gimmick of reload booster it can for limited amount of time can fire salvo rapidly. Cut downs reload time in half till the reload booster is on. So If you see cruiser broadside or close to bbs or dd is near you or genius bb player repaired the single fire you can really take advantage . Royal Navy cruiser : will recommed you to stay away from this line till you don't get good in others. This line rewards most when you know what you're doing. There is nothing more terrifying for cruiser or DDS inside 10km of Mino if he knows what he is doing. In tech tree only Henry can overmatch it. Really good concealment with smoke and only ap shells that hit okaish at tier 10 but you can chunk down anything that is broadside so fast. Great aa. Good torps with single torp lunching option. But stay away for while. I suggest you go for American heavy cruiser. At top tier it has low range It'll teach you to always be in effective position where you can support your dds and can support the cap. It has everything to be a great effective cruiser But each ship has different playstyle. I recommend you once you unlocked any ship always search how to play "____" this Ship and recommended upgrades You'll find many great post on forum and it'll help you understand your ship.. 1) this game is difficult to master. It has many mechanic you must master to be a above average. Don't rush down line. You just gonna be a burden on higher line if you don't know basic things (many don't and that's why people get salty usually) Yes stick to the tier 5 so you only get higher to t7 I'll suggest you to try different nations ships. There is no end price here. Things will get lot harder as you'll progress. So read forums watch some good videoes and practice in co op. Co op and random playes totally differently. Though nonetheless you'll find worst player then bots in random . Just get used to it and be good enough that you can ignore it. Learn how to aim, how to angel what can overmatched you what can outspot you what's your ship Armor layout you could be more effective at kiting or holding down the flanks learn how sporting system works You'll understand everything better as you'll read more about it and watch videos. Don't rush down the line try different nation and go with the heavy American cruiser line for start unless you really enjoy other line. Nothing wrong with that ! 2) economy gets tuff as you progress stick till tier 7 to make decent credits after that unless you're good you won't even brake in ! Only will lose credits. Higher tier won't make you credits. It isn't supposed to be . 3) till t8 you don't have Armor so get good at dodging the shells and use WASD use the cover know when to fire and when to hold When you know you're in bad position (when you can get crossfire or you're over extended ) it's time to retreat. Only then your ship when you're undetected. After you fire the sheels If you get detected you'll detected for 20 sec. So plan your moves accordingly. You wanna be around 15km in low tier if your range allowed you to be. Get good at reading minimap it's your best friend. Push when you should kite when you should (you'll understand what to do when with experience ) use appropriate shell type. Pensacola hits hard with ap. Fire ap on broadside cruiser inside 12km range fire ap on broadside BB inside 7km/8km range and never sail broadside or in straight line. Try every ship line. You won't go wrong with a anything just each has really different playstyle and you have to play accordingly. You have picked good one. Stick to USA cruiser and try out other line as well Don't cross tier 7 till you don't understand most things fully and have at least 2 tier 7 cruiser. Best of luck in game sir. And happy new year 🎉🎊